15 October 1885, Volume 7, Number 15.

Beauties of Zion.


By Anna K. Thomas.

Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God. Psalm 87. 3.

O Zion, city of my God!
Thou holy mount of love —
The testimonies of the Word,
Thy grace and beauty prove.

Cho. — Thy towers of love reach heaven’s gate,
Where seated on His throne;
King Jesus reigns in royal state,
With glory and renoun.

Thou’rt placed upon foundations sure,
And planted deep in love;
And palaces of love, so pure,
Form all thy courts above.

Thy walls of love are built on high —
And love thy battlements —
Encompass round on every side,
With loves environments.

Rare gems, and untold wealth is found,
Within thy gates of peace,
And treasures rich in thee abound;
Thy store shall ne’er decrease

I roam upon these heights, sublime,
Whose glory-tinted walls;
Protect me from the ills of time,
In loves enchanted halls.




THROUGH the kind providence of God we arrived safely at the above place, and greeted the dear saints there once more in the sweet fellowship of Jesus. Praise the Lord for all His innumerable blessings upon our souls. O, the boundless goodness of God to all that put their trust in Him. Having arrived a day in advance of the time, it being prayer-meeting night, we had a sweet, and heavenly feast at Bro. Wm. Millers. O how our blessed loving Savior was revealed in our midst. The next day the beloved saints from abroad began to arrive. O the happy greeting in the pure love of Jesus.

The meeting was not very largely attended, but we think that all present regarded it as one of the most precious, and wonderful meetings we ever have enjoyed. Its blessed fruits will never be known until sinned in the great day of final rewards, and beheld in the ages of eternity. We are very sure that we shall have great reason to praise God for its blessings on our soul, while we have a memory and being. O what a glorious deliverance God wrought, in many hearts. What a great victory over the adversary. God is overruling the attempts of satan to destroy the souls of the elect, and making them the means of great and glorious blessings to them, and increased strength and boldness in the Lord. We are continually lifting up our voice like a trumpet and warning the saints of God against the subtle devices of satan; but Jew of them take in the situation of things until they are switched off to some extent, and then by the power of the Mighty to save, triumph over the foe, and arise to see the great reality of what was an idle tale before.

Some of the dear ones had not been sufficiently illuminated to see that spiritual death and devil faint, are the inevitable results of sitting in the seat of sectarian synagogues; but their eyes have become fully opened. The mighty power of God was displayed in the deliverance of some who had become the victims of counterfeit spirits, which had gradually darkened the mind and supplanted the true Spirit of God. Afterward the love and fellowship of all were so deepened and intensified, that it was a heaven on earth. Glory to the King of saints forever! There were a few entered the great experience of entire sanctification; what a marked and wonderful death they passed through.

Dear sister Spacky was all of a half hour in the awful phangs of death. Her hands turned cold, and covered with the clammy death sweat. The death scene was just as real as a person literally expiring; but the resurrection was glorious.

A few cases of healing by prayer and laying on of hands. Brothers A. J. Kilpatrick from Payne O., and A. H. Lea, from Bucyrus O., were ordained to the ministry by the laying on of hands. They, and several others present surrendered to the imparitive call of the Lord of the harvest, to leave all and go forth to work for the salvation of perishing souls.

The Friday meeting lasted from ten oclock to about 4 P. m. A wonderful work of God was wrought. During the night and following morning we were led of the Spirit to ask God that Saturday’s meeting be equally, or still more blessed in results.

We did not see how this could be, as the kind of work accomplished on Friday, was all finished up. Praise God! But the Spirit of God saw another work to be done. Before the meeting commenced the Lord began to burden us wonderfully for workers in His vineyard. O such a sense of perishing souls, and the utter cruelty of holy saints, staying at home when they can rush to the battle, and minister the bread of life. The mighty power of God filled the room and prostrated us upon the floor. O what a melting time! One after another began to confess that they had been disobedient to the call of Christ to labor in His vineyard. Then came the deeper dying out to family and all, and the humble response to the Saviors command “go ye in all the world.” O how the light of God flashed in every heart, what awful impressions of the world’s near destruction, and the impending doom of the lost. With our body still weak with the overwhelming presence of God, the Spirit gave us many things in His blessed Word, to strengthen all hearts for the battle. O glory lo God! for the host that were there martialed for the great work of God. We believe that Heaven shall record the salvation of many hundred souls that sprang from that solemn occasion.

The Sabbath was spent in publishing the awful present truth and salvation of God, in a grove. That night the dear beloved saints met again in the house of Bro. Miller, and the power of God filled the place. Great good was wrought.

Then came the melting farewell greetings. O what love, what wondrous love. All babylon has never waked up to the smallest spark of this heaven-born love.

There were dear saints there from New Washington and Bucyrus. Payne, Deshler and vicinity, Cutstar and Shawtown. God bless and keep them all, with all that in every place call on God out of a pure heart.

Our testimony is that we are constantly preserved holy and unblamable before God in love, and increasing in the knowledge of God and His Word, ”Exceeding joyful in all our tribulations.” O the riches of glory, and heaven of love we have every moment in Christ Jesus. Blessed be God, we are all delighted with the great work of our dear Savior, yet feel joyfully ready to bound away and meet the Savior’s coming. O beloved brethren will you praise the Lord with me, and let us “exhalt His name together.” O “I will praise the Lord while I have any being.” How sweetly my Jesus dwells within.



Onarga Ill.

Dear Beloved Brethren in Jesus: — The Lord is opening up the way for you to come to us. Satan is much stirred in Onarga. Praise God! and the wolves are bowling in every direction. Glory to God! We are driven closer to Him, and feel safe within the fold. God has done a mighty work in a dear sister here. Also be has wonderfully saved brother Johnson of Gilman, a few miles from Onarga. He has died to the sects and is now crying aloud and sparing not. Glory to our God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is gloriously saving us, and shedding the light of His truth into our hearts. Praise His holy name! The local papers here have been publishing articles for the devil, against holiness, calling us cranks, etc. But we are rejoicing in God, having our names east out as evil for Jesus’ sake. Glory to His holy name forever!

Your sister in Jesus, waiting for the glorious appearing of the Lord and Savior.

A. Reed.


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HER prophets are light and treacherous persons: her priests have polluted the sanctuary, they have done violence to the law. The just Lord is in the midst thereof; He will not do iniquity: every morning doth He bring His judgement to light, He faileth not; but the unjust knoweth no shame. I have cut off the nations: their towers are desolate; I made their streets waste, that none passeth by: their cities are destroyed, so that there is no man, that there is none inhabitant. — Zeph. 3:4-6.

In Crawford Co., Ohio, are two villages only three miles apart, at both of which the M. E. sect recently held the horrible festivals that sect is famous for. An old pilgrim who, we understand is in that wicked daughter of Rome, gave Bro. A. H. Lea the following description of the one at Nevada, and said that at Osceola was equally abominable.

Each lady was to bring a basket with contents sufficient, for a supper for herself and a partner. Every lady must wear an apron, with a piece of the same material in she basket. The baskets were put up at auction, and sold to the highest bidder. The purchaser must land the lady with apron corresponding with the scrap in the basket. They two were to go where they pleased and eat their supper together. Returning, each lady was to be weighed, and her partner for the occasion must pay one half cent per pound, in addition to the price of the basket, all of which was to support the preacher, etc. Surely babylon is too corrupt and wicked to blush at any abomination their father, the devil may suggest to raise money. The above paragraph was actually published in the town paper. Will God always put up with such shocking impiety?

“How shall I pardon thee for this? thy children have forsaken me, and sworn by them that are no gods: when I had fed them to the full, they then committed adultery, and assembled themselves by troops in the harlot’s houses. They were as fed horses in the morning: every one neighed alter his neighbors wife. Shall I not visit for these things? saith the Lord: and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?” — Jer. 5:7-9.

Is any ore so blind as not to see the application of the above Scripture, to the present day works of sectarian darkness? Does it not exactly describe such sensual and devilish carousals as the above? They assemble by troops in the harlot’s houses.

Rome is the, “Mother of harlots,” the protestant sisterhood of sects are her daughters, and their meeting houses are therefore harlot’s houses. As they all coupled off, men with other men’s wives, and women with other women’s husbands. “every one neighed after his neighbor’s wife.” “Shall I not visit for these things? saith the Lord: and shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?” Surely God will sunte such wickedness with the storms of His wrath. “Behold a whirlwind of the Lord is gone forth in fury, even a grievous whirlwind: it shall fall grievously on the head of the wicked. The anger of the Lord shall not return until He have executed, and till He have performed the thoughts of His heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly.” — Jer. 23:19, 20. That this and similar Scriptures, wore especially refers to the storm of Gospel truth upon babylon in the last days, we are well aware; but in this instance it was literally fulfilled. In less than two weeks from the abominable festival God sent a tornado upon Osceola, and tore the M. E “harlot’s house,” to atoms. The large organ which the idolaters worshiped, was blown out of the wreck and rolled down the street until torn to atoms. Thus hath God poured out His vial of wrath upon His “evil neighbors.”



Pana, Ill.

Dear Brethren: — As I saw in the Trumpet that the work of publishing your song book was detained for the want of means, and also the proposition of Bro’s Howard and Kiplinger, I thought I would be one of the fifty to pay $1.00 towards it. Sister Cinthia Miller also sends one dollar.

Well glory to Christ, for His saving and keeping power! Hallelujah! Amen! God bless you all my brethren.

John Shaffer.



MANY of you remember of our renunciation of the conduct of U. B. professed holiness preachers, in knocking down sinners at Petersburg O., camp meeting. During our recent visit to Ohio we obtained some serious facts of God’s dealings with that sect worshiping clan, who have disgraced the name of holiness.

T. D. Ingle was president of their holiness association. He is a very large stout built man, and was very lugged. At their camp meeting in 1883 they announced to the people, that they had put a plank in their association creed, which forbid any one to take part in their meeting that was not a member of some sect. That is parallel with the king of babylon’s image, which all must bow down to or be cast in the firey furnace. Five or six years ago, Ingle said it would not be three years until all the real holy people of God, would have to come out of all the sects. His predictions came to pass, but he proved not to be of the class that were to come out, so he remained in babylon. At one of the camp meetings, he said he would “stick to the old carcass, until they put him out, and if they did that, he would join again.” So the poor wretched man is still sticking to the body of death, the U. B. carcass. This great Sampson told poor John Ridley who was trying to escape out of babylon, that he would give him his share of persecution if he undertook to remain outside their sect. Ridley said to him, “I feel that God wants me out;” to which Ingle replied, “no matter whether God wants you out or not, we want you in.” This we have from a sister that Ridley told it to twice. So this irrevent priest wanted him in the sect, regardless of God’s will. In the very meeting where they announced their ungodly restriction against the free saints, was followed by an onslaught of sinners.

The preachers were foremost in knocking them down with carnal weapons.

In June 1884 they had another row and knock-down. The ungodly craft sold cigars to the sinners on the ground, and then forbid them to smoke there. Which crookedness and the gate fee iniquity, exasperated the wicked until they became desparate. In this battle of clubs between professing sinners and uncloaked sinners, rather worsted the first class, and broke up the meeting. Ingle received a blow on his head that knocked him senseless, He was taken home badly wounded. I think it was the year before that he carried a revolver, and told the people during a service that they knew he could talk pretty loud, but that he carried something in his side pocket that talked louder than he could, and in a suppressed voice said to some near him that he would use it too if necessary. Well it has come to pass that lie that gloried in carnal weapons. God has suffered to perish by carnal weapons. He remained disabled, and in the following August camp meeting he claimed to have been healed by faith. But in proved to be otherwise. He has continued unable to preach. And this summer he attended the meeting, but was so broken down in mind and body that he could do nothing, and twice had to be taken off of the ground, not being able to hear a little noise. His mind was in a precarious condition. A man told Bro. Henry, of Jerry City, that Ingle was missing one day while at the camp meeting, and he went to hunt him, and found him laying on his face in the grave yard not far from the camp ground, and groaning with distress. He told the man that he had no salvation at all. O Lord, pity the poor souls that fight against God in their blind sectarian zeal until they find themselves in the gall of bitterness, and the bonds of iniquity. There will be many more poor subverted sinning, sect holiness editors and preachers, writhing and groaning in the grave yards of spiritual death, if they do not soon repent, and become honest before God.

Well this summer God sent a whirlwind of His wrath upon, that ungodly Petersburg camp ground and tore it all to pieces. Utterly demolished all the tents, save the boarding tent. Thus He “rendered His judgements with fury,” upon the blasphemously called holiness camp ground. From what we know of the circumstances and facts, we have not the least doubt that the pernicious influence of that D. B. hoodlum will curse souls to the end of time.

And now comes the sad intelligence that poor Ingle has so lost his mind that he has recently been taken to the insane asylum. Two men told us they saw the fact stated in the papers. We hope that God in His mercy will yet deliver his soul. Let all who fight against God, for their babels, take warning, fear God, repent and obey the truth.





IN and about Bucyrus are a set of deluded disciples of Stumbler Johnson, of Toledo Ohio. The most zealous of whom is one Raub. Bro. A. H. Lea not having his eyes opened to this man’s condition, labored with him in family prayer meetings in that place. There were some souls saved, but not one when Raub was present. Bro. Lea gave some of the converts a Trumpet to read. One brother, after reading the paper, spake of it in the meeting. Said he praised God for the paper, and was greatly strengthened, to see by the testimonies that there were so many wholly saved people out side the sects.

This was wormwood and the water of gall to the devil possessed Raub, and he look the earliest oportunity to warn the poor man against, reading the Trumpet, telling him various falsehoods; one of which was that we had to steal the Office away from Bucyrus, which was wholly created by the father of lies. The result is the converts being filled with the poison of asps, are four fold more deeply lost than before converted. We know not, but have good reason to believe that it was this same evil worker that wrote a string of falsehoods to the Stumbling block shortly before we came to this state. Knowing that be was telling falsehoods, he did not put his name to the article. We only allude to this to show the kingdom of darkness to which that paper belongs.

No gentleman, much less a Christian, will insert an article containing personal charges against a man, and withhold the writers name. Especially if he does not know whether the statements be true or not. In this case he either did not know the facts, or else he knew he was publishing falsehoods.

Now these deluded children of the kingdom of satan who think themselves so far advanced in the Spirit that they need not obey the commandments of Jesus Christ, have become quite enthusiastic in the observance of the command to “greet with a holy kiss.” Yea they have rather substituted an unholy kiss, and kiss indiscriminantly. Men and women all kissing the opposite sex. This we have from one that both saw it, and heard them defend the practice.




Orrville, Ohio.

Dear Beloved Gospel Trumpet readers: I have good news to write to you. Some of you know that I was paralized, so that I could do no work for one year. The 1st of last July I thought I had faith to be healed, if I were sure it was God’s will.

But I had never been sick a whole day in my life before, and I thought I ought to be satisfied with my condition.

But I was finally convinced that it was the Lord’s will I should be healed. Well the Bible says, “Send for the Elders of the Church,” but where shall I find them? There are none around Orrville. I read how they carried the sick into the streets where Jesus passed by, and all that touched Him were made whole. That was enough, my faith took hold of the promise and I was instantly healed. I went to work six days in the hot sun, though I am nearly 72 years of age. Praise the Lord! The national State holiness camp meeting begins here tomorrow. Last year there was not one soul converted in Orrville, and only a few from a distance.

Enclosed find $1 00 for the Trumpet.

Your brother saved.

H. D. Martin.

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BIBLE Proofs that the change from the seventh, to the first day of the week, was made by the Lord Himself.

This tract contains 64 pages: the price is 25 cts.

God has enabled us to set forth the subject in the clear light of abundance of Scripture. So every reader of the Trumpet can glorify God in sending your orders for this Tract. This will also be a good financial help to spread other matter for the Lord.



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Geneva Center, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to write and let you know how the Lord is dealing with me. This day finds me, through His kind love, enjoying good health. I have been sick for over five weeks, and yesterday, being on the camp ground at the meeting, the Lord impressed me to ask the prayers of His ministers. By the laying on of hands by Bro’s Grover and Palmer, I was healed. To-day I am saved and sanctified, and redeemed from all sin. Blessed Jesus, Thou art all and in all to me; my heart is Thine, and by Thy grace forever shall be. Your brother in Christ.

Hughy H, McMullen.



THE fifth annual assembly meeting of the saints in Michigan and elsewhere, was one of the most glorious meetings of the kind ever held. It was one of continued victory and power. There were many brethren present from different parts. Oh! how our hearts were melted together by the fire of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah to God and the Lamb forever! O how the glorious testimonies, shouts and songs of the blessed saints of the Most High, did cheer our souls as they ascended to God. O that men would praise. Him for all His wonderful works to the children of men. God was wonderfully manifested in the preaching of His Word, which did not return unto Him void, but accomplished that which He chose; for many were chosen unto salvation, “through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth.” The altar was crowded with seekers of salvation, either for justification or sanctification: many of which received, and were made happy and rejoiced in God their Savior; and went leaping and shouting as the Spirit gave them utterance. There were also many healed by the laying on of hands of the Elders. There were also twelve that were baptized in water according to the blessed Word, and were wonderfully blessed in the deed. “If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.” And, “if any man will do His will he shall know of the doctrine.” The Holy Spirit enlightened us greatly as we read and preached His holy Word, for we looked unto Him and were enlightened. Hallelujah to His name! But there were many who could not endure sound doctrine, who fled when the fire put the test to them. But they who were seeking to know their God, received it with joy. O may God bind up and seal the testimony, and His saints forevermore. Happy are the people that are in such a case.





A wonderful sensation at Nevada, eight miles west of Bucyrus. A young lady by the name of Betts, was dying of consumption; the doctor said that she could not last but a few hours at most. But God sent two of His children, brother and sister Moore of that place to her rescue, and they pointed her to Christ. On Thursday the tenth of Sept., she was converted. Then they told her of Jesus’ healing them of just as great diseases, and asked her to take Jesus for her physician. On Sunday night when the family and neighbors were standing around her bed to see her draw the last breath, she seemingly sank away. At twelve o-clock she opened her eyes, and arose in bed, saying that she wanted her clothes, and they gave them to her thinking that it was death. She dressed and got up and walked across the room, sat down at the organ, and commenced to play and sing, “What a friend we have in Jesus.” Oh halleluiah to the Lamb forever! My soul is full of glory as I write.

After she had sang and played, she told them that the Lord had healed her, and that she was well. The doctor came in to see her, and said there was a change, but it would not last more than twelve hours. The next day he said she might live 24 hours. When that failed he said she might live nine days; but she is living yet, and that to praise the Lord for His goodness. I went to Nevada to see her the 25th, and talked with her and we had a glorious time with the Lord. After I had told her of my healing and of my wife’s, I told her that I had the gift of healing; she asked me to lay hands on her and pray with her to strengthen her faith, and while we were praying the Lord came down and baptized our souls, and she was made to shout glory to God, until the house rang with praises.

Hallelujah to the Lamb forever! Some of the people in babylon would like to have her die, just to have their words come true. They say the day of miracles is past, and the Lord does not heal as He did in olden times. The priest of the Lutheran sect, says to the people, “don’t believe such things, for the time of miracles is past.” My God have mercy on such blindness.

O let every one pray that the Lord may make this young lady a power for good, in this world. She told me the Lord healed her for His service, and she was going to work for Him as soon as she got a little more strength. The Lord is using her now, for her sister, brother-in-law and father are converted already, and the town is in a commotion. She is twenty years old. Bro. and sister Moore were healed, he of consumption, and she of Cancer in the side. Sister Ellie Betts is at Bro. and Sister Moore’s, visiting. Well my soul says hallelujah to the Lamb that takes care of His children.

A. H. Lea.




WE wish to thank the dear saints for their liberality in responding to the propositions mentioned in the Trumpet. May God bless and reward all whose liberality hath abounded to the glory of God. I would say for the encouragement of those who are looking, and waiting for the appearance of the book, that we expect to be able to send it out the last of December or Jan. first, the Lord willing.

We hope and pray that others will respond to the proposition quickly. So there will be no delay for the want of means; the work is already in the hands of the electrotyper who promises us the plates in a short time. There has been about $75.00 already paid in, for which we thank God, and the dear brethren. Let none fear to respond, for the book must be put out, for we know it is to the glory of God, and the advancement of His cause.





DEAR BRETHREN: — I feel as though it would be to the glory of God to write and publish to the world my experience through the Trumpet. I desire to sing Trumpet tongued, “Jesus mighty to save.”

I was converted at Hamilton camp meeting, in Massachusetts, where in the providence of God I happened to go. I had been sinning with a high hand a few days previous, and felt if ever I intended to make heaven my home I had better investigate Christianity in earnest. And so I resolved to do. I arose in the morning and walked around the ground, and saw a man leading a prayer meeting; said I to myself “I guess these circumstances will freeze your religion out, “(at the same time the devil was in my eyes.) he caught my eyes and immediately dropped on his knees. I had driven another nail in the Savior. The Holy Spirit was drawing me near the cross. Later I went up to a tent where John Short was holding holiness meetings, and listened to a woman who had been a Roman Catholic, and who had been converted in jail where she had been put for defiantly selling whiskey. She was objecting to something the preacher said. I said in a whisper “that’s it, give it to him, if it is not true I will betray it.”

The Holy Spirit at once hurled these words back against my conscience; “Are you more righteous than God?” I at once quailed and my mouth was stopped. O! how the Spirit talked to me. At last I saw myself on the brink of hell, and thought my case hopeless. My previous membership in a dead sect (M. E.) was of no avail now. I cried to God to save me, I can remember the Spirit inspired prayer of John Short the holiness man, Oh! how he prayed, “I pray God to take him out of babylon.”

The next morning I was walking around the camp ground, thinking; and I said “now I have been forward to the altar and repented, God knows, and I have told the Lord I would go to India or Africa or anywhere else, if He would only save me, and I don’t feel a bit better now; now what will I do?” This is what I will do: I will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and trust Him though I never have any feeling, and if I finally end up in hell. That moment the Holy Spirit said “surely this man was the son of God,” I had struck the foot of the cross, unconditionally surrendered, and the burden rolled away and I was born again. “Jesus all the day long was my joy and my song. O, that all, His salvation might see.” For a long time I had been seeking holiness, having felt the elements of carnality in my heart, roots of impatience, anger, though held down, lack of capacity of love.

I went to several camp meetings seeking holiness. At the Free Methodist, camp at Hartford I was walking around grieved at the exclusiveness of the sect, willing to do anything. Oh that I knew where I might find Him! I would fill my mouth with arguments: I saw a man sitting in a wagon. Bro. Coon; he addressed me, and in conversation soon found he did not believe in human organization in Spiritual things, I told him I would like to see his people, and he took me over some miles where I found a people filled with the Spirit of glory and of God. Bro. Will Grover preached to me and poured on the red hot Gospel shot blazing with holy light. I afterward went back to the camp and while sitting on a log I wished that I had never met these people, but the light had struck me and I could not deny it. I was on the cross dying. I afterward went back into the Bangor neighbor-hood, and went to meeting; and while there Bro. Grover assured me the Lord was going to sanctify my soul, which was very comforting news. I then went to Three Rivers and administered to my necessities by working with Bro. Burden for some two weeks. I told them I was not clear on sanctification. Sister Burden told me she had been seeking it for a year and the Lord showed her she was trying to get it by works, in a vision. She saw herself out in the ocean trying to save herself by struggling, but the more she struggled the more she went down, and when she lay still and floated and trusted the waves they held her up. And so one day while in the garden pulling up weeds, I said to the Lord, now Lord it is not by works lest any man should boast. I will trust Thee though I never have any feeling. That minute I said, why this is consistent with the Word and the Word cannot fail and further more it is sealed with Wood that the blood touched and I expired, having made a death consecration, and the power of God went down deep in my heart. The Spirit at the same time saying, “All thy waves and billows have gone over me,” and my will was swallowed up in God’s. And now I am saved, sanctified and satisfied.

“O, this blessed holy rest.” And now I wish to issue my proclamation of independence. I am just as free as Jesus Christ the Son of God can make a man. Free from sin, sect, schism, one with Him as He and the Father are one. For he that is joined to the Lord is of one. I would not have thought that I would ever have been a come outer, but the disciple is not above his Lord. Jesus was a come-outer, Paul was a come-outer, and the true prophets were all come outers from the false prophets and idolatrous people. According to all human reasoning it was the light of foolishness, but the wisdom of God is foolishness to the carnal mind. With not a place to put my foot on but Jesus the sure foundation, a member of the Church of the First born whose names are written in heaven, who are bound together by the bond of love, and not by any man made legal discipline.

I renounce all man made organizations and straight jackets, and yet I remain a member of all the organization the Word speaks of. Hallelujah! “Jesus shall reign where e’er the sun doth his successive journey run.” I can hear the tread of God’s own Church, terrible as an army with banners. God will smash all partition walls and crown Jesus Lord of all.

Yours washed in the blood,

W. J. Evans.




Sweetzers Ind.

Dear Brethren: — Still my testimony is, praise the Lord for His unspeakable joy. I am one of His free children, and walking in the light as He is in the light. For Christ has said, “Ye are the light of the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hid,” and the world will see the light. “A good tree cannot bring forth corrupt fruit, neither can a bad tree bring forth good fruit.” Old satan is trying with all his forces to destroy the children of the beloved City, but this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith, and the testimony of the Lamb. Praise the Lord for victory over the world, the flesh and the devil, and over all creed doctrines and isms of men. We get victory over these things through the blood of the Lamb. Hallelujah to God! I am taking Christ for the Chief Corner Stone, He being the head stone of this great building, which is the Church of the First born. Praise the Lord! I am one of the members of this body: for God has said that He would set the members in the body as it doth please Him. If one of the members rejoice, all the members rejoice with it. O how I am made to rejoice when I read in the Trumpet the testimonies of the little ones, how that Jesus fills them with the Holy Spirit. Glory to God I He fills my soul with the same anointing, that I am enabled to withstand all the firey darts of the wicked one. We are tried as gold is tried in the fire. I believe now is the testing time with the people. The good is going to be severed from the bad. There is some that will not stand the fire, for they will not endure sound doctrine. They love the pleasures of this world more than they love God. And God will give them over to believe a lie and be damned. I stand here almost alone, separated from the sects. There are some here that believe that the sect spirit is wrong, but will not leave the craft; they would rather please man than God. God has given me the gift of preaching. I am holding up the true and straight Word, being willing to suffer for Christ’s sake. There are many hard things said about them that preach the truth. Then we remember what the Lord Jesus has told us, to “rejoice in that day when they shall speak all manner of evil against you falsely for my name’s sake.” Glory to God! We would love for some of the saints to come in this part of God’s vineyard, and to give the people the true light as the Word gives it, for they need the straight Word. I will importune with God in prayer that He may send some of them in the Spirit to help us in this glorious war. I am still receiving the Trumpet. It is a feast to my soul, for the truths that it contains. I pray God that it may be kept pure, and shed forth the true light of the Gospel, all over the world, before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, who shall come in flaming fire to take vengeance on them that know not God, and them that obey not the Gospel. I send greetings to all the saints who are in Christ Jesus that are scattered over this world. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. May peace, grace and mercy from God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Find enclosed $1.50 to continue the Trumpet, for I feel that I cannot do without it. I expect to send more in the future to help on this cause for I love it. Send me the tract on the Sabbath, and also one, “Christ is the body the Church.”

Your brother Sanctified and under the blood.

William H. Bragg.


Geneva Center, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — My testimony is that I am saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God unto salvation, ready to be revealed in the last time. O how much I praise God for His keeping power, and for His goodness and mercy He has bestowed upon me. All glory to God and the Lamb forever! Pray for me, dear brethren that I may continue faithful in this good and glorious cause. Praise the Lord O my soul! Amen!

From your sister in Christ.

Emma Belville.


Lodi, Mich.

Dear Brethren in Christ: — Enclosed please find $1.00 for the song book. Please send one or two to my address as soon as published. There is a little company here standing out of sects, but not all cleansed out by the blood of Christ, There are twelve or fourteen, all have belonged to the Free Methodists, Some were turned out for praying for a sick man, that died, and claiming to be blessed of God while praying for him to be healed. The preacher said it was fanaticism, because he died, and to save the reputation of the craft, he turned them out. Some told him to drop their names, but three called for a trial, and was turned out. Enough of this, I am so sick of the vile filth of sect babylon. O that the people could see the abominations of those man made, and devil controlled organizations. Wife and I have left the poor old stranded wreck, and are pulling from the shore. O glory to God! I am cleansed by the blood so I have not one wish for the flesh pots of Egypt, but am fully satisfied with the fare on this side of Jorden. I am beginning to feel strong since I have been thoroughly cleansed from the unions and leeks over in the city of babylon. I know the smell of leeks is hard to get rid of, but we have cleansed our garments, and cleansed our house, and have written holiness on our horses bridles, and have started for the war. Glory to God! I feel the fire burning while I write.

Dear brethren, do you not know of some self-abandoned, heaven inspired, Holy Ghost anointed man that would come up here and preach to us? We will share our morsel with any man of God that will take his life in his hand, and go out, not knowing whither he is going, but that be is sent of God. There is no use of a man coming here that is afraid to die, or that is of any reputation.

J. M. Hamilton.

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Maple Rapids, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — Grace unto you, and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Chris. Amen! I can say this morning I am saved and wholly sanctified to God forever more, ready and willing to follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. All glory to Jesus who hath washed and redeemed us, and made us white in the blood of the Lamb. On the 30th day of August, Sabbath morning, just as the light began to dawn, I had a wonderful baptism of the Holy Spirit. Sister Jaquish was with me; she sat up in bed and commenced praying and praising God. I was then led to pray, and O how the Lord blessed us. I was numb all over my body. I then made a new consecration to God of all I had, and O what glory filled my soul. I was then led to get my Bible; I got up and could hardly walk, the power of God was so great. I commenced to leap and praise God. O glory! glory!! how He filled my soul. I got my Bible and opened to Rev. 19, and as I read the Lord gave me the interpretation of it. All glory to Jesus! Hallelujah!

“Salvation, and glory, and honor, and power, unto the Lord our God. For true and righteous are His judgements, for He hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication and hath avenged the blood of His servants at her hand, and again they said Allelujah! and her smoke rose up forever and ever.” O, praise our God all ye His servants and ye that fear Him both small and great. Amen! “And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice, of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying: Alleluiah for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His Wife hath made herself ready.”

O glory to God! “And to Her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints.” O! glory to God for the pure Bride of Christ, that is cleansed and purified by the blood of Christ, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. “And He saith unto me. Write, blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.” Praise God! What a glorious feast it is to our souls, we neither hunger nor thirst, but are perfectly satisfied, for all heaven is ours. Yes we have it in us, for thus saith the Lord: “know ye not that the kingdom of heaven is within you, except you be reprobates?” O glory to God! “The armies which were in heaven followed Him on white horses, clothed in fine linen white and clean,.” Amen!

“All glory to God, we will follow the Lamb,
All glory to God, we will fight in the van;
In uniform white on our holiness steeds,
We will rush to the battle wherever He leads.”

Pray for us. Your sister saved.



Sedgwick Kan.

Dear Brethren: — Enclosed find 50 cts for Gospel Trumpet. I hope the Lord will open the way for us to continue the paper for it is very dear to us. Our losses have been very heavy this year. Our crops were nearly destroyed this spring with the heavy rains, but we say the Lord’s will be done. We will strive on and try yet to help the Gospel Trumpet. It is next to the Bible with us. Pray for us.

J. S. and A J. Howe.


Florida, O.

Dear Brethren: — I am still trusting in the merits of Christ, out of sects and all other isms, for which I praise God. I feel that we need holiness work in this place, and hope you will be able to come here sometime e’er long.

Ettie Hurd.


Covert Mich,

Dear Brethren: — I am led by God’s Holy Spirit to give in some of my experience for the glory of God. Some weeks ago I was taken very sick, and suffered much with pain. 1 was sick Saturday and Sunday. Husband would often come into the room and say to me, ”What are you going to do now? You had better have some medicine.” No, I said, I shall yet trust myself in the hands of the Lord Jesus. I know he can heal me. Sunday while in earnest prayer to God, I felt the Lord Jesus lay His merciful hand on me, and every bit of the pain left me. The Spirit seemed to say, “Arise,” I arose. The next morning I went about my work shouting, glory to God! and continued shouting every little while, all day. Tuesday evening while at prayer with my little boy at my side, as he raised his voice in prayer the Lord wonderfully blessed my soul, I praise God for this blessed experience and the salvation of my soul from all sin. May God bless you all, “Amen! Your sister in Christ.

Jane Potter.


Clayton Ill.,

Dear Brethren: – You will find enclosed $1.00 for the hymn book you are publishing. I have been a reader of your paper ever since the beginning of its publication, and I praise God for what it says. May God bless you is the prayer of your Bro., sanctified.

Daniel Marsh.


Grand Junction, Mich.

I praise God for salvation full and free, that saves to the uttermost. I am saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God, ready and willing to be revealed in the last day. Pray for me, that I may stand firm. Find enclosed one dollar for a song book when completed. Your brother in Christ.

F. L. Hildebrandt.


Latty O.

Dear Brethren: — I am wonderfully saved to-night, glory be to God! Since the meeting at Payne the Lord has wonderfully led and kept me.” O such blessed light as God gave us during the meeting. How we felt the power of God, and saw it manifested all through the meeting. Glory to God forever and ever! The old deceiver had succeeded in sowing the seed of discord among the dear saints; but hallelujah to God! He swept it all away by His mighty power, and the camp was filled with songs of victory, and the loud hallelujahs of the saints. O how the glory of God filled and thrilled our souls as the beloved saints all joined in the singing of those beautiful Holy Ghost songs that our dear Bro’s. Warner and Fisher are about to publish. O how my soul has longed for something to sing that was full of the Holy Spirit. But I could not find it in the rubbish of babylon. O my God put it in the hearts of the dear saints to send in their offering speedily for the publication of the new song book.

Dearly beloved saints, these songs ought to be in the hands and mouths of every sanctified child of God till the whole earth would be filled with songs of victory. Glory be to God! I have got the victory in my soul, and I possess the land. Hallelujah! Amen! Your brother sanctified and tried. Salvation!

J. N. Howard.


Breckenridge Mich.

God bless you all is my prayer. Dearly beloved, it seems to me as if I never had such deep love for God and His little ones as at the present time. I do praise my Father that I know I am one of His little children. I am so thankful that the dear Lord has called some more in this place to stand alone for Him. Praise the Lord! We would be so glad to have our dear Bro. and sister Smith come back here, if it is the Lord’s will. I do praise my God for His saving and keeping power. Glory to God and the Lamb forever and ever!

Pray for me dear brethren and sisters, that my faith fail not, but that it may grow stronger and stronger, and that I may ever live low down at my blessed Savior’s feet.

Your Sister, saved to the uttermost and giving God all the glory. Amen!

Addie Merrill.


Sandy Lake Camp Ground.

Dear Trumpet: — Though the camp-meeting closed a mouth ago and the saints scattered to their respective homes; I have tarried till I should be endowed with power from on high, and am still tenting on the old camp ground, where we have seen the windows of heaven opened in former days. Well while we tarried for the power, meeting with the saints, we went to the Hendersonville meeting on Sunday the 20th. And there we had a pentecost. The Holy Ghost came down, anointing the saints with the “very same power,” and the fire burned, while “babylon trembled for fear of her loss” as “the Spirit of truth which proceeded from the Father” testified of Him, and the saints, also bear witness. And when babylon “saw these wonderful things,” and heard the children – God’s little ones — “crying in the temple and saying, Hosanna to the Son of David,” they were greatly astonished and came running to the temple, and peeped in the door, as if they had “never read — Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise.” In the afternoon a number were baptized “into the name of” Jesus by Bro. Clayton. The day was one of God’s manifested power. Glory to God!

A. B. Gildersleeve.


Grand Junction, Mich.

Dear Brethren: – I praise the Lord for a full and complete salvation. I feel it down deep in my soul. Glory be to Jesus! I do praise God that He ever called after me when I was wandering in sin and in darkness. I have served the devil all my life until about eight mouths ago, when I gave my heart to God, and it is glory in my soul. O I do enjoy the love of God down deep in my heart. O praise the Lord for His wonderful loving kindness to the children of men. Well, this salvation makes our home happy, for the Lord has saved my husband and sanctified him through and through. O glory! glory!! to God. We have a sweet peace that passeth all understanding, that the world cannot give nor take away. My soul is full of glory. I have been going down deeper, and rising up higher and higher. O bless the Lord! He is leading me in the ways of all truth. O how my heart goes out for sinners, when I see so many that are not saved: for I was there once myself, but the Lord saved me.

Glory to His high and exalted name! O let us exalt His name together. Your Sister saved and sanctified through the blood of Jesus.

Annio Griffin.


Hendersonville Pa.

Dear Brethren: — I want to say to the glory of God, that I am kept by the power of God, through faith, ready to be revealed in the last days. I have the witness of the Spirit that I am sanctified wholly to God, soul, body and spirit. Bless His name forever and ever! Amen!

We had meeting at Hendersonville two weeks ago to-night, and over Sabbath, and the Lord was with us in power. Some of the brethren were down from Fairfield.

Three followed the Savior by going down into the water, and being buried with Him. We held an ordinance meeting in the evening. Yours in Christ Jesus. Amen!

J. S. Perrine.


Bangor Mich.

Dear Brethren: — My testimony just now is, that I am saved and sanctified by the precious blood of Christ, walking in the narrow way: filled with all the fulness of God, and ready to be revealed in the last time. O, glory be to God and the Lamb forever and ever, for this wonderful salvation that saves and keeps me every day.

Warren Britton.


Potterville, Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to give in my testimony for the glory of God. I am saved, sanctified, and kept by the power of God. O praise the Lord for salvation full and free! I thought I would never shout, but when the Lord wanted me to shout, I shouted. Praise His name! He has saved my soul and healed my body. Your sister saved and sanctified through the precious blood of Jesus.

Maggie Cogswell.


Williamston, Mich.

To the Readers of the Gospel Trumpet greeting: — Glory, honor, and praise be unto our God now and forever, Amen! I wish to say to you all, that by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, I am saved, sanctified, and kept. Having victory in my soul; rooted and grounded in love. I am at Williamston assisting Bro. Fisher in preparing music for the new song book. I know I am in God’s order, and my soul has an anthem of praise dwelling within. O how delightful to realize that the melodies of songs of victory are heaven inspired. O glory to God in the highest! Oh! how my soul rejoices to join with the saints in singing praises to our God, with hands uplifted to heaven. Let us sing unto the Lord a new song. Glory, honor, and praise be unto our God and the Lamb forever and ever. Amen! O glory to God! my soul is exulting in the blessed Holy Spirit. I could continue to write, but I must close, by asking you to help me magnify the Lord.

H. R. Jeffrey.

Meridian Mich.

Dear Brethren: — As I did not have the oportunity of givng in my testimony at the assembly, I will write it for the Trumpet. I bless God from the depths of my soul that I had the glorious privilege of hearing Bro. Warner preach the close, searching truth of God, and it found a response in my heart. Blessed be the name of the Lord! And as I listened, I felt like adopting the language of Simeon, and saying Lord letest thou thy servant depart in peace, for my eyes have seen thy salvation. Glory to God forever! I regretted that circumstances were such that I could not remain and hear brother Fisher preach in the afternoon. Doubtless it was a feast of fat things. There has been a new era in my Christian experience since I went to the Williamston camp meeting last year. I was only a few hours on the ground, but I heard Bro. Warner preach one sermon and it was food to my famishing soul. Glory to God and the Lamb! I made the remark coming home that I should be a belter Christian to the end of life, for hearing that sermon. But I little knew then all that God had in store for me. Praise His holy name! I am out in the broad ocean of God’s love, where there is neither bottom nor shore. Emphatically my life is hid with Christ in God, and when Christ who is my life, shall appear, I also shall appear with Him in glory. Praise Jesus! He came into the world to save His people from their sins, not in their sins, and He saves and keeps me by the moment. I expect soon to cross over, but all is safe.

Through Christ the Mediator I shall have an abundant entrance administered unto me of the everlasting Kingdom. Hallelujah! the Lord God reigneth. Amen!

B. M. Isham.


Williamston, Mich.

Dear Brethren: Glory be to God and the Lamb forever and ever! I can say to the glory of God that I am saved through and through, cleansed and made white in the blood of Jesus. Glory be to God! I can never praise God enough for what He is doing for me day by day: but while He gives me breath I will praise Him. I know I have a work to do for God. He did not cleanse me to sit down and fold my hands, but when He saved me, He gave me a work to do. He showed me plainly that my work was in the Gospel Trumpet Office, and I could not be contented until I consented to obey the call. Glory to God! I am in His hands to be used in any way that will please Him. I am perfectly contented and happy, sweetly resting in the arms of Jesus: praising Him continually with all my might, mind and strength. Glory! glory! Hallelujah! Amen! I can still testify to God’s healing power. For over 16 years I had to walk with a crutch and cane; but when God saved me, I brought the case before the great Physician, and told Him that all others had given it up. I then took Him at His Word, and threw the crutch and cane aside. It has been two years and ten months since I have touched them, and I have never once felt the need of them. All the pain and suffering is gone, and I can stand on that foot and work the job press Tor hours at a time, where before I could scarcely bear my heft on it. I give God all the glory. Henceforth and forever God is my physician. Glory be to His name! O brethren help me praise God for His goodness.

Your Bro. saved and wholly sanctified.

Bert Spaulding.


Grand Junction Mich.

Dear Brethren: — I feel led to write my testimony. Jesus saves me from all sin. The Lord is doing a wonderful work for me and mine. Praise the Lord O my soul! I am happy all the time, for God so fully saves me, and keeps me by his Holy Spirit. I sometimes stop to think how God was so good as to pick me up, when I was sinning against Him with a high hand: but He will soften the hardest heart. Praise the Lord for His holy power that He does manifest in this place. I do love to see the sinner quake and tremble under the influence of God’s Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless you is my prayer. Jesus saves and sanctifies me. Hallelujah! for God is mine and I am His. Henceforth their is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge shall give me at that day; and not to me only, but unto all them also that love His appearing. 2 Tim. 4:8. I praise the Lord for His healing power. He heals me both soul and body, Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I can’t praise God enough for what. He has done for this temple of His. Glory, glory to His name!

James Griffin.


Table Rock, Neb.

Dear Brethren and all the Saints of the living God, greeting: — We are still praying that the blessing of God may rest upon you, and your abundant labors in the Lord. Truly the “path of the just is as a shining light that shineth more and more to the perfect day.” I am still sinking deeper into the will of God; and rising higher in His life. “Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name” forever, for His kind dealing to me.

O it is awful, the blindness, delusions and spiritual death that has settled down on the people. I pray God to send you out here to preach the awful Word of God.

Enclosed find one dollar for your new song book. Your sister saved and sanctified, and kept by the power of God.

Elizabeth Carmichael.


Melrose, O.

Dear Brethren: — This morning finds us well and saved. I feel led to write to the readers of the Trumpet. Praise the Lord! He is keeping me every day by me trusting in him. Oh glory to God! On last Lord’s day the saints of God met at the Snider school-house, and the Lord met with us in mighty power. The Lord wonderfully used His little ones to His glory. He kept us together for about four hours, singing, praying, and testifying. Praise the Lord O my soul! God’s little ones were all filled. Oh praise God! the devil got wonderfuly stirred up. There was an old Baptist preacher got up and said, “When a man condemned all other churches, that man needed watching.” But when some of God’s little ones got up and showed him what the true Church is, he took the sop and went out, and did not come back any more. O glory to God for the light He is leting shine in His children. The devil has shut the school-house against God’s saints at this place: but praise the Lord, we have houses to worship in. I am so glad the Lord has saved me from all babylon confusion, and works of the devil. I ask, through the Trumpet, the prayers of all the saints, that we may ever do the whole will of God. Your Bro. and sister saved and kept by the power of God.

G. W. and M. A. Sisco.


Edgewood Mich.

Dear Brethren: — May the God of peace keep all the holy saints unblamable until the perfect day. Amen!

I feel led of the Lord to let the readers of the Trumpet know how we get along in Gratiot. We are having glorious meetings. The Lord is wonderfully leting the true light of the Gospel shine in this neighborhood. Souls are being saved, and the true children of God are fleeing out of babylon. The inhabitants of babylon are uniting to oppose the true Church of Gods but the saints have the victory. Glory to Jesus! The babylonians at Siekles, by the help of their sister abomination, the Odd Fellows, voted the saints out of the school-house, but the saints were enabled to praise God in their persecutions, and they will hold meetings at private houses. Have two or three meetings a week.

Praise God for fall and free salvation! My testimony is that I am saved, sanctified and kept day by day, by the power of God, doing His will. My wife and I were enabled to make a full consecration at the Gratiot camp meeting. O, how the Holy Spirit has filled us ever since. My heart says praise His holy name!

Your brother and sister, saved and kept through the blood.

T. G. & Cecelia Cox.


Narrows Greek, Mo.

I praise God for a salvation that saves from all sin. I realize that the precious blood of Jesus cleanseth me from all sin, and the very God of peace sanctifies me wholly. I am free from sect babylon, praise God forever! I praise God that I ever did hear holiness preached, and I praise Him more that I ever accepted it.

Your Sister.

Martha Johnson.


Grand Junction Mich.

Dear Brethren: — Find enclosed $1,00 for Song book. Please send me one when completed. I am saved and sanctified and kept by the power of God unto salvation. Your Sister in Christ.

C. C. Hildebrandt.

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SATAN has clearly unmasked his position, and resumed the publication of his own paper in Oakland Cal. We say he has quite thoroughly unmasked his position, though not entirely, he styles his paper “The Father’s Love,” supposing he may deceive some weak soul into the opinion that it is an exponant of the love of God. But the contents clearly shows that it represents the love of the “father of lies,” the devil himself.

Some months ago one Spurlock and Rhoda, issued a paper in Oakland Gal., which changed its name with each issue, from Day Dawn, to Fulness of Time, then to “The Everlasting Kingdom.” The same was well mixed with certain doctrines of devils, such as universalism, no-hellism, no-heaven-ism, no-literal-coming-of-Christ-ism. We were intending to rebuke the abominable doctrine, but before we got around to it, we learned that it had suspended. So we thanked God, and said nothing about it.

But now the same parties start up again under the name of “The Father’s love.” Formerly they announced that the Lord showed them they should change the name with each issue, but now their Lord, who is the god of this world has changed his mind and given them a permanent name. The editors of this paper fulfilled this Scripture, “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” There was some holiness mixed into the former sheets, but the father of lies now leaves real holiness all out, and fills wholly with soul bane. The boldest devil-ism we have ever seen inside of a professed belief of the Word of God. No one unfurls the following platform.

“In this day every man is expected to so lengthen his cords (Isaiah LIV:2) as to recognize the fact that his brothers and sisters of all associations are being led of God as well as himself. In this wide place we set up one banner. We see not yet how we can all unite in the Son, but surely we can unite in a common Father’s love. The Son is willing to surrender up his kingdom that God may be all in all (1 Сor. xv:28), and surely we ought not to stand in the way since Father and Son are all one any way. Standing, therefore, on this platform, we extend the hand of fellowship to all the creatures of God, whether Catholic or Protestant, Jew or Gentile, Infidel, so called, or Christian, Spiritualist, Free-thinkers, Socialists, Saint or Sinner.”

Yes the devil’s love requires us to prostitute our common sense, and the standard of Christ’s truth so as to recognize as God’s children, all the devil’s children of “all associations.” The father of lies says they are “all led of God,” and we must call them our brothers and sisters. This reminds us of the impudence of satan through one of his heretics in the days of Polycarp. He came up to this venerable servant of God, and said, “acknowledge us.” To which the holy martyr replied, “I acknowledge you the first-born of satan.” “All associations,” includes “liquor dealers association,” and all associations of thieves, robbers, and cut-throats.

They wish us to “extend the fellowship to Catholics,” drunk with the blood of the saints. “Infidels, Spiritualists, freethinkers, saints and sinners.” This looks as though a new dispensation has surely come, which takes us clear out of the light of the New Testament. For therein we are commanded to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.” And, “what part hath he that believeth with an infidel.” “Wherefore come out from among them, and touch not the unclean.” So says the Word of God, but this earthly, sensual, and devilish wisdom “extends the right hand of fellowship to it all. “Saints and sinners,” are ail joined by this dragon sheet into one brotherhood, and Spiritualist cages of devils come in too, as equally entitled to our fellowship as saints. Was ever white paper bedaubed with such vile black stuff before? Surely the words of the prophet have come to pass, Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned my holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they showed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them. Her princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain. And her prophets have daubed them with untempered mortar, seeing vanity, and divining lies unto them, saying, Thus saith the Lord God, when the Lord hath not spoken. Eze. 22:26-28.

This is the most abominable attempt to daub over the filthy children of the devil, and make them stick to the holy children of God. Are the editors of this satanic sheet so ignorant, and know not that God has told us in His Book that they are the devil’s prophets, speaking lies, putting the holy and profane, and the clean and unclean all on the same, putting no difference between them. God says of His teachers, “They shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.” — Eze. 44:23.

“If thou take the precious from the vile thou shalt be as my mouth.” Jer. 15:16. Then these false prophets, Spurlock and Rhoda are fully as the devil’s mouth, being directly opposite to that of God’s.

They see “not able to see how we can all unite in the Son, but surely we can unite in a common Father’s love. The Son is willing to surrender up His kingdom, and surely we ought not to stand in the way, since Father and Son are all one any way.”

O ye blind priests of baal, you know that saints and sinners do not join together in Christ, therefore you respectfully invite the Son of God to throw up His kingdom, so that a brotherhood may be constituted of all the precious and vile together. But how is that going to bring saints and sinners, angels and devils together, since you admit that the Father and Son are both one? The mouth of God tells us that Christ will deliver up the kingdom to the Father, when He shall have put down, and destroyed all enemies: but the mouth of the devil, speaking from the Pacific coast, says Christ will deliver up His kingdom to satan, and let all the children of the devil come in. These editorial fools, seem to think that fellowship consists merely in a cultivation of outward fraternal treatment toward ail classes and grades of the children of the devil.

Fellowship is an inward experience, a blending together of all that are washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, and filled with the presence of God. It cannot be produced by the exercise of courtesy toward carnal, depraved sinners.

“We would also not overlook the many societies for benevolence and reform, temperance associations of every kind, and the multitude of secret societies for the promotion of truth and the alleviation of human suffering. All of the members of these, and all who are not members, we recognize as brothers and sisters.”

What unblushing devilism! and direct contradiction to the Word of God. Heathen, cut-throat conclaves of darkness are declared to be “for the promotion of truth.” Can darkness promote light? The devil recognizes “all of the members of these, and all who are not members, as brothers and sisters.” That is, he recognizes all lodge members, and all sinners outside of them as his children, and would love to classify God’s children in with them, to make his family more respectable.

O Lord, “Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men.” “Lo the people, (God’s people) shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations” of sinners. “Israel then, shall dwell in safety alone; the fountain of Jacob shall be upon a land of corn and wine; also his heavens shall drop down dew. Happy art thou O Israel.” — Deut. 23:28. Num. 23:9. “Wherefore come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord.”

But these false teachers tell us that we have entered a new dispensation. So we presume the Testament that was dedicated in the blood of Jesus has passed away.

But has God taken away the second without establishing a third? Will God take us out from under the new covenant, without giving us another? This change of dispensation taught by this dark sheet, the Watch Tower, and other blind guides, is a delusion of the devil. Since the first coming of Christ to this world, we are in the last dispensation of this world. “The fulness of the dispensation of time.” i.e., the finishing, or filling up dispensation of time. And this dispensation is not to be followed by another probationary age to come, which is going to scoop every body up to heaven by the wholesale, as these false, devil’s love sheets teach; but this dispensation which began in the incarnation of Christ, and the coming of the Comforter, will end in the literal coming of Christ, the resurrection of all that are in their graves, both the just and unjust; and the general judgement. The end of time, and the end of probation. In that hour shall the destiny of every individual of the human family be eternally fixed.

Listen to some more doctrine of devils, that came out of the month of the same false prophet.

“We have conjured up such horrors as made men dread the coming of the Lord, whereas it is such a time of mercy and love that Peter exhorts us to look for and hasten the coming of the day. 2 Pet. 3-12. The coming of the Lord is, always and forever, for the same purpose — not to destroy, but to save.”

This is the very mouth of the dragon, that old serpent the devil. What better can he do to give loose reigns to sin, and lust, and open up the floods of iniquity, than to take away the fear of the Lord from before the eyes of this ungodly wicked world. In the same chapter to which he refers, to prove his lie that the coming of Christ will be a “day of mercy and love” to the wicked, we read that the earth is “kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgement and perdition of ungodly men.” Does perdition mean mercy and salvation of the ungodly? That word means, “ruin, loss of the soul.” These two editorial children of the father of lies, say the coming of Christ is always for the purpose, not to destroy, but to save. What an impious contradiction of God’s Word.

“For your selves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night For when they shall say peace and safety; then sudden distinction (not sudden mercy and salvation but sudden destruction) cometh upon them, and they shall not escape.” — 1 Thess. 5:2, 3.

“The Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven, with His mighty angels, in flaming fire taking vengence on them that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: (who shall be saved by great mercy?) who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of His power.” — 2 Thess. 1:7-9.

The Word of God being true, these Pacificers are found to be liars, evil beasts, to whom is reserved the mists of darkness forever. “But look again, and thou shalt see greater abominations.”

“Let us learn to-day, once for all, that the only way Christ judges anybody, or ever will judge anybody, is in the infinite tenderness of his loving heart to show them the error of their ways, in order to save them. The only fire he ever deals in is the fire that proceeds from a heart warm with sympathy and love for the heavy-laden, which fire will in due time burn up the hay, wood, and stubble in every created being, and the soul be saved by fire, as the Scripture says. 1 Cor iii:12-15.”

O ye wicked servants of your father the devil. How long will you continue to set your month against the heavens, and let your tongue run in the earth to scatter the lies of satan. Did Christ pour out the contents of His “heart, warm with sympathy and love for the poor heavy laden Sodomites in order to save them? And the very same kind of fire that greeted the Sodomites with so much love and sympathy, will be visited eternally upon those wicked devil love teachers, with all other wicked. Because that for His name’s sake they went forth, taking nothing of the Gentiles.” — Jude 7. To all the saints we say burn such ungodly papers as soon as you can get your hands on them.





LEAVE them, they are blind guides; and if the blind lead the blind; both will fall into the pit.” (Matt 15:14. ancient Gr. text.) These words spake Jesus concerning the leaders of the backslidden Jewish Church in the time of their harvest. Are they not just as true to-day, and do they not apply with double force to the counsels and the leaders of the Laodicean sect church in this Gospel harvest?

I am astonished beyond measure at the unchristian conduct, misrepresentation, and false accusation, by the Editor of the so called “Christian Harvester,” of the saints of the Most High, who have heard and are obeying the voice of the Lord, saying “babylon is fallen, come out of her, my people;” as shown up in the Gospel Trumpet. The quotations from this Editor most clearly convict him of downright dishonesty, and that he has lost that sweet communion he once had with Christ, when he began to see that “there is not one word between the lids of the Bible favorable to sects or denominations, they are the result of sin in the body of believers.” I most fully agree with him in this, and also when he says “Thorough and wide spread holiness, destroys sects and denominations.” For truth and consistency’s sake, I hope the brother will tell us through the Trumpet, if he thinks he was influenced by the devil to utter these sentiments which he now so zealously opposes? He evidently tries to think with the Methodist minister here; “The protestant churches are all branches of the true Church.” But when questioned he could not give any Bible proof of his claim. I asked him, is not the true Church Christ’s Body? He said yes. How many bodys has Christ? “Only one.” Is not every individual Christian a branch or member in this one Body? “O yes certainly.” Well is there any Bible evidence that the One Body of Christ is cut up into separate, distinct sects, or divisions? He admitted there was no Bible evidence that Christ was divided, but that all these divisions were greatly to be regretted. Then they are not Scriptural? “No.” Well brother, then these human organizations with their separate, distinct disciplines and doctrines, and multitudes of worldly, fashionable members, are not in Christ’s pure holy Body at all, are they? He said it did not so appear. Who is so blind as not to see that all these sect churches are but so many separate buildings in the “Great City of mystery babylon,” over whom satan, the god of this world, rules as king; saying in the language of his type who ruled over literal babylon — “Is not this great babylon which I have built, for the house (church) of my kingdom, by the might of my power, and the honor of my majesty.?” As in the typical church nearly all God’s people were in captivity, to literal babylon, even so it is now. Never did ancient Israel bow down and worship the Image of babylon half so willingly as professors now worshsp the “beast and his image” in mystery babylon the great. The Protestant “branches of the true Church,” we hear so much about, are only branches from the church of Rome as history clearly proves. Harlot daughters from the old “Mother of harlots.” Divisions or “sections,” as B. T. Roberts calls them; not of the holy body of Christ, but of the symbolic “beasts” of Revellation. As the true Church or Body of Christ, is Christ Himself — it seems clear that all these false bodies or sects, each claiming to be the true Church, are but so many “false Christ’s,” and their teachers “false prophets,” that Jesus warns us “should arise and deceive many,” and O! so many.

As further evidence that, some of the modern holiness leaders and teachers are “Blind guides,” read the following, taken from the August No. of the so called “Guide to holiness.” George Hughs “the venerable Editor,” who was president of the Chicago holiness convention, referring to the disturbance made by some of the Lord’s free saints, says — “the spirit of come-out-ism is the spirit of schism against which the Bible warns us. Remain in the churches, if they be as dead as that of Laodicea.”

How let the Lord tell us how dead was Laodicea. “Wretched, poor, miserable, blind and naked;” and worst of all — did not know it! Horrid state of apostasy! hence God says “come out of her, my people.” But this “blind guide” says no, “stay in the churches” “Christ says — “I will spue thee out of my mouth.” And still the president of the holiness convention lifts up his feeble voice against our God and His Christ, saying — “The sprit of come-out-ism (the blessed Holy Spirit of God in the hearts of His sanctified angel messengers;) saying come out of her, my people, is the spirit of schism against which the Bible warns us.” Oh horrid mockery and blasphemy of God’s holy Word and work! The time prophesies declare unto us with the voice of the archangel, and with the Gospel Trumpet of God, that He has already spued all the Laodicean sect churches out of His mouth, and does not use her Reverend hireling priests as His mouth-piece to proclaim His glorious truth.

They are already bound up into sect bundles to be burned. Amen! Bless the Lord, brethren let us continue, by the help of the Spirit, to pour in the red hot rockets of God’s eternal truth into the old sinking sectarian craft, hating even the garments spotted by the flesh, and if possible, pulling even Bro’s. Doty and Hughs, as “brandsfrom the burning.” Hallelujah!

Your brother in the patience and love of Jesus, valient for the truth.

James E. Fitch.

Yankton, Dakota.



A great revival of holiness is at the present time sweeping over the world, and many are obtaining the blessed holy rest — and others professing to obtain it. The dear Lord is drawing to Himself all that are drawable, and giving all men light who will accept it by that which lighteneth every man that cometh into the world. Men claiming to be filled with, the same Spirit disagreeing as to the best way to advance the kingdom, do not as yet see eye to eye as one mind necessarily makes men see, causing people to think that there is a mistake somewhere in that they do not all walk by the same rule.

Let us see we have a rule, but for the present we will lay it aside and notice the Spirit’s mind. All over the land it works the same, the tendency is toward separation; as soon as the eyes of a person is opened in holiness they see the corruption around them, and they cannot fellowship sin, they withdraw. Ecclesiastical authorities complain that “these evangelists are doing much harm,” other preachers in popular churches will not allow Holy Ghost men or women, whether they have come out or not, to preach because they say it tears the church to pieces. Others complain that the holiness people in their churches are clanish and separate in corners by themselves. And then organizations compromising in their position, endeavoring to keep the unify of the Spirit by ignoring sect walls, and jump over them try to have a nice kid glove sort of unity, which before God I declare is not the Spirit. For the tendency is to come out and separate, and the Spirit agrees with the Word, and the Word says “come out from among them and be ye separate, be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord.” This is the rule, sec no man save Jesus only. Belong to all the organization the Word speaks of, which is His Body. The members each one blend in the body as pleaseth Himself, and ignore every other spiritual organization, sect or schism. And I declare before God that the present position sect endorsing holiness associations is not the mind of the Spirit of God. Yes a vehement tendency.

“And I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” — Rev. 18:4. So much so, that the man or woman that has had light and refused the full light in these awful days, will fall from grace and lose his soul. May God help these men to walk in the full light.

W. J. Evans.


Bucyrus O.

Beloved Readers: — Will you answer — not to me, but to thy self, in the searching light of God’s Holy Spirit these questions? Having been forgiven, am I also holy, has God’s will in reference to me even my sanctification; been accomplished? Does the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse me from all sin? If truth compels you to give an answer to these inquiries then ask thy self further when does God command me to be holy? when am I to be sanctified and cleansed? Is it far in the future when I shall have grown in grace, developed and strengthened my Christian virtues, and become more worthy of this great salvation? Is it on a bed of death, or just as I am in the struggles of dissolution, that God wills my sanctification? Will my graces and virtues sanctify me? God give thee grace dear Christian reader, to answer no, no, no! None of these can sanctify me, it is Jesus that must sanctify me when I am dying, it is Jesus that must sanctify me in the future, it is Jesus that can sanctify me now.

A. H. L.


Onarga, Ill.

Dear Brethren: — Praise our God for His goodness and mercy toward those who love Him. Our heart goes out in holy gratitude to God our Rock of salvation, so full and free. Praise the Lord! He is showing me more and more how abominable the sects are in the eye of purity.

What shallow arguments the devil prompts them to put forth, to slay the Lord’s anointed. Blessed Holy Spirit descend upon us more abundantly, that we may be able to put to silence those that rise up against us. If God is for us, who can be against us? All praise to Jesus.

Brethren we send you Two Dollars for the hymn book. Please send one copy to sister G. Sanders, and one to my address.

Your sister saved in Christ.

Mrs. A. Reed.

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