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23 July 1896, Volume 16, Number 29.



The hum of harvest and reaper
Had died on the evening away,
Alone, in the gathering twilight,
I watched with the dying day.
When up from the wide sheafed city,
New walled on the yellow plain,
As restful and sweet as a vesper,
Came a beautiful harvest strain.

I thought ’twas the harvest home
In the city, the city of love,
And the Master sat on the throne
In the kingdom, the kingdom above
And up from the world the reapers
Came bearing the gathered wheat,
And lovingly laid their gifts
All down at the pierced feet.

And some brought heavy sheaves,
And some brought handfuls small,
Yet the smile of the Master gleaner
Shone brightly on them all.
Slowly I followed the reapers,
A child with such weary feet,
And bearing home to the Master
Not a single head of wheat.

I had only a harvest flower
That I found in the reaper’s way:
I had cherished the dainty bloom
From morn till close of day.
All fresh for the Master, I said,
But I stood with trembling feet,
While the others pressing on
Laid down their golden wheat.

At last I knelt at his feet
With my gift so drooping and small,
All wet with my tears; I murmured,
“Dear Master, my love, it is all.”
My heart grew hushed in his presence
As I bowed in wonder and fear.
“My child, ’tis enough,” he answered,
“I will wear thy blossom here.”

And lo! on his bosom he placed it,
And with beauty and fragrance unknown,
My poor little flower of the harvest
On the heart of the Master shone.
And the angels, the reapers, all sang
In the kingdom, the kingdom above,
“The greatest of gifts to the Master
Is the blossom, the blossom of love.”

— Mrs. J. W. Koontz.




“ADD to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge, and to knowledge temperance.” — 2 Pet. 1:5, 6.

The word “temperance” in the above text has a much broader meaning than is generally supposed. It means self-control and is thus rendered by some translators.

It signifies the bringing of our whole being into perfect control by the will, so that every function of the body, every disposition of our nature and every element of the soul will be controlled, actuated, and operated in perfect harmony with the divine will.

After we are saved from sin and cleansed from the carnal nature the devil having nothing to operate upon in us, still would attack our natural propensities. And, if we are not very careful, he will overthrow us in this way. For, “every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed.” Some people’s natural disposition is to talk too much. If such a one is not very careful the enemy will take advantage and get him to talk too much or speak when he should not, and thus cause trouble. The word of God teaches us that there is a time to refrain from speaking. And again, that we are to keep a bridle on our tongue, and if we do not our religion is vain. I have known good, honest souls who had the real grace of God to lose it all by too much talking. Such souls can never expect a settled, perfect, and lasting victory until they have the mastery of their tongue so they can hold it in perfect control.

Some have a natural disposition to be given to lightness, jesting, joking, and saying funny things. If they are not very watchful, the devil will make everything appear funny, and keep them constantly laughing and saying things to make others laugh, even in the pulpit. Dear ones, while it is all right for us to laugh at times, it is also necessary to have such control of ourselves that we will know when and how much to laugh and when to refrain from laughing. The word of God teaches us to be sober, and I am sure that there is nothing that will grieve the Spirit of God and cause leanness to the soul quicker than lightness, foolishness, jesting, and joking. Our hearts have often been made sad to see so many given to lightness. So much so as to sometimes appear funny, even in the pulpit. Dear ones, let us get such a hold on God and such control of ourselves that we can at all times live real Bible sobriety. I am determined by the grace of God to measure to the Bible standard on this line. When we see manifestations of these things in us, it is our duty to rebuke the spirit and command ourselves to be in, subjection to the Spirit of God.

Again, some are naturally of an irritable and nervous disposition. Even after being sanctified, if they are not careful the devil will take advantage of their weakness, and get them to manifest impatience. Then, although they may not give way to sin or anger, he will flood the soul with accusations and thereby get advantage. We have need of patience and it is our duty to advance on this line until patience shall have her perfect work. Some who have much self-esteem are apt to be exalted; or if the devil cannot succeed in exalting them he will fire them up with a zeal not according to knowledge and thereby get them into trouble.

Again, there are those of a restless, roving disposition. I have known the devil to take advantage of such and influence them out of God’s order. When God would send them into a place to preach the Word, the devil would do all he could to discourage and make things appear dark to them, and tell them they were out of God’s order, and if they were in some other place they would be used of God. So, tricked by the enemy, the individual closes the meeting, and goes to another place. Then, after meeting darkness and opposition to the truth, Satan comes in with his accusations, telling him that nothing can be done there. If he had only staid in the other place, much good might have been done.

Again, I have learned that it is the business of the enemy to confuse and get us so unsettled that we have no control of the mind, so that when in prayer we cannot concentrate our minds upon God, but Satan would bring to our mind divers thoughts and try to keep our mind upon everything else but prayer. Or, when God would have us study upon a certain subject, the devil would try to bring a dozen other subjects to our mind. I have learned that it is our privilege to have such control of our minds that we can use them at our will. So that when we study we can keep our minds on our study. Or when we preach, we can keep our minds on our preaching. Or when we pray, that our minds and all our ransomed powers will be concentrated in our prayer, having everything else shut out. This is entering the closet and shutting the door.

Again, if we are not careful, when God makes duty plain, and leads us to do something, the natural man begins to make excuses, and instead of us bringing our bodies into subjection, we may give way to natural desires and tendencies. I have known dear honest souls who have not sufficient control of their appetites to fast when they really feel it to be necessary. And I believe that many professing people of God have not power over their sexual desires and inclinations, and are thus robbed of the grace of God and captured by the enemy. Doubtless, one great cause of so much leanness in many souls is excessive sexual indulgences. The mind, body, and soul is weakened; manhood is dethroned; and the desires, passions, and appetites rule.

Dear ones, these things ought not so to be. Paul says, “I keep my body under.” It is the privilege of every child of God to have complete control of himself, so that all desires, appetites and natural dispositions are held in subjection; yea, every thought brought into obedience to the will of God. Let there be a general advance on these lines, until each child of God gets where he or she will have real self-control and then there will be more power manifested in and among the children of God.

W. J. Henry.


A Word to the Unsaved.


I FEEL led to write a few words of encouragement on this line. We find the 25th chapter of Matthew is a good picture for us to learn that all will have to be ready when the Son of man cometh, or otherwise be lost. If anything is true, God’s word is. When Christ was here on earth he taught in the simplest manner possible. For instance, he took this marriage feast; people saw how this marriage was arranged. It was those that were ready, not all that were invited, that could be admitted. He took the everyday occurrences of life and taught the people the grandest truths of highest heaven. The class of people that he was mingling with could not understand him. They always had an idea that it was his mission to set up an earthly kingdom and throw off the Roman yoke of galling bondage. But he tried from the first to convince them that such was not the case, but that his mission was to save the souls of men and women, and set up a more substantial kingdom; it was to be a heavenly kingdom in the hearts of men and women.

Perhaps something similar to this marriage had taken place in Canaan. In Oriental countries the customs are far different from what they are here. When the bridegroom comes, those who are ready are admitted and the door is shut, and there is no admittance then. No doubt but a similar marriage had occurred and the people were talking about it and Christ grasped this splendid opportunity to teach that the kingdom of heaven was similar; that we must be ready when the Bridegroom comes. Now those virgins were alike in many respects. They all had lamps; they all had been invited; they all expected to be admitted to the marriage. But ah! five were doomed to disappointment; and why? because they had no oil.

So this is a lessor! for each one of us. We are all invited to a great marriage; we are all invited to a great banquet that Jesus Christ has gone to prepare in mansions beyond the skies. We are told that five were wise; and why? because they had oil. They were ready at a second’s notice, let that be at midnight, in the morning, or at any time the master saw best, they were ready.

Beloved, it is the very height of wisdom to be a child of God. Christ said, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all else should be added unto you. What is this oil? It is the Spirit of the living God. The sin of this world is all laid aside, where once carnality existed and our thoughts were directed toward the pleasures of this life, and we thought how we could have more fun in the sinful pleasures of this life. But there has been a wonderful change. Christ has taken up his abode in our hearts and now we think of how we can be the means of saving some poor soul from that terrible pit of hell, in darkness. We know how precious he is to our own hearts. Then we think of how we can bring some one else to enjoy this wonderful peace that flows like a river, conscious of the fact that we have a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Blessed peace and sweet assurance that when the messenger shall come we are ready!

We are so glad, dear unsaved ones, that this invitation is extended to all. Won’t you come to the fount of cleansing and get this oil of salvation? Are you not tired of the ways of sin? Come to the one that is able to give you rest. “The wages of sin is death.” So turn at once or the sin you are indulging in will be death in hell. How sad! lost! lost! unsaved! Don’t you want this peace that passeth all understanding, that is not only an advantage in this life, but whose reward in the world to come is life everlasting?

But one may say, “Well, I am young yet; I have a long life before me; I have plenty of time yet.” But Christ says in the lesson, “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor hour wherein the Son of man cometh.” The young die as well as the old. Delay is dangerous. May you resolve to have this oil in your lamp, and when the messenger of death shall come, you will be permitted to go into that great city of heaven and there reign with Christ forever.

We find five of these virgins were foolish. They need not have been foolish; for the king sent forth his servants to tell all to be ready. No doubt the foolish thought they would not need any oil, or if they did they could borrow of others. But here they were mistaken. No doubt they asked the wise in a kindly manner to give them some oil. Then why did they not do it? Because they feared that if they lent some they would not have enough for themselves. The foolish were told to go to them that sell and buy for themselves. They went; but when they came back the door was shut and they could not be admitted Too late! Too late!

Unsaved ones, do you not realize that you will be lost if you do not do as God has said? Or do you expect to go on in the same old way and say you will be saved, anyhow? We find men and women to-day everywhere that say they expect to go to heaven, yet they are not Christians. How can they get to heaven? Christ has said, “If the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?” Or, “Except ye be converted, ye shall hot enter into the kingdom of heaven.” “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Then it is those that are pure who will be the ones that shall be admitted. Prepare to meet your God or you will be lost. Yet people will not take warning. Why were the five virgins not admitted to the marriage? Because they were not ready; yet they were told to be ready; They thought they could go in anyhow; but no, they were cast off because they did not obey.

So then God has told us to be ready, for he will come as a thief in the night. Yet men and women are putting it off. Oh dear ones, “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation?” Think once just how dangerous it is to be away from Christ. If your heart should stop its beating one moment, where would you be? You would be in eternity prepared or unprepared, in heaven or in hell.

Oh dear ones, death is staring you and me in the face every day of our lives. Are we ready for it? Many will not see what they hope to see until it is too late. Many are seeking to enter in but shall not be able; “and these shall go away into everlasting punishment; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Who will these be? Those that are not ready. How sad! But the righteous shall enter into life eternal. What is your excuse, oh dear young people to day? Christian fathers and Christian mothers are fast passing away. Then the responsibility is resting on the younger. There are so many ways the devil has in tempting God’s children; but there is a way of escape through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The saloons are leading young men aside. But one may say, “I don’t drink but very little, just one glass.” But one leads to another; you are in bad company, and they will lead you on and on until at last you have done something, or, whether you have done anything or not, you will be taken for it, just the same. Why? Because you will be judged by the company you keep. Oh young people, take my advice, for I have had some experience on this line. I used to drink; I used to be in bad company and all these that would lead a man’s soul down to hell. Oh the dollars I have spent for intoxicating liquors! If I just had them now to put into the work in spreading the gospel, how much better it would be! But it’s too late now. Time after time I have walked ten miles just to get under the influence of this terrible drug. If I would have continued on, where would I be to day? I would have filled a drunkard’s grave. You see I just said, “I’ll only take just a little, just one glass.” But one glass led to another until I had formed the terrible habit. How much stronger I would have been to day, and would have had good health no doubt if I had let strong drink alone. But it is too late now. Take warning in time; parents, train your children in the way they should go or their blood will be required at your hands. Take them to yourself and tell them the many temptations of the world.

There is much that attracts the attention of the young. We find young people who started in this Christian life but say no one cared for them after they started. The older ones should be interested in them and encourage them on their way. Young people, study the word of God, watch and pray lest ye enter into temptation. There are many things to fall into in this life. Oathbound secret societies are sapping the Christian life all out of the souls of men and women. They are a nuisance and an abomination in the sight of God. The Word says, “Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers.” Let us be pure for God.

Hayes R. Hahn.


“Come now and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” — Isa. 1:18.

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THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1896.




Chas. Bright, E. B. Haynes, Annie Harrington, R. B. Hicks, L. C. Mast, N. C Smith, E. A. Soules, Jane Williams, Mrs. Geo. Moulton, Geo. S. Graham.


The time of the Fenwick, Ont. camp meeting has been changed.


Dear Saints: I am saved and kept by the power of God, and thank God for ever calling after me. I feel this morning like praising his holy name, and also feel led to dispose of my home, the proceeds to be used as the Lord may direct. It is situated one-half mile north of Mears, Mich., and contains forty acres, thirty of it improved, house and barn and some fruit. Good time will be given for payment. Any of the brethren wanting to purchase can call on or address D. A. Krauss, Mears, Mich.


We learn that Bro. Daugherty, Bro and Sister Rupert, and Sister Croasdell set sail for Liverpool a few days ago, ready for the gospel work in England, and wherever the Lord may direct. They very much desire some consecrated workers to help spread the gospel in those fields of labor. And to such as God may call to foreign fields we would say that if you will write to Mr. Max Stevens, No. 27 Broadway, New York City, the best rates can be obtained, as we are informed that he is a reliable agent for R. R. and steamship companies as well as manager of the Stevens House, where you can obtain very good accommodations for one dollar per day. We would further say that a call to the gospel work, or to foreign fields means something more than merely to have a chance to travel or see the country. There are responsibilities more than most people realize, and before launching out on such a line one should know that his call is from God and that he does the sending, then there will be no trouble concerning his blessings upon your labors.


Requests For Prayer.


Hannah J. Custer, Canton, O.

Lydda Hoover, Norton. — Complete healing of soul and body. Afflicted with catarrh of head and throat.

Pray for our eighteen-year-old daughter, Annie Sparks, that her mind may be restored. Pray July 26. Your sister, Elizabeth Sparks.

Sister Susan Tinsley, Lena. — For her restoration to health.

Pray for the healing of Sister Margaret Wilson, Miami, Ind.

Adam Barber. — Rheumatism and deafness.

Francis Smith, Covington, La. Healing.

Please pray on the 26th of July for the conversion and healing of my dear boy who is afflicted with complete fistula; and for myself; I have indigestion, dispepsia, and tetter in my feet. Your sister, Mrs. M. S. Mitchell, Elysian Fields.


Calls For Meeting.


Please send some consecrated minister here soon. J. B. Sproull, Pierpont, Ashtabula Co., O.

Some minister of God is wanted here with a tabernacle, to hold meeting. C. I. Hitchcock, Greenville, Tex.

We are praying for some of God’s true ministers to come to this wicked place and preach the pure gospel. Laura Stookey, Nowata, I. T.

A tabernacle meeting is desired three miles north and five miles west of Norton, Norton Co., Kansas, about Sept. 10. One also at Norton about the same time. Would like to have Bro. John E. Roberts and Co. here from Denver, and any one else the Lord sends. Write to Nettie Louk, Norton, Kan.

The people of this country are in need of the pure gospel. Amos Root, Satsop, Chehalis Co., Wash.





There are a few things might be mentioned that will apply to camp and grove meetings in general. Those attending such meetings should go for the purpose of glorifying God, by doing good, getting good, and becoming better qualified to help others. If convenient, take a tent along, and bedding, etc., enough to make you comfortable. Some blankets and a straw tick will be sufficient to enable you to care for yourself should the place be crowded. If possible, go prepared to provide for yourself and help others. Do not impose upon the liberality of the brethren, but if you are too poor to provide for yourself do not stay away on that account as they will gladly care for you. Go in faith, and help to bear one another’s burdens, and aid in rescuing perishing souls.

There will be a general camp meeting at Apollo, Armstrong Co., Pa, July 23 – Aug. 3. Apollo is on the West Penn. R. R. A number of God’s holy ministers are expected. For information address Bro. J. E. Shelhamer.

Clinton, Wis. Camp meeting. Beginning July 24. About seven miles northwest of Barron. Address O. A. Warren, Jr.

Bremen, Ind. Grove meeting. July 25- 31.

Independence, Kan. Tabernacle meeting. July 25, lasting as long as the Lore wills.

There will be a camp meeting near Springfield, Ohio, July 29 – Aug. 9. Let saints and sinners in reach of this meeting come for the good of souls. We look for a precious meeting, and we ask all saints to pray for its success. Those coming to New Carlisle, write Bro Isaac Pense, New Carlisle, O. All that come to Springfield, notify Bros. A. J. Byers, (Box 37) or W. O. Downs, Springfield. All that come to Donnellsville Station, notify Bros. J. A. Hardacre or Wm. J, McFarland, Donnellsville. Bros. Keeling, Speck, Schell, and others are expected.

There will be a camp meeting held at Brushy Prairie, Ind. on the farm of S. Y. Greenawalt, eight miles east of LaGrange, from July 30 to Aug. 9. Those coming by R. R. get off at LaGrange. Those coming on Wabash R R, get off at Wolcottville and come on the G. R. and I. R. R to LaGrange. Inform S. Y. Greenawalt or M. S. Yoder of your coming and what day to meet you and what time, and you will be conveyed to the camp ground on any of the first three days of the meeting. As many as can, bring tents. Provisions can be purchased on the ground. Bros. J. N. Howard, B. F. Roe, C. Orr, T. J. Cox, and others are expected.

The camp meeting at Moundsville, Marshall Co., W. Va. will be held July 31 – Aug. 9. Those coming on the B. and O. R. R., local trains will run into camp ground on the Ohio River Road; get off at camp ground Junction Those coming on the steamboats will be landed on Floating Bethel, opposite Camp Ground Junction. The steamers “Lexington”, “Jewel,” and “Enos Taylor” have granted us reduced rates. The passengers on the “Taylor” will transfer at Wheeling. The street car line is nearly completed which will connect twenty-eight miles of street car line which runs by the grounds. Let all the saints come who can and bring tents to help take care of the hundreds of hungry souls who are anxious for the truth. Invalids and sick people are coming to be healed. Let there be a general rally and unusual faith exercised for this meeting. Bros. A. J. Kilpatrick and Ellison are to be there. G. T. Clayton.

Teegarden, Ind. Commencing Aug. 1.

There will be a meeting at Lottville, Miss., beginning Aug. 1. lasting as long as the Lord wills. Let all the ministers and Gospel workers attend this meeting that can. We ask all the saints to pray for the success of this meeting. Yours in Jesus, Elnora Johnson, Lottville, Miss.

Ripley Co., Mo. Aug. 1-9. Ten miles south of Doniphan, and two miles east of Poynor. Address A. B. Stanberry, McCauley, Ark., or J. M. Hester, Poynor, Mo.

Dwight, Mich. Camp meeting. Aug. 1-9. Address Vern. Tillittson.

The McKinley, Okla, camp meeting will be held Aug. 1-10. The camp ground is one mile east and one mile south of McKinley; and about fifteen miles east and about four miles south of Guthrie. Parties coming by rail; come to Guthrie by way of the A. T. and S. F. Ry., then ay stage to McKinley. For particulars address Joseph Ropp, McKinley, Okla.

Tekonsha, Mich. Aug. 3-11. Address B. F. Heath.

The Beaver Dam camp meeting will be held on Bro. David Leininger’s farm, Aug. 4-12. Everybody is invited to attend this meeting that loves the truth, both saint and sinner. Come expecting to do work for the Master, and receive a benefit for your own souls. We are looking forward to this meeting to see the power of God manifest in healing the sick and the saving of many souls. Do not forget to bring your own bedding; there will be a place to put it free. Boarding and provisions can be had on the grounds. All coming on the Chicago and Erie; and Lake Erie and Western Rys., stop at Rochester, Ind. Notify Bro. Leininger at Akron, Ind. Those coming on Nickel Plate R. R. stop at Mentone, notify Bro. R. N. Gast, Akron, Ind. Notify early.

There will be a camp meeting held by the church of the living God, five miles east of Hartsells. Morgan Co., Ala. Beginning Aug. 6 and continuing over the 16th. Everybody is invited to attend and hear the pure gospel. The Bible standard of holiness, the unity and harmony of God’s people will be set forth according to the word of God. Also Jesus Christ will be held up in his power and faithfulness to save, and heal the sick and suffering. A special invitation is extended to the sick and suffering. Come to the meeting and accept Christ as a perfect physician for both soul and body.

Any one coming by rail, stop at Hartsells on the L. & N. R. R. which is the nearest station, and notify R. G. Sharp, Hartsells. Ala. in due time and arrangements will be made to meet you. There will be plenty of shelter, wood, and water on the grounds. All who possibly can should bring bedding and provisions. Arrangements for cooking on the ground will be made. Let all the saints from Ky., Tenn. and Miss. who possibly can, attend this meeting. Any from any other part who can attend are invited. Bro. Otto Bolds will be present, also Sister Thomas; and others are expected.

Cayuga, Ind. Camp meeting. Aug. 6- 20. will be held on Bro. A. Watson’s farm, three miles north-west of Cayuga. Bro. R. M. Haynes and other traveling evangelists will be present. Address W. A. Davison, Eugene, Ind.

Zion, Miss. Camp meeting. Aug. 8-16. At the new camp ground near Zion. Leake Co., Miss. Address W. O. Williams.

Kelat, Ky. Tabernacle meeting. Aug. 8-23. Address J. P. Lemons.

Harrison Co., Ky. Tabernacle meeting. Aug. 8-25. On the farm of A. J. Lemons, four miles northeast of Poindexter Station on the old Ky. Cent. R. R. Some true ministers of God are desired. Address J. P. Lemons, Kelat, Ky.

Shultz, Mich. Grove meeting. Aug. 11-18. Address W. H. Merritt, Cloverdale, Mich.

North Star (instead of Brock), O. Aug. 12-23. Address John H.Trick,Versailles, O.

Vichey, Mo. Camp meeting. Aug. 12- 24. Address Jas. Thornton.

Fenwick, Ont. Camp meeting. Aug. 20-30. Address Jno. E. Smith,

Marshal, Okla. Camp meeting. Aug. 13-24.

Ft. Stephens, Miss. General assembly at Wright’s Chapel. Beginning Aug. 14. Address H. W. Frasure.

Houston, Mo. Camp meeting. Aug. 14-23. Address E. M. Allen.

Stanley, W. Va. Camp meeting. Aug. 14-25.

Peoria, Ill. About Aug 15.

Bluff Springs, Leake Co., Miss. Meeting. Beginning Aug. 19. R. H. Owens, Freeney, Miss.

St. Louis, Mich. Camp meeting. Aug. 19-29. Address Jno. Harn.

Emlenton, Pa. Camp meeting. Aug. 20-31. Address Samuel Martz, Pittsville, Pa.

Payne, O. Camp meeting. Aug. 20- 31. Address J. N. Howard.

Gaston, Ind. Tabernacle meeting. Aug. 26 to Sept. 6.

Tremont, O. Tabernacle meeting. Aug. 26 – Sept. 6. Address Peter Hartman, Lawrenceville, O.

Ash Grove, Mo. Camp meeting. Aug. 27 – Sept. 7.

Prince, Miss. Camp meeting. Beginning Aug. 28. Address F. M. Williamson, Centralia, Miss.

Oklahoma City, Okla. Tabernacle meeting. Aug. 28 – Sept. 14.

Friend, Mo. Assembly meeting. Beginning Aug. 29. Address G. S. Backus.

Tuscola, Leake Co., Miss. Meeting. Beginning Aug. 29. R. H. Owens, Freeney, Miss.

Izard Co., Ark. Camp meeting. Sept. 1-15. Address Ben Seaton, Violet Hill, Ark.

Milton, Mo. Camp meeting. Sept. 1- 12. Address A. A. Kinzie.

Cheshire, Mich. Grove meeting. Beginning Sept 3. Address Albert Pulsipher, Allegan, Mich.

Vowell, Winston Co., Miss. Camp meeting. Sept. 4-13. R. H. Owens, Freeney, Miss.

Kenesaw, Neb. Camp meeting. Sept. 4-15. Those wishing tents notify Bro. W. F. Eberline by at least as early as Aug. 20.

Reddick, Ill. Tabernacle meeting, Sept, 9 and as long as the Lord wills.

A grove meeting will be held in the southeast part of Salem township, Allegan Co., Mich. Sept. 8-18. Address H. E. Hyde, Burnips Corners, Mich.

Rising Sun, O. Tabernacle meeting. Sept 15-25. Address Jacob Roush.

Arapahoe, Okla. Camp meeting. Sept. 18-28.

North Enid, Okla. Camp meeting. Beginning Oct. 6. Address W. G. Rippey.

New Pittsburg, Ind. Assembly meeting. Beginning Oct. 15. Address H. C. Wickersham.

Bro. Ostis B. Wilson and Co. are traveling by private conveyance to Mo. Anyone wishing meetings along the line, address him at Grand Junction, Mich.

Any one desiring meeting in New York address us at 621 Otisco St., Syracuse, N. Y.

B. F. Weikel.




(Continued front last issue.)


When Pilate asked Jesus Christ the question, “What is truth?” he probably put forth an interrogatory the import of which he little realized. Sure enough, what is truth, as so often used in the New Testament and which “constitutes such an important element in our salvation? From the beginning of the gospel, wherein it is declared that “grace and truth came by Jesus Christ,” we find truth a most prominent principle, factor, agency, or attribute of the gospel, on down to the writings of Paul who declares that the church of the living God is the pillar and ground thereof. What then is truth? Search the scriptures; let us see what is ascribed to, connected with, and affirmed of, the word truth.

It came by Jesus Christ. Jno. 1:17. He was full of it. Jno. 1:14. He was the truth. Jno. 14:6. Freedom comes by a knowledge of the truth. Jno 8:32. We are to be guided into ALL the truth by the Spirit of truth. Jno. 16:13. It can be held in unrighteousness. Rom. 1:18. Nothing can be done against it. 2 Cor. 13:8. Should be spoken in love. Eph. 4:15. Is to be rightly divided. 2 Tim. 2:15. May be erred from. Jam. 5:19. Love rejoices with or in it. 1 Cor. 13:6. We MAY be ever learning of it, but never coming to a scriptural knowledge of same. 2 Tim. 3:17. A love of the truth is necessary to our salvation. 2 Thes. 2:10. Refusing to receive a love of it, we subject ourselves to the reception and belief of delusive spirits from God, that we might be damned. 2 Thes. 2:11. Obedience to it leads to purity of heart. 1 Peter 1:22. Sanctification is through it. Jno. 17:17. It is God’s word. Jno. 17:17. The church of the living God is its pillar and ground. 1 Tim. 3:15. True children of God walk in it. 3 Jno. 4. We are to KNOW it, and it is to dwell in us. 2 Jno. 1, 2. Belongs to and is closely allied with the gospel. Gal. 2: 5, 14. Truth must be obeyed. Gal. 3:1. Gods will is for all men to acquire or come into a knowledge of it. 1 Tim. 2:4. It is after or according to godliness. Tit. 1:1. To err from the truth, and teach such error, will overthrow the faith of believers, 2 Tim. 2:18. EVERY ONE that is of the truth HEARETH THE VOICE OR TEACHINGS OF JESUS. Jno. 18:36. Truth is received into the inward parts. Psa. 51:5.

Now just as certain as there is something connected with man’s redemption known as truth, so certain is this inseparable with the church of God; and the two stand or fall together. To separate them or throw them out of their scriptural bearings to each other would be to disarrange the Bible and unsettle the method God has arranged by which to bring about salvation of men. If it be conceded that any thing else may bear the relation to truth which is ascribed to the church of God, we at once and forever destroy all distinction between said church and anything else, rob it of all pre-eminence, and strip it of divine authority. If also, any other institutions which men may get up for their own convenience or gratification, through conflicting among themselves, should be allowed for a moment to assume to themselves the prerogative given to the church, which we utterly refuse to concede, this, too, would reduce the church of the living God to whatever any man’s conception or desire of it might be, and place error on a parity with truth, giving neither the precedent over the other.

Now we conclude from the above scriptures bearing on truth that it is well nigh the whole force, principle, power, and agency of the gospel, all the way from first principles to glorification. Truth came by Jesus, is Jesus, and makes us free. It is to be loved and walked in; to be in our hearts. The Spirit guides us into all of it, and nothing can be done against it. It is to be obeyed to bring about purity, to be known and acknowledged, and is according to godliness. Surely so much is not affirmed of anything else except Christ himself. And so far as this world is concerned, this vital principle rests in the church and is supported or maintained by the church. Not a part of it; not certain doctrines containing truth, but THE TRUTH ITSELF. And how could it be otherwise? If the truth is important and is God’s, how could he commit it to sinners or half-Christians? It would become an inert power. They would only proclaim as much as suited them, and this would be the least important part, and hide away the rest. This would be holding the truth in unrighteousness, as a certain class of people really do.

Truth then is an essential principle or force, as well as a doctrine, which enters into every degree of salvation, and leads from first principles on to perfection. It has to do with repentance, is associated with faith, enters into the work of justification, leads on into holiness, nurtures and edifies the saints, and begets in their hearts a LOVE of God’s ways, and a gladness to hear, learn, and observe the teachings of Jesus. It loves the doctrine of healing, proclaims a full gospel, and is a partner with the love of God. It sets free, keeps free, exalts Jesus, honors them to whom honor is due, and cries mightily against sin. It is always loved and acknowledged by all who love Jesus Christ, and received freely and fully. They do not draw back from any part of truth, through whatever right channel it comes, and are always attentive to learn it. Of a truth, THE TRUTH is a wonderful thing, glorious beyond description, and the church of the living God is its pillar and ground.

(To be continued.)

A. D. Hicks.




We find by reading God’s word that there are two spiritual mothers spoken of. One, the true mother of God’s children; the other what, with the light we have now, would be called an adopted mother. By the help of the Lord we will compare the two.

In Eph. 3:14, 15 we find that God has a family. — “For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. A family consists of a father, mother, brothers, and sisters. In the spiritual family God is our father; Jesus Christ, our elder brother; all saved men and women, our brothers and sisters, yea all that call upon the name of Jesus Christ are included in this family. 1 Cor. 1:2. Who is our mother? Paul tells us. “But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.” — Gal. 4:26. Our mother, then, is of heavenly origin. Who is she, or what is Jerusalem? “But ye are, come to the heavenly Jerusalem * * * to the general assembly and church of the firstborn.” — Heb. 12:22, 23. So the church, or children of God taken collectively, is our mother. John saw our mother descending

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from heaven. Rev. 21:2. Most people expect this city to come in the future; but Paul says, “Ye ARE come to it.” Oh I am so glad that we who are gathered to our mother are conscious that she is here and is reigning over all the power of the devil. Oh bless the Lord!

Now, we know that in our earthly family, in order to have peace in the family we must as children obey father and mother. Just so we as children in the heavenly family must obey Father (God) and the rules of mother (the church). Also, if a member of our earthly family gets unruly, the other brothers and sisters go to him (that is, if they love him as they should) and try to show him where he is wrong; if he fails to hear, they tell father and mother about it. Just so in the family of God we are commanded to do. Jesus says to us in the church: “Moreover, if thy brother trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone. [Be sure you don’t tell all the other saints first.] If he hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.” If he refuses to hear us, we are to take some of the other brethren with us. If he still remains obstinate, we are to tell it to mother (the church). If he refuses to be corrected by mother, we are to reject him. Matt. 18:15-17. It is superfluous to have a church trial? His own disobedience excludes him from the family.

We find by reading God’s word, and reliable history, that God’s little ones were satisfied for a number of years with the mother that God had given them. But by and by some of them began to be deceived and to become dissatisfied with her, and concluded they could make rules and regulations that would surpass what God had made — just as boys and girls conclude sometimes nowadays that it is best for them to leave their parents and start out in the cold, dark world, relying upon their own judgment. But alas! It too often occurs that they find when too late that it would have been far better for them to remain at home with their mother even if some of her rules seemed a little hard to conform to.


We find in Rev. 17:5 that there was another mother that made her appearance. She is called “Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.” Where did she originate? We learn from reading the remainder of this chapter that she is of earthly origin. The waters that John saw, and on which the woman sits, “are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.” — Verse 15. We have already seen that the first mother came down from heaven. But the second one originated among people, or men.

When this earthly mother made her appearance men preceived that her rules were more pleasing to the carnal mind than those of the church; so they began to desert their mother and adopt to themselves the earthly mother, insomuch that the church was soon lost sight of. They had put her away. Therefore the voice of the Lord cries unto them, “Thus saith the Lord, Where is the bill of your mother’s divorcement, whom I have put away? Or which of my creditors is it to whom I have sold you? Behold, for your iniquities have ye sold yourselves, and for your transgressions is your mother Put away.” — Isa. 50:1.

Now, how many dear souls there are who are connected with this Romish-Protestant mother. If this should fall into the hands of any one connected with this abominable mother, I ask you, Can you show any scripture permitting you to put away your true mother, the church of the living God? “Where is the bill of your mother’s divorcement? To which daughter of Babylon did the Lord become so indebted that he had to sell his blessed church to them? We answer, none; and none are in possession of her; she stands outside of them all, terrible as an army with banners and clear as noonday sun. What then caused people to leave her? “Behold, for away iniquities is your mother put away, and for your transgressions nave ye sold yourselves.” Men were not and are not willing to live a life of holiness. Luke 1:74, 75. Titus 2:11-15. So they leave true mother and join sectism where flesh is more that is pleasing to the flesh.

In the name of Jesus we affirm that this false mother consists of Catholicism and every Protestant daughter. Most all Protestants admit that Catholicism is corrupt. A great many of them also admit that she is their mother. Ezekiel declares, “As is the mother so is her daughter.” — Ezek. 16:44. We have only to take a look at the two to acknowledge the fact. While Catholicism contains her nunneries and convents, Protestantism contains her adulterers, masturbators, and abortionists, which are just as corrupt. Truly, “As is the. mother so is her daughter.”


We see by the Word that God’s people obey his commandments, yea walk in the truth. Let us compare the children of the other mother.

“Also, thou son of man, the children of thy people still are talking against thee by the walls and in the doors [sect walls and doors] of houses, and speak one to another, everyone to his brother, saying, Come, I pray you, and hear what is the word that cometh from the Lord.” — Ezek. 33:30.

Each one claims to be right and wants people to come and hear his particular sect doctrine taught. “They come unto thee as the people cometh, and they sit before thee as my people.” Yes; they visit their synagogues and go through the form of worship. Paul says, “having a form of godliness, but denying the the power.” The Methodist discipline teaches that ‘the church [their sect] is a body of men having the form of godliness and seeking the power;’ Thus acknowledging that they are the very people prophesied of. “They hear thy words, but will not do them: for with their mouth they show much love, but their heart goeth after their covetousness.” ver. 31.

‘They hear thy words, but they will not do them.” Oh, how the prophet’s eye ran down the ages of time and beheld popular Christianity of to-day! Who can deny that this prophecy is fulfilled at the present time? Ezekiel further states, “And when this [their desolation] cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) [it has come] then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.” — Ver. 33.


We now can readily see the contrast between these two families of mothers and children, can we not? In speaking of this earthly mother, God says in Hosea 2:3, “Plead with your mother, plead: for she is not my wife, neither am I her husband. Indeed we know such a corrupt institution is not the spotless bride of Christ. O that God will help every one of his dear children connected with sectism to flee from her! And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, MY PEOPLE, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” — Rev. 18. I am so glad that when I heard this voice I began to plead with my old adopted mother, and kept on pleading until I got free from her; and now I am under my own dear mother (the church), and “my soul is satisfied.” “Nothing can my peace disturb, free and happy as a bird.” I failed to find this peace in the Baptist sect with which I was connected. It is found only in Jesus. God tells us in Jer. 50:12 that the “mother shall be sore confounded.” We see it is the case to-day, that where a minister of God goes commissioned by heaven, sectism is sorely confounded, her preachers rage, yet God so completely confounds them that they are powerless.

Which one of these mothers has the more children? “For the desolate [sectism] hath many more children than she which hath a husband.” — Gal. 4:7. How true! May the dear Lord help the few children of Jerusalem to declare the judgments written against the adopted mother until every honest soul is delivered from her. You know if a child is stolen from its true parents and finds itself adopted into the bondage of another family, it will never be satisfied until it is released from the parents of adoption, after learning of its true parents. Brethren, let us use a great deal of love in showing the true mother to dear souls in sectism, and they will not be satisfied until they get back to her. Amen. Your brother, saved and in the one family of God,

R. L. Farquar.


News from the Field


Winslow, Ark.

Dear Trumpet Readers: We can report victory in Jesus’ name. We are here near Winslow, holding meeting with good success. Meeting has been going on over a week, with thirty-two professions up to date. We had an ordinance meeting last Friday night, forty-seven taking part. The Lord wonderfully blessed his children in obeying the the Word. The people have built a large arbor for meeting. Will remain as long as Father wills.

Dan Murphy, Wife and Co.


Hallsboro, N. C., July 13.

Dear Saints of God: I am able to report victory in Jesus’ name. I came to this country about the 20th of May and began to proclaim the truth against the kingdom of sin and confusion. About a week later Bro. and Sister Lundy joined us in the battle. We preached at different places in the surrounding country. A number of souls consecrated for salvation and some got a real experience. After about two weeks here we then went to Rosindale, N. C. and began preaching. The way opened up with considerable opposition at this place, though God laid judgment to the line and righteousness to the plummet. False teachers and teaching are thoroughly exposed. Quite a number saw the danger they were in. Many confessed they had been led astray, but only a few were honest enough to get to the altar and pay the price, straighten up, and get deliverance. Yet we believe there are other honest souls that will come to it soon.

On Sunday, July 5, four followed Jesus in the ordinance of baptism. Others will follow soon at that place. I left Bro. and Sister Lundy to push the work there and I came back to Hallsboro and held a few services, and another soul seemed to get free. On Sunday, July 12, three were baptized. There are others to follow soon at this place. This is a new field, but the truth is planted here to stay. All glory to God! I leave here to-day (July 13) for Stokes Bridge, S. C., where I expect as the Lord directs to hold a few meetings in that country. Pray for us. My address will be Stokes Bridge, S. C. Yours, saved now,

E. B. Haynes.


Oakland, Cal., July 9.

To all the Faithful in Christ: We are waging war against the enemy with all our ransomed powers. The gospel tent is up, in Alameda, where souls are receiving the gospel and being made free. The street meetings are attended with unusual interest. Deep solemnity rests upon the people. God is doing his part in great conviction for which we rejoice. Sister Fink, is with us and working faithfully. Expect Bro. Geo. and Sister Mary Cole soon. The meetings in the Home are well attended. Souls and bodies are being set free. God is marvelously leading us. We frequently get where we see no way out, but we enjoy leaning entirely upon him, and there is no failure. He makes the way of escape. Our responsibilities are increasing, but the equivalent grace is always at hand. The foundation, we believe, is being well laid for a permanent and far-reaching work in this great center. The influence is reaching the islands of the sea. Hundreds of pounds of tracts and papers have been distributed here and sent out in different directions. One of the grandest opportunities is afforded for this line of work. Vessels from all over the world, and all nations, come into this port. Some one with means could supply each vessel with reading matter and thus send the gospel to every land. Why not brethren? And thus fulfill the gospel commission. One hundred dollars invested, and the tracts and papers wisely distributed, would do a mighty missionary work. If you cannot go out into the ripened fields, send your prayers and means out preaching the everlasting truth. We shall not be surprised to see the end soon. Work while the day lasts. Our souls are burning with zeal for the precious gospel. All is well with us. Pray that God’s highest will may be done through your humble brother and sister separated unto the gospel of Christ,

J. W. and J. Byers.




Curtisville, Ind.

RICKS. — Peter V. Ricks was born March 28, 1831; departed this life July 2, 1896. Aged sixty-four years, three months and four days. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn the loss of a husband and father. May the Lord bless thier sad bereavement to the salvation of their souls.

Lewis Land.


ARMSTRONG. — Bro. Armstrong of Otsego, Mich. departed this life to be with Jesus, April 2, 1896; aged seventy-six years, nine months and seventeen days. His last testimony was that he was going home to heaven. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn thier loss. May God help the unsaved children to prepare to meet their loved one where parting will be no more.

Rose Wilcox.

ELAM. — Bro. E. B. Elam died June 1, 1896, at Oakland, Cal.; aged twenty-nine years, six months and twenty-two days. Bro. Elam had been engaged in the ministry for about two years. His last labors were at Adelaide, Cal. and vicinity, where a number of souls were brought to Christ. His earnest zeal to preach the gospel seemed to cause him to forget the weakness of his body until he broke down entirely with consumption. At times he preached when hardly able to stand upon his feet. His death was remarkable. Just before his end we were conversing freely. There was something very important in his mind which when satisfactorily disposed of he turned over and closed his eyes. I said to him, “Well, praise the Lord, Bro. Elam.” He responded, “Amen.” The next breath was his last. His spirit was gone. Not a pain nor struggle. Truly, it was wonderful. It can scripturally be said: He “fell asleep.” His body was peacefully laid away in the beautiful Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, to await the glorious awakening of the coining of the Lord. His father preceded him to eternity, but a few weeks. May heaven’s blessings sustain his wife and friends until the reunion of the faithful in glory.

J. W. Byers.




Phoenix, Ariz.

Dear Saints of God: I will add my testimony of how the Lord healed my baby. She was taken with the whooping cough, and went from that to pneumonia. I thought I had done all that I could, and I sent for some of God’s dear ones and they talked with me and showed me that I was not trusting God as I ought, but was too anxious about the child. And when I saw the fault I just took every finger off and looked on her as his and had no voice in it at all, only to call on him for her healing. I can say that she was raised up. Oh praise God! My cup ran over with praises to him for his goodness to me. I can truly say that she was raised from almost death, as we could see her sinking. But praise God, to-day she is with me yet. I loved my baby and lavished too much affection on her in a way that was too selfish, and God showed me I did wrong. Now I will say to all that have dear sweet babies, not to love them better than you love God. From your saved sister,

Ellen Boone.


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The Lord Will Heal You.


THE Lord will heal you if you will let him do so, but it is upon conditions, among which the first is to believe that he is able to heal you, then you must believe that it is his will to heal you, then ask him to do it, and not only believe he will do it some time, but that he will do it now, and come to the point where you believe he does it. Many people ask the Lord to heal them of their sicknesses if it is his will. They should consider whether or not it is his will for them to be sick, and then search the Word to see if they can find any place where it is the will of God for his children to be sick. People often learn lessons through sickness, but that does not prove that sickness is ordered of God as the only way of showing these lessons. Where people will not learn lessons any other way it is well for them to be sick. But we are unable to find any case of sickness but where, if the cause is removed and the lesson sought for and learned, God is ready and willing to do the healing. If you are sick, bring your case to the Lord in prayer, search the Word and you will find that it is not too hard for the Lord, and that he is only willing and anxious to heal you as soon as you meet the conditions of his Word. There are better ways to learn lessons from the Lord than to have him permit sickness to come upon you in order to teach you a lesson.


Errors of Dunkardism.




“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and YOUR DAUGHTERS SHALL PROPHESY, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: and also upon the servants and upon the HANDMAIDS in those days will I pour out my Spirit.” — Joel 2:28, 29.

In the above prophecy we notice the following facts:

1st. That in some future time God would pour out his Spirit, the Holy Ghost, upon all flesh or mankind.

2d. That at that time, both men and women should prophesy, speak, exhort, preach, etc.

3d. That the Spirit, or Holy Ghost, would be poured out upon the HANDMAIDS, or women servants, etc.

It is evident, that at the time referred to here by Joel, there was to be no distinction between male and female, with respect to prophesying. All Bible students acknowledge that Joel as well as the other prophets, wrote concerning the New Testament church, or Christian Era. Hence he prophesied that in the church of God both men and women should receive the Holy Spirit, and thereby receive authority from God to prophesy, or preach the gospel.

Peter testifies that this prophecy was verified unto the church at Jerusalem, on the day of Pentecost, saying, “But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel: And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your DAUGHTERS shall prophecy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: and on my servants and on MY HANDMAIDENS I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; AND THEY SHALL PROPHESY.” — Acts 2:16-18.

Peter testifies that God did pour out the Spirit upon both men and women. And God says that in the Spirit’s dispensation both men and women shall prophesy or preach. I will now give some examples of women prophesying, or preaching.

1st. One example under the law. “And there was one Anna, A PROPHETESS, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser: she was of a great age, and had lived with an husband seven years from her virginity; and she was a widow of about fourscore and four years, which departed not from the temple, but served God with prayers and fastings night and day. And she coming in that instant gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, and spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem.” — Luke. 2:36-38.

It is evident that this woman Anna, who stayed in the temple, and was in constant devotion to God, when she saw the babe, Jesus, in his mother’s arms, spoke publicly of him to all those in Jerusalem; for “SHE WAS A PROPHETESS.” Yea, furthermore, she lived under the law, and prophesied.

2d. Examples under the Gospel.

1st. “For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted.” — 1 Cor. 14:31.

It is evident that when Paul said “ye may all prophesy,” he included the entire congregation at Corinth, and as there were women there, he permitted them to prophesy or preach, and charges us to do likewise, as follows: “If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things which I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.” — Ver. 37. Paul having written in ver. 31, “ye may all prophesy,” he now waxes bold in ver. 37, from which we are forced to the following conclusions:

(1.) That no true prophet, nor spiritual person, will forbid “all,” both men and women, the privilege to preach the Gospel.

(2.) That if any forbid them, they forbid them to obey the command of God, as before stated. See Acts 2:18, “And on my servants, and on my HANDMAIDENS, I will pour out in those days of my Spirit: and THEY [servants and handmaidens, or women] SHALL [are obligated to] PROPHESY.

Thus we see, God has commanded women to prophesy or preach his Word. Hence any man or set of men that forbids a woman the privilege to do so, forbids her to obey the precious word of God, and no man nor set of men can do so, and have the grace of God in their hearts.

2d. “I commend unto you PHEBE OUR SISTER, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea: That ye receive her in the Lord, as becometh saints, and that ye assist her in whatsoever business she hath need of you: for she hath been a succorer of many, and of myself also. Greet Priscilla and Aquilla my helpers in Christ Jesus.” — Rom. 16:1-3.

In the above the following facts are made plain:

(1.) That Paul acknowleged Sister Phebe to be the servant, overseer, preacher, or elder of the church at Cenchrea. He says, “For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.” — 2 Cor. 4:5. Paul was an elder, and in this text he says SERVANT, which means exactly the same. Hence when he recommended Phebe as a servant of the church, he thereby represented her to be the elder of the same.

(2.) That Phebe had succored (assisted, relieved, aided, helped) many, yea, and Paul also, showing that she had labored with him in the ministry, and had preached the Gospel, or word of God successfully.

(3.) That he recommended Priscilla, the wife of Aquilla, as being one of his co-laborers in the ministry. Again, he says: “Greet Mary, who bestowed much labor on us.” Ver. 6. Again, “Salute Tryphena and Tryphosa, who LABOR in the Lord. Salute the beloved Tersis, which labored much in the Lord.” — ver. 12. In these texts, Phebe, Priscilla, Tryphena, Tryphosa, and Tersis, all women, were all five of them acknowledged and recommended by Paul, as being efficient ministers of the gospel in the apostolic church. If therefore it was right, and acknowledged so by the holy apostles, why not now? Ah, the trouble is right here: men are so wrapped up in their creeds, which are contrary to the blessed Bible, that they will not submit to the word of God.

3d. That single women preached.

“And the next day, we that were of Paul’s company, departed and came unto Caesarea: and we entered into the house of Philip the evangelist which was one of the seven; and abode with him. And the same man had FOUR DAUGHTERS, VIRGINS, WHICH DID PROPHESY.” — Acts 21:8, 9.

In the above the following facts are plain:

1st. That Philip, one of the seven deacons, who was full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, had FOUR DAUGHTERS that were VIRGINS, “maidens, chaste unmarried women.”

2d. That these four single women prophesied or preached the Gospel.

Hence it is clearly vindicated in the Bible, that Paul acknowledged women both married and single, as being preachers in the church of God. And farther, he commands us to be subject to all such, as follows: “I beseech you brethren, * * * that ye submit yourselves unto such; and to every one that helpeth with us, and laboreth.” — 1 Cor. 16:15, 16.

Here Paul commands us to submit to, yield to, or obey, every one that helped and labored with him; and in the previous quotation, he says that women labored with him. Hence he includes them with those he commands subjection to; for he says, “every one,” which includes both men and women, and women married and single. Further, it is our duty to HELP them. See Phil. 4:3, — “And I entreat thee also, true yokefellow, HELP THOSE WOMEN which labored with me in the Gospel, with Clement also, and with other my fellowlaborers, whose names are in the book of life.”

In the above we have the following facts:

1st. That there were WOMEN that labored, “prayed, testified, exhorted, preached.”

2d. That all true yokefellows, or Christians, must help those WOMEN. If they are in need, and you have the wherewith to relieve them, you are obliged by the word of God to do so. See 1 Jno. 3:17.

3d. That all Christians are obliged to help all the workers in the ministry that the opportunity presents them with the privilege, in the bounds of consistency.

I am sure no one, with consistency, dare say that women do not have their names written in the book of life, for that would exclude them from heaven, and cast them down to hell. See Rev. 20:15. We see therefore that women have their names in the book of life as well as men. Hence Paul commands that they be supported in the ministry, just the same as men, for they are all one in Christ Jesus. See Gal. 3:28. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither, MALE NOR FEMALE, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

The above scripture contains the following facts:

1st. That in Christ, there is no distinction of nationality. But he saves the Jew from Judaism, and makes him a child of God; likewise, the Greek from idolatry, and makes him a child of God, hence they are one.

2d. That there is no distinction of wealth and poverty; but he just sweetly saves the poor in this world, and makes them heirs of the kingdom, or church of God. Likewise the wealthy, from their wealth and pomp, and as the beggar they receive salvation as a gift. Thus being born of the Spirit, they become children of God, hence they are all one.

3d. That there is no distinction of sex; but he just sweetly saves the woman from all her sins, making her a child of God; likewise the man, from all his tyranny and popish rule over the tender woman; giving him a new heart, making him a child of God. Hence they are all one; and both of them have all the privileges of a child of God, and may both of them prophesy, preach, pray, testify, exhort, or anything God sets them in the body, or church, to do; for they are all one.

4th. That all who make a distinction of either Jew or Greek, bond or free, male or female, are outside of Christ; though they may belong to some human organization or sect church, they are nevertheless void of the real melting, gentle, loving, Spirit of Christ.

Now, to all who may chance to read these lines; let me admonish you in the gentleness of my Master, to forever keep your mouth shut against women preaching, or performing any other duty enjoined upon them in the word of God; for by so doing, you oppose the teaching of the prophets and apostles, whom God inspired to set forth the doctrine of Christ, the builder of the church of God. Not only so, but you propagate a different doctrine from that of the established church, which permits women to preach, and you thereby become a heretic. See definition in chapter four.

Any unbiased Bible reader, in carefully and prayerfully reading this chapter, cannot help but see that it is clearly proved, that God commands women to prophesy, preach, pray, and testify to salvation, if they have it, by an abundance of scriptural evidences.

Dear reader, if you are guilty of opposing women’s rights in the church, I advise you in the name of Jesus to renounce your opposition to the word of God, and forsake your false religion, which causes you to oppose the Bible; and repent of all your sins, and Christ the loving Saviour, will give you light; yea, light from the dead, and open your spiritual understanding, so you can see the plain teaching of the word of God, which is the doctrine of the established church, which Jesus built over eighteen hundred years ago; in which it is said, “YOUR DAUGHTERS SHALL PROPHESY.”

Amen. Let them prophesy. I have no right to forbid them; neither has any one else. Thank God. I am in for the whole word of God, and want to see it obeyed by both men and women.

G. W. H.

(To be continued.)




Wamic, Ore.

Dear Saints of God: My testimony to day is, God still saves and sanctifies me wholly. I have victory in my soul over all the power of Satan, and I do praise the Lord for salvation that keeps me from sin. I have many things to thank God for. Praise his holy name! I am glad I ever heard the gospel preached in its purity and I do thank God that I had a willing heart to accept salvation. O thank God for delivering me out of the bondage of sectism and making me free in Jesus. I am glad that I ever learned to trust the Lord in all things, for he is my refuge in every time of need, for which I give him all the glory. Pray for me. Your brother in the one body,

J. A. Pratt.



Dear Ones: For the glory of God I will send in my testimony. Praise the Lord for his mercy in my old days? I am in my fifty-seventh year. I lived in sectism until about ten years ago, but the dear “Lord has shown me through the preaching of his saints that it is not right to live in sectism. I am praising the Lord all the time for salvation. I am not ashamed to own my Lord before the world. I was a slave to tobacco from my youth, but the blessed Lord has set me free. Praise his name! I am free from all the powers of the enemy. He has sanctified my soul and healed my body. I want you all to pray for the salvation of my dear children and for the healing of my little grandson; he is afflicted with spinal disease. My husband is getting the light on the word of God. Pray for him that he may get the whole light. Glory to Jesus! Your saved sister,

Elizabeth Bowers.


Kensington, Kan.

Dear Saints: I will write my first testimony to the Trumpet. I can truly say I am saved and sanctified to do God’s whole will, and he keeps me from all sin each day. Praise his holy name! I was very ignorant on the Bible line, could not understand it; but three years ago the Lord sent a brother here to preach the pure gospel, and my eyes were opened. I picked up the Bible one day and it seemed all together different. I could understand and I felt so happy over it. I was a sinner, but I would leave my work sometimes and sit down and read the blessed Bible. I did not get saved at that meeting, but I gave my heart to the Lord in the fall. I now have got a real “go through” in my soul, let come what will. The Lord is my physician. Our boy had the croup this winter, and our Great Physician healed him, and we give him all the glory. I want all the saints of God to pray for me, for my eyes and my afflicted limbs; also pray for my mother, and brothers and sisters, that they may get saved. Your saved sister,

Lillie Engstram.


Mt. Hermon, Ky.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: I feel that it would be to the glory of God to testify to his saving and sanctifying power. I was converted at the age of fourteen. I lived a justified life as near as I knew how, during which time I saw that the Lord had something better in store for me. Praise the Lord! He sent some holiness people into our midst who preached holiness doctrine, which was the first I ever heard. They made the word of God plainer than I ever heard it before in my life. Then I felt that there was something lacking, I began at once to seek a pure heart, which the Lord gave me in October, 1892. Oh the blessing and the power the Lord gave me! I never shall forget it. Praise the Lord! He took all filthy habits away from me, and I take him as my physician for both soul and body. I thank God for a sanctified husband. Pray that we may live humble. Your sister in Christ,

Mary I. Capass.



Know the Lord.


“AND they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for they shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest of them, saith the Lord.” — Jer 31:34.

Here we have set forth one of the most precious and sublime principles of the gospel system, though it is fully attained unto by so few of the people of God.

But what is to be understood by the expression “Know the Lord?” In the third chapter of first Samuel we read that God called to little Samuel three times, because, as we read in the seventh ver., “Samuel did not yet know the Lord.” From this we see that to know the Lord means to walk so close to him that we can talk to him and obtain answers from him; and can hear, understand, and know his voice when he speaks to us.

In Old Testament times God was known in a general sense, only to Judah and Israel and in the sense of our text only to the prophets. When an Old Testament saint desired to know the will of the Lord concerning anything, he sent to a prophet, who inquired of the Lord for him. But to the saints of the New Testament dispensation God promised by the mouth of the prophet, that all shall know him from the least of them, unto the greatest of them.

Blind Millenarians knowing nothing experimentally about God, look forth to some future age for the time when all shall know the Lord. But we who enjoy the sweetness of perfected holiness can easily believe that we are living in the time when the earth should be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. Hab. 2:14. If it be observed that the prophecy “they shall all know me” is given as one of the immediate results of institution of the New Testament, there can be no further doubt that this precious promise is for us.

Let us therefore claim the promise as our own, and seek a closer walk with God, where we need not look so much to human leaders, but unto the infallible guide who leadeth into all truth.

“And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” — Isa. 54:13.

“It is written in the phrophets, And they shall be all taught of God.” — Jno. 6:43.

“And many nations shall come, and say, Come let us go up to the house of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths.”

Peter seemed to have attained an experience, even while Christ was yet incarnate, in which he could look beyond man for instruction, for when he said to Jesus, “Thou art the Christ,” Jesus answered him, “Blessed art thou Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.”

“But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” — Jno. 14:26.

“But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him,” — 1 Jno. 2:27.

We are not to understand from this last text that God does not teach through human agencies, for God does set some men and women into the church as teachers, see Eph. 4:11; but John is here instructing to teach us to look beyond the human teacher unto the anointing, and to be able to discern whether or not what the speaker is saying comes from the anointing. In this sense we are all to be taught of God.

W. G. Schell.

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