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3 December 1896, Volume 16, Number 48.



O ye souls who are professors,
Are you walking in the light?
Has the blood of your Redeemer
Cleansed and made you fully white?

CHO. — Woe to them that are at ease in Zion!
Arise and Christ will give you light!
Buckle on the holy armor,
And be ready for the fight.

Is the peace of God within you,
Which gives you a perfect rest?
Or does guilt and condemnation
Fill and reign within your breast?

In the service of the Master,
There’s a high and holy way;
And all those may walk within it,
Who are willing the price to pay.

See! the remnant are returning
To the high and holy way,
With their songs of joy and praises,
As they walk the narrow way.

Mrs. James Pool.


Prepare to Meet God.


“HEREIN is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is so are we in this world.”

Dear ones, there is an awful day awaiting us one and all: that is the day when this world will be called to stand before God in judgment, to be judged every man according to the real contents of his heart, by that God who knows the heart and tries the reins and will judge every man according to his works. And be sure he is no respecter of persons but will look deep into every heart and will judge from the contents of the same. Yea, he will judge you by that word which he says “is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, and neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and open to the eyes of him with whom we have to do.” — Heb. 4: 12, 13. Dear ones, this being true, let us look deep into our hearts and see if under the searching light of that word we are ready to meet him; and let us, as the Word says, say, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me and know my thoughts; and see if there be any evil way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” — Psa. 139:23, 24.

O dear people, and especially you that claim to be but in this straight way, let us look deep into our hearts under the searching light of the Spirit and word of God and see if we have the real experience of the Word in our hearts. And let us look at the word of God where he speaks of that awful day when God will call all this world before him, to render the decision by his word that will forever settle our doom. Oh for the love of your soul, look deep into your heart and do not be deceived; you will never have another chance; this will forever seal your destiny. Look at Matt. 25:31 — 46. Here he gives a description of the judgment day. Here is one class of people that feed Christ when he is hungry; and give him drink when he is thirsty; and clothe him when he is naked; take him in when he is a stranger; visit him when he is sick and in prison. And they ask him when they did these things to him; and he says, “Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye did it unto me.” And he says, “These will go into everlasting life.” But here comes up another class, and Jesus says, “I was hungry and you gave me no meat; thirsty and you gave me no drink; a stranger and you took me not in; sick and in prison and you visited me not. And they will say, “When saw we thee sick, or in prison, or hungry, or naked; and did not minister unto thee?” And Jesus will answer them, “Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me, and these shall go away into everlasting punishment; but the righteous into life eternal.”

For the sake of your souls, dear ones, I beseech you to look at this lesson: because this alone will forever seal your doom if you do not heed it. I feel that these are some things that God’s people must wake up on, or some will surely hear the awful sentence, “Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire.” Such as feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked, and visiting the sick. God help you, brethren, you need not tell me that you have the love of God in your heart when you have plenty of everything around you, and your brethren in need of something to eat and wear, and you do not supply their need, I do not believe it.

Read Isa. 58:6, 7. “Is not this the fast that I have chosen, to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? When thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?”

Listen, brethren, what will follow then? “Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily; and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be thy rereward. Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry and he shall say, Here I am.” This will explain why some do not get along better in their experience.

Remember, dear ones, that awful day is coming when Jesus will come in flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel. When he comes this way, he says they will call for the rocks and mountains to fall on them and hide them from the face of him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. “For the great day of his wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?” Our text tells us just who will be able to stand; namely, “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment, because as he is, so are we in this world.” We see here that it will take the perfect love of God to enable us to stand in that day.

Dear ones, I am fully convinced that nothing but a soul that is as pure as Jesus Christ will be able to stand that awful crisis. This is going to be far more awful than many think it is. Therefore, cry aloud! Awake, O souls! For this awful crisis will soon be upon you, and there will be no time to prepare for it then. And without you stand clean and pure from every spot, you will melt beneath his awful presence and will be driven back to hell as a refuge from his awful glory. The supreme purity and glory of Christ will make everything wither and melt and flee away from his awful presence, that does not bear the stamp and image of his own glorious character. For this reason, we are to be made perfect in love and partakers of the divine nature so we can stand his awful presence. Sometimes people get into a camp meeting or some other meeting where the word of God is going forth with great power, and the awful presence of God is felt as a rebuke upon every sinful thing, and they begin to want to get away because they feel so uncomfortable. Dear ones, if God’s presence makes it uncomfortable here, what do you think it will be when you stand before him in judgment?

Our text at the head of this article is very comprehensive in its scope. It will first take in our love to God, and this underlies all the rest. And where this is perfect, all the rest will be perfect. But where it is lacking all the rest will be lacking. We say the love of God underlies all else. Jesus says, “He that loveth me not, keepeth not my sayings.” — Jno. 14:24. The very basis upon which it becomes possible to love our neighbor as ourselves is to love God with all our heart. If there, is a failure on any point, it is because there is a failure here. Experience teaches us all along the line of life that the more we love a person the more we delight to please him. So it is with reference to our God; the more we love him the more we delight to obey him. And perfect love to him will insure perfect” obedience to his word. “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments.” — 1 Jno. 5:3. And again, “He that hath my commandments and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me.” — Jno. 14:21. Again, “Jesus answered and said unto him; If a man love me, he will keep my words.” — Jno. 14:23. That means, if we love him, we will do what he tells us to do. So settle it in your heart if you find it hard to obey God in anything, it is because you do not love him as you should. Therefore, the first and great commandment is, “Hear O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord: and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind.” “And these words which I command thee this day shall be in thy heart.” Here is the secret of the thing. These words are to be in our hearts. That is, we are to have the real experience of these words in our hearts, and not the mere theory of it in our heads. This must be just as real in us as it is in Jesus. As he says in Jno. 7:26, “And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it; that the love wherewith thou hast loved me, may be in them, and I in them.” Here we see that he means that the same love with which the Father loved him, is to be in us.

Dear ones, let us lay the truth to heart here, and see if the love with which the Father loved the Son, is in us as a real experience. There are many in the world to-day just like Jesus said in his day: “This people draw near me with their mouth and honor me with their lips but their heart is far from me.” — Matt. 15:8. This means they will talk a great deal about him and testify, as they think, in honor of him, yea, as the prophet says, “With their mouth they shew much love. [Ezek. 33:21.] And they come unto thee as the people cometh, and they sit before thee as my people, and they hear thy words, but they will not do them” Oh I beseech you, dear souls, to stir yourself up and look at this matter.

In Matt. 23:37-40 Jesus said unto him, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Now, dear ones, let us look deep into our hearts and see if the real experience of this is as deep in our hearts as the theory of it. is in our heads, I am fully convinced that there is more in this than many of us have got into yet. God waked me up on this line some time ago, and made me realize that I had to go deep on this point. But I feel there is a way to get at this point so we can see whether we are where we ought to be. Here is a good test, in Matt. 10: 37-39. “He that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; he that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.” Here is a lesson on which God waked me up. I have two little boys and I love them much; and as they would play around me I was very conscious of the strong love that bound them to me; and then the question would come, “Are you as conscious of the love you have for God as you are of the love you feel for that child?” Some of you may say, “I am sure I do not love my child or father or mother more than I love God,” but let us look at it and see. Here is where God stirred my soul in me. I would sometimes pick my little fellows up or watch them as they would play around me, and it would seem that my heart was so knit to them that they seemed to Be a part of myself; and I was vividly conscious of the strong love that existed in my heart for them. Then the question would come to me, “Are you as vividly conscious of the love that binds you to God as you are of the love you have for that child?” No doubt, you have felt the strong emotions of love for a son or daughter, or a father or mother, or a brother or a sister, and you were very conscious of the love you felt for them. Now then, think of the strong affection you feel for them, and ask yourself the question, Am I as conscious of the love I have to God as I am of the love, I have for them? And remember the Word says, “He that loveth these more than me is not worthy of me.” I really believe there is something in this that a great many do not consider.



Three Things Needful.


THERE are three things given in the economy of grace, that every child of God should seek, obtain, and utilize to the highest advantage, everywhere and at all times. They are knowledge, wisdom, and prudence. Knowledge without wisdom profiteth not, neither can wisdom manifestly display her glories without prudence. Upon these three treasures rest the security and prosperity of all the elect: therefore, diligence backed by moral courage, with the heavenly tools of faith, trust, and patience, should by truth’s lever dig away every object that hides these precious riches.

Knowledge is the first to be sought. And the word of God is the great mine where is buried deep, not the knowledge to which the world aspires, but an everlasting gem that brings to us the comprehension of facts relative to salvation and life eternal. 2 Tim. 3:15. To have knowledge is to comprehend facts. And the intelligence gained from the Word by careful search, is facts concerning man, his origin, present duty, and future destiny.

With this knowledge only, man would be a miserable existence. He could see his present wretched state, know his hopeless future, without the power to act, either in doing something’ for his promotion or undoing the chains of slavish dependence by which he has been bound. The allwise Creator, knowing this, sent wisdom to assist man. Wisdom is the right application of knowledge, or “the use of the best means for attaining the best ends.” It is the principal thing. Prov. 4:7. Therefore search for her as you would for hid treasures. Prov. 3:4.

Knowledge with wisdom to properly apply it, is not sufficient yet to save man; because wisdom dwells with prudence.’ — Prov. 8:12. Prudence looks ahead, foresees the evil (Prov. 21:3), and secures herself from it until wisdom comes to her assistance, by applying knowledge, the best means to the best and wisest end. That brings victory, enabling the soul to face every foe and surmount every difficulty without fear of being overcome by some Wrong element or influence.

By knowledge then we acquire a comprehension of facts, wisdom uses this knowledge to the best advantage, while prudence prepares the soul to escape the deceptions of the devil, by hiding away in God in trustfulness, keeping it from any rash or premature conclusion, until wisdom settles the question by the use of knowledge.

Let us all expand more in the love of God until we possess more of these indispensable graces. When we get them as God intends, as long as they are in use, backsliding is an impossibility.






DEAR READERS OF THE TRUMPET: May the God of all mercy and holy love ever bless and keep you continually sheltered under the wings of care and protection. I do praise the Lord forever for salvation that keeps me continually hungering and thirsting after righteousness more and more. I know he heals my afflictions, and when trouble and grief press my soul I fall on my knees and plead for help, he comforts me. Glory to his name! I write to ask some of God’s ministers in the North to come South. I have just read Brother E. E. Byrum and Wm. G. Schell’s testimony, saying after spending a few days in Ohio they expected to come South. I do pray God to send them to Mississippi. Oh may the Lord direct them to Prince, Miss. just as soon as He wills, and I think that will be some time between now and the first of January, Your sister in the love and fear of God,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I am saved through the blood of Christ, and sanctified, and I do praise God for his goodness and saving and healing power. I was instantly healed of female trouble and nervousness. Also I had a severe attack of sore throat, something like tonsillitis and typhoid fever. I was prayed for and anointed and was instantly healed. But the next day about the same time the fever came back, and I got up and went across the room and knelt down and asked God to take the fever and pain away, and it was done at once. Oh I praise God more and more every hour! I praise him for his safe keeping and healing power. I am well pleased with God’s work in my soul. Dear ones, I ask you all to pray for me that I may keep humble at Jesus, feet. God bless all the saints everywhere. Your sanctified sister in Christ,


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THURSDAY, DEC. 3, 1896.




G. Swenfzell, Lena Cooper. August Samuelson, H. E. Rogers, H. N. Hicks. N. Lovelady, Mrs. R. E. Corkwell. J. L. Mitchell, Amos Lowder, Emily Barden, J. R. Spangle, N. H. Mangan, Kate Huston. T. R. Holleman.


Requests for Prayer.


I have a favor to ask in behalf of my husband. He has faith that God can heal him, and wished me to ask the saints to pray for the healing of his body of Bright’s disease. The name is Mr. Henry Baker. Pray Dec. 13.

To THE SAINTS: Hear a mother’s prayers in behalf of her boy dying with consumption. Very bad case. Pray that he may be healed, he is the last one. I need him; he is the widow’s only son. Do pray for him.

Harriet E. Huff,

Osseo, Mich.


Calls for Meetings.



DEAR SAINTS: We have been earnestly praying for some of God’s true children, that are able to teach the whole counsel of God, to come to this place. Have also made two requests through the Trumpet but as yet no one has come Dear ones, take it to the Lord in earnest prayer, and see if the Lord would have you come to this long-neglected place Come if possible before Christmas. We would like for some one to come at once. I have no money to pay for expenses. We are poor, and the people are all bound down with sectish yokes, without salvation. We do pray God to send whom he will right away, for the rescuing of perishing souls, to work for God here and about Sardis. We will help all we can in the cause, and you are welcome to our home, four miles south of Hope. Yours in the love of Jesus,

S. E. Hunt.




An assembly meeting will be held at Crowland, Ont. commencing Jan. 2, 1897. J. A. Dillon and Co.

The church of the living God will hold an all-day meeting in Encampment Hail at Tidioute, Pa., on Dec. 13th, commencing at ten o’clock A. M. The ordinances of God’s house will be observed in the evening, Lord willing. Let there be a general turnout of the saints and truth-seekers. Come and have a glorious feast with the Lord. L. A. Wallace.

Assembly meetings will be held as follows:

Hutton Valley, Mo. Dec. 9-14.

Myrtle, Mo. Dec. 16-21.

All the saints, and especially the Lord’s holy ministry in reach of any or all these meetings are requested and invited to attend. Yours, wholly the Lord’s, A. B Stanberry, Violet Hill, Ark.

There will be an assembly meeting at the meeting-house ten miles north of Brownstown, Ill., to commence Dec. 25, and last as long as God wills. We expect some more of God’s ministers to meet us there. Those coming on the train, can write to me at Funkhouser, Effingham Co., Ill., or Samuel Wrice, Brownstown, Ill., and one of us will meet you at the train. Pray for this meeting. Your brother in Christ, R. L. Parsons.

There will be a general assembly of the saints of God of Texas, to be held at F. Worth. Will commence Dec. 24. The brethren extend a general invitation to all the people of God, far and near, to attend. Come prepared to take care of yourself as far as possible. The workers will be cared for. Brothers Byrum and Schell are invited to come, and others that are led to come. For further information write J. W. Pine, Ft. Worth, Tex.


The Lord willing, there will be an assembly meeting at Zion, about four miles east of Hartsells, Ala., beginning Dec. 12, and continue a week or more. Bros. E. E. Byrum and W. G. Schell expect to be there, also Bro. Otto Bolds. Let as many of the saints as possible attend. Every lover of the truth invited. For further information address. Bro. D. L. Fidler, or J. Shaneyfelt.

There will be an assembly meeting at Renfroe, Leake Co., Miss., beginning Dec. 22. Bros. E. E. Byrum and Wm. G. Schell are expected to be there, and we want all the preachers who are in reach of this meeting to be sure to come, for we indeed feel it to be of the Lord. Renfroe is eighteen miles south of Kosciusko, which is on the Illinois Central Branch R. R. Those coming from the north will stop at Kosciusko and go to Hinze Hotel and remain there till convey once comes. Those coming that way will please write Bro. J. L Harris at Renfroe, Miss., stating what day they wish to be met. All who can, please come prepared to take care of themselves as far as possible.

R. H. Owens,

Freeny, Miss.




FOR some time, the subject of talking has been in my mind, and I believe God will be pleased to have me write a few lines on this subject. Now dear ones, those of you who came out of sects will remember when you went to your sect meeting, if you were a little early, or the preacher a little late, how you spent the time. Was it not in visiting with those around you in talking of this one’s bonnet or that one’s dress, or of the latest bit of scandal. The brethren would talk about their farms, their merchandise, and of high and low prices, and hard times. Is it not so? Did you not often spend fifteen minutes or half an hour in such a manner?

That was before you knew the wonderful love of God in its fullness. Well how do you do now? Do you do the same things? Pause a moment and look back. How is it any way? Then you had to wait for the preacher to begin the meeting, now you have the blessed privilege of following the leadings of God’s Spirit; and yet how often do we find the children of God, when they come together, back in the old rut, talking, and talking, and waiting for the preacher to say, Let us sing, or, Let us pray! Have you not seen it so, and has not your soul felt lean and spiritless after half an hour of such talk? I have known whole meetings to be dull and spiritless simply because those who came together to worship did too much visiting before meeting began. I do not mean you should not feel at liberty to talk to each other. Only let your conversation be as becometh the gospel of Christ.

There is something more. Oftentimes in visiting the children of God there will be manifest a real talking spirit or spirit of entertaining. The Lord desires that we “be courteous to all,” but not that we chatter about things of no profit. Jesus tells us, that “for every idle word a man [or woman either] shall speak he shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.” Better let your worldly friends feel the influence of God’s Spirit while you sit in silence, than to put forth so much effort to be thought agreeable that you bring leanness to your soul.

“Beloved, we are not of the world,” and therefore the world may as well know it. You need not be cold or impolite but God will help you to know how much talking to do. Neither need the brethren, or sisters be entertained by ceaseless talk. It maybe they enjoy communing with the Lord. If they do not, let them see by your example that you do.

One thing more, and it appears to be a real snare of the enemy. That is foolish talking and jesting. Young people are apt to fall into this habit. They begin by saying little “cute” things to get others to smile at their wit. Before long they joke just a little and think there is no harm in having a little fun. Sometimes, a bit of slang seems to them to be very necessary to finish out some things. Young people are not the only ones who indulge in foolish talking. Older people, too, like to be thought smart and witty, and they fall into the snare of the devil.

We have talked about talking, now let us see what the scripture saith. Eph. 5:3, 4. Here is something for the young people. See 1 Tim. 4:12. 1 Peter 1:14, 15, 16. Eph. 4:29, 32. Your saved sister,



A Letter From Tibri.


SINCE the publication of “Questions and Answers on the Sabbath” in the TRUMPET, we received a letter from “Tibri,” in which are some things, which with the hopes of enlightening other souls who may be in the same condition, we will consider under the light of God’s holy word. Says Tibri:

Another surprising thing to me is, that there are so many who are contending that God’s ten commandments are abolished. If there was any power on earth that could convince me that Christ had abolished them, even yet in my old age. I would give free vent to the feelings of my carnal nature, and eat. drink, and be merry, because tomorrow we die. And if the ten commandments are abolished, men cannot sin anymore.

These words of Tibri show the graceless condition of his heart. He would give free vent to the feelings of his carnal nature, if he were convinced that the decalogue were abolished. So he still has a lustful, dissipitated nature concealed under a cloak of religion, and is only held within the bounds of decency and respectability by his fears of burning Horeb. Poor soul! if he would but give his heart to the Savior, the atoning blood would purge away his sinful nature, and give him grace to live holy, from a principle of love to God and his fellow man.

But he cannot obtain salvation in Christ so long as he clings to the law of Moses; for the inspired apostle tells us, that “Christ is become of none effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.” — Gal. 5:4.

Like law teachers in general, Tibri says, “If the ten commandments are abolished, men cannot sin anymore;” as though there were no standard of uprightness outside of the ten commandments. Such language is an outrage on the New Testament, and an exhibition of the grossest ignorance; for the New Testament sets forth many heinous crimes that are not condemned in the decalogue. Now supposing we admit, for the sake of argument, that Tibri’s doctrine is true, that there is no sinning but by disobeying one of the ten commandments. Then two men may strive with each other in a pugilistic way, and beat each other, and if it does not result in the death of either they have not sinned, because they have not broken either of the ten commandments. A man may look on a woman to lust after her and he is guiltless, because this is not forbidden in the decalogue. A man may harbor in his heart the greatest antipathy against his fellow man and he has not sinned, because he has not broken either of the ten commandments.

O shame! on the propagators of a doctrine that makes a man innocent when he has done what the New Testament pronounces murder and adultery. See 1 Jno. 3:15; Matt. 5:28.

Mr. Tibri insinuates that no power on earth could convince him that the ten commandments are abolished. This is doubtless true, for we have shown him in our former answers the plain statement of scripture, in the third chapter of second Corinthians, that that which was written and engraven in stones is abolished and done away. And a man who will not receive what inspired language teaches without the aid of comments, we believe to be obstinate, and like Ephraim of old joined to his idols.

Mr.Tibri further says:

Christ did not change the Sabbath. In his prediction of the downfall of Jerusalem, which occurred seventy years afterwards, he instructed his people to pray that their flight be not in winter, neither on the Sabbath day. By this he established the Sabbath seventy years after his death.

We admit that it was the Jewish Sabbath of which Jesus spoke in the above prediction, but Tibri is quite mistaken when he says Christ established seventh-day-keeping in the above text. He was talking about the safety of the Christians in their flight, and not of the desecration of the seventh day. He commanded them to pray that their flight would not be in the winter, because a flight unto the mountains would be accompanied with great hardships at that time of the year. He commanded them to pray that their flight be not on the Sabbat, because the Jews who would still be keeping the seventh day, would have the gates of Jerusalem, and of all the cities of the Holy Land through which they should be obliged to pass on their flight to the mountains, closed upon that day; which would render it difficult, if hot entirely prevent their flight. Would seventh-day-keepers of to-day consider a flight upon the seventh day to save life, a desecration of that day?






CALCUTTA, INDIA, Sept. 23, ’96.

MY VERY DEAR BROTHER: I am sure the conversion-story of a Mohammedan boy who has just come out for the Lord, leaving behind all his own people, would be very interesting to you, and with this hope I am giving it below.

On the thirteenth of September, ’96 I received a letter from a missionary friend of mine of Mymeusing, East Bengal, asking my prayer on behalf of a Mohammedan boy of about fifteen or sixteen, named Kalin Uddin Ahened. By the way, I ought to tell you that this is the place where I first heard the calling of my Lord and was brought into his fold. There it is that my own people are yet living. Now I was interested in this boy myself, for while at Mymeusing, he used to come to my Bible class, and often in my house, when I would give him my books and papers to read. My missionary friend also asked me to write a few words of encouragement and advice to him at this time when he was very near the kingdom, inasmuch as he had expressed his faith to some of his friends.

However, I wrote to him immediately as the Spirit gave me words, and he wrote in reply; but it is worth noticing that he had spoken to his father about the Savior two days previous to this, whereupon they all reproached him and strictly enjoined upon him not to go to the mission house again. But this morning (18th Sept.) as he was reading the letter, he wrote for me, some of them suspected and began to treat him harshly, upon which he left the house, and after wandering about nearly an hour went to the mission house. There also his friends and relatives followed him, but he was safe. His father sat there continually for over three hours, and at last he was compelled to leave by legal authority, because they nearly besieged the mission house, so to speak.

Then came the glorious victory, — the boy was baptized in the afternoon. But his people were so much excited that it has been thought wise to remove him somewhere for a time. So it was decided that he should go to Dacca to stay with the brethren there for a few days. This place is about seventy-five miles south of Mymeusing; and it takes nearly five hours to reach it by railway journey. Happily, the gracious Lord sent a Salvation Army officer to help the missionaries on this occasion, and he volunteered to take our new brother with him to Dacca. But on their arrival to the Mymeusing railway platform there appeared quite unexpectedly some fifteen men having sticks (big ones) in their hands. They got hold of our brother and would have taken him by force, but for the undaunted courage and bravery of the S. A. officer, Mr. Watkins. However, the Lord gave them a great victory here again and they reached Dacca all right, and thanked the Lord.

Our brother says in his letter from Dacca that “indeed the Lord has been with them.” Is not this something like believing with Abraham, dear brother? I mean following the Lord, not knowing whither he leadeth, leaving his parents and all his own people behind. This can be said to be a common thing for each native convert in India, that as soon as a man believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, he is an outcast, and his own people cut off all communication with him. I know a brother whose father did not speak with him for nineteen years although they saw each other. Oh what a wonderful Savior is our Jesus! He is and can be everything to us! Receiving him, we can forget everyone and everything else. Praise the Lord! Yours lovingly in Christ,



News from the Field.



DEAR READERS OF THE TRUMPET: We have been in the gospel field since our last report, Have been having some precious advancement prayer-meetings. A revival of spirituality, brotherly-love, and points of truth were gained as a result; also, some souls were made free in Jesus. From Crothersville, Ind., we came to this city, several of the brethren accompanying us, where we shared the fruitions of a glorious assembly meeting. The brethren moved southward into other fields of labor, and we remain here to continue the meeting and scatter holy literature over the city so long as the Lord wills. We contemplate going to Floyds Knobs, Ind., after the Master is through with us here. We can respond to calls for the gospel, north and east of us or elsewhere. Write us. Your brother and companion in the work,



ST. CLAIR, TENN., Noy.27.

DEAR TRUMPET READERS: At our last writing we were at Louisville, Ky, at which place we spent a week in an assembly of the saints. A number of saints from southern Indiana were also present, and truly we had a profitable meeting, and the name of the Lord glorified in the salvation of a few souls and believers being more firmly established in the ways of the Lord. There were a number of sick and afflicted healed through the prayer of faith and the laying on of hands.

One aged sister who applied for healing and received according to her faith was made every whit whole. She testified that she had been bound down by disease for eighteen years, but was instantly made well, when the spirit of infirmity was rebuked.

Others were delivered from the curse and binding powers and influence of spiritualism, from which they had suffered the buffetings of Satan for many years. We never felt more like crying out against the soul-destroying doctrines of spiritualism and satanic powers on various lines of deception.

We found here a number of precious children of God who were earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints, although an antichrist spirit was at work against them and had tried to work division in their midst, and draw disciples away from the truth. As the word of God was set forth, all could discern the line between truth and error, and the antichrist spirit was exposed and rebuked. It is the business of the enemy to impose upon the children of God anything he possibly can to hinder the progress of the work. It is very necessary in these days to live very humble in the sight of God in order to detect the snares of the enemy and have the needed wisdom to withstand false spirits and the oppression of the enemy.

We left that place on Tuesday evening and Bro. B. E. Warren remained to continue the meeting. Wednesday, we arrived at this place and began meeting at night, and we are expecting a precious time in the name of the Lord. We find many calls for meeting here in the South, and many hungry for the truth in every direction. Truly there is great need of workers who can come and

Page 3

settle down in communities until the work is thoroughly established. We expect to go to Tullahoma, Tenn. in a few days. Pray much for us,




DEAR SAINTS: We praise the Lord that in his loving and tender mercies he has brought us to this field of labor here in Mexico. In this town of more than two thousand inhabitants there is not the sound of the preaching of the gospel in a language understood by the people. Lately three Catholic priests have come from Rome. They speak the Italian language and I suppose say mass in Latin. One of them is to remain here. Outside of this there is no religious service.

We arrived here a little over a week ago. As yet we have no-place of service. Our souls are crying to God to open up our way for a place to hold meetings. There is much prejudice against us, as nearly all are Catholics. Rooms large enough for meetings are very scarce and rent is quite high. Everything that can be had for that purpose is rented for a saloon. There is a small building, centrally located, which is in charge of the American consul, the owner of which does not care to rent it for a saloon. The rent is fifteen dollars, Mexican money, per month. In American money it would be eight dollars per month. We also need some benches and lamps.

The Lord has graciously opened a way for us to earn our necessary food by working with our hands at making baskets, which we shall continue to do unless we see it is more to God’s glory to devote all our time to the ministry of the Word.

Lately we have been reading Paul’s letters to the churches about giving, and at the time did not fully realize what the Lord had in it for us. We thought perhaps he was stirring us up more on the line of giving, but for the past few days we have been more and more convinced it would be to the glory of God and the advance of the work to give others an opportunity to help carry on the work. We are giving our all in the work and are willing to go through on the self-supporting plan, if necessary, but if the Lord sees fit to lay it on the hearts of others to help the work along with their means, we are willing to share the Lord’s blessings. with them. It will relieve us of these burdens and help us to advance more in the ministry of the Word.

We feel led to devote our time especially to the Spanish, as we speak and preach in the Spanish language. We mention this as some who are not acquainted with us might not understand the nature of our work. We are trusting in him who makes a way where there is no way; who opens up a highway in a desert. But we feel that some of the dear ones would regard it a privilege to help pay the rent of a mission down here in Mexico, where the pure, clean gospel of the Lord Jesus would be preached every day.

We will report to each one sending us money the amount received from all, so that they may know how the needs are met. In sending money get a draft on a San Francisco, Cal. bank and send to us, or send to Trumpet Office to be forwarded to us. Yours all for Jesus,


Ensenada, Lower California, Mexico.





DEAR SAINTS: I praise God to-day for salvation that saves and keeps from all sin. He has healed me. I have been afflicted for twelve years. Praise his holy name! Pray for me, dear saints, that I may sink deeper in the love of Jesus, and that I may know his whole will. Your sister, ever abiding in the love of Jesus,




DEAR SAINTS OF THE LIVING GOD: I feel led to write my testimony to you, also to ask prayers while we stay in this wicked place. We propose to stop here a while, trusting that Father keep us the short time we wish to stay here. As we have four children we can’t be out very much in the winter. This place was alive for God, but it seems that the devil has almost gotten the victory. But pray much that God may keep his chosen few. We expect to proceed in the work as soon as Father opens the way. Dear ones, if you know that God wants you to come here to preach the gospel, oh do not neglect your duty. Your sister saved and sanctified,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I believe it to be to the glory of God to tell what the Lord has done for me. He keeps me saved every day and I just praise God for salvation that saves to the uttermost. I had a goiter on my neck that had been there for thirty years, and it got so bad I could hardly talk or swallow. A few weeks ago, the elders prayed and anointed me according to James 5:14, 15, and glory to God it has been going away ever since. I want you all to pray when you read this that it may go away entirely. The Lord has also freed me from the use of coffee and tobacco. To him be all the glory. Your saved sister,




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: May the dear Lord bless you all in every good work. My soul does magnify the Lord. He has done so many great things for me. He saved my soul five years ago and healed me of an affliction in my feet and ankles that I had doctored about three years with no relief. That was one year before I heard the evening light preached. Since I accepted the whole truth, I have been healed of a bad spell of fever. Praise our God! he is able to heal both soul and body. Pray for me that I may indeed be an example, that any one may safely follow me as I follow Christ. Your sister in the one body, saved by the precious blood of Christ,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD EVERYWHERE: I greet you in the name of Jesus. My testimony is that I am saved and settled and satisfied with Jesus, and. am free from all sectism and stand alone on the Word. My soul says, Praise the Lord! I do the trusting and Father does the keeping. Wife got saved at our meeting at Findlay. Praise God! There are ten of us here, but some are not willing to give up ail for Christ as yet. Brethren and sisters, hold them up before God in earnest prayer that they may see their real condition. I have taken Christ for my physician. He has wonderfully healed my body, for which I give him the glory. Wife was wonderfully healed. What a great God we have! He supplies all our needs.




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I believe it to be to the glory of God to write a few lines and tell what the Lord has done for us. A few weeks ago our little girl, three years old, was bitten by a snake or a tarantula, on the foot, and in three or four hours was almost into fits, and her foot had turned black and her leg was swollen to her body. But glory to God, when we sent for the elders and they prayed for her and anointed her according to James 5:14, 15., she went to sleep and rested well all night, and the next morning was all right. To God be all the glory! Pray for us that we may have a deeper sinking down in God’s love. Your saved sister,




DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS: I can testify to the saving grace of God and his keeping power. Thank him for the great plan of salvation that keeps us each day. Blessed be God! With Paul, I can say that I die daily to the things of this world and that I do glory in tribulation. Amid all of my trials I find myself growing stronger, and more determined to work for the advancement of God’s cause, as it seems to please God for one to sow and another to reap. As we are separated most of the time from any of the saints, I find that all we can do is to scatter the seed. I was saved six years ago away down in McDoneal Co., Mo., in one of the Rev. Mrs. G. A. Sunderland’s meetings. Since that time I have had peace with God. During my stay in Los Angeles this summer, I met with a dear sister who was taking the TRUMPET, and I got to read it, and it seemed so reviving to my soul that I had to subscribe at once for it. I feel led by the Spirit to call upon each of you that read this to pray for the healing of my eyes. I feel that God wants to heal them, and I am ready to meet his conditions. So do not forget me. My eyes are not sore but so dim I can scarcely see. Pray for me that I may always prove true to the one body. I remain your sister,



DEAR ONES IN CHRIST: I take pleasure in writing my testimony. “Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain.” — Joel 2:1. Praise the Lord! I was saved by the power of God through faith, at the Open-Door Mission, Chicago. Having served the devil faithfully for a number of years, I got weary and heavy laden, and with sorrow in my heart, I sought repentance at the feet of Jesus. Hallelujah! I was marine engineer on the lakes for several years, and like the majority of seamen, had become addicted to the frequent use of liquor and tobacco, and become so in bondage that, it was a part of my existence, and I thought I could not live without it. But thanks be to God, what a change took place! When he came into my heart, he took the very desire away. I became the temple of God. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy.” — 1 Cor. 3:16, 17.

I have been in the work most of the time since I got saved, and they are the most happy moments of my life when I see souls saved. We are just through with meetings in Bourbon, Crawford Co., Mo. Five saved and one followed the Lord in baptism; twelve took part in the ordinance of feet-washing, and partook of the Lord’s supper. This is not many considering the number that heard the gospel. But since little things are always claiming our attention we must do them, as they come from a great motive, for the glory of God, to win his smile of approval and to do good to men, and be contented to be a fountain in the midst of a wild valley of stones, nourishing a few lichens and wild flowers, or now and then a few thirsty sheep, and to do this always, and not for the praise of man, but for the sake of God. Your fully saved brother and sister,




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I am still praising God for salvation. I feel it would be to the glory of God to tell what he has done for me and my family. First, he has led some of his messengers to this part of the country, where the whole wo. d of God had not been held up to the people. Then he gave me a willing mind to go and hear the preaching and I found out right away that it was the only pure gospel that had ever been preached around here. It did not take me long to see that except! would come at the foot of the cross and have Jesus cleanse me from all sin I could not have eternal life. Now I feel to praise God for what he has done; he saves me and heals me.

I promised God if he would heal my body, I would give him all the glory, and now he shall have it. I was healed of an invisible affliction, at the camp meeting which was held this summer near New Carlisle, O. Remember, dear readers, it was not the preachers that did the healing, as some poor blind people think and sometimes say when someone is not healed. They will say, “See there! Why did they not heal this one or that one?” Just think, in this day and age where the people seem to be so well learned, and still they are so blind in the Bible that they cannot see that we cannot be healed except we have the faith in God, and he is the only one that can heal both soul and body. The Word says the prayers of a righteous man availeth much. I have found it so.

I am still saved and healed and kept by the mighty power of God. But my little blind boy has not been healed, although he said he could see a little better. We took him to the Emlenton camp meeting and had him anointed with oil, according to James 5:14, 15. There he said he still received more sight. We let him go back to the blind school at Philadelphia again in September, and there is where he is at the present time. We received a letter from him a short time ago. He says in his letter, “I can see better than I could when I left home.”

Oh how I feel like praising God for his healing power! We have a precious promise left here in God’s word, where it says, “Whatsoever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive what ye ask, and it shall be given to you.” If it is not given at that moment; keep on importuning and believing without a doubt; for he that doubteth in his heart is not likely to receive anything from the Lord. Praise God, his grace is able to bring me through all things. Dear saints, pray for me that God may use me to his own glory. Your saved sister,




To THE SAINTS OF GOD, GREETING: As it has been a long time since I have testified through the TRUMPET, I feel that the Lord would be pleased to have me write and tell what the dear Lord has done for me.

For twenty-two years I was troubled with bronchitis. At camp meeting, June 17, the Lord wonderfully healed me, for which I give him all the glory. From camp meeting we went in company with Bro. Speck till near the assembly meeting. While at the Clark Co., Ohio meeting during the wet weather, the devil afflicted me with rheumatism, which was the greatest trial of faith I ever had. Was anointed repeatedly and would receive a benefit for a while, then it would come back as bad as ever. We kept inquiring of God why I could not get a permanent cure. The Lord showed us that I was not patient enough, but was too anxious to get well. When we could say, Lord, not my will, but thine be done, the Lord gave us the victory, and we are praising God for victory over the devil.

After the assembly, the Lord led us here to Moorland, sixteen miles from Muskegon, and we began meeting in the name of the Lord; and held three weeks and two days. It is a Free Methodist neighborhood, and we had quite a fight with the sect spirit. They said when we began, that they would walk in all the light the Lord let shine on their pathway, and would stand by us as long as we stayed in the Word. But there were truths in the Word they did not know were there, and when it began to come, they stepped out and would not keep their promise. There were three consecrations, two for pardon, one for sanctification, and other dear souls convicted. Quite a number were convinced of the truth, and as this was a seed-sowing time, we hope in the near future a rich harvest may be gathered for the Lord.

May the Lord keep those who have taken the narrow way, true to the Lord. We expect to join Bro. Filhour in a meeting at Hart, then go wherever the Lord leads. Your brother and sister in the gospel fight, saved and sanctified,






CRUZAN. — Father J. W. Cruzan departed this life Nov. 11, 1896, aged eighty years and nine months. His death was caused by a fall. He lived in the service of the Lord over fifty years and left a bright testimony of being prepared to go On Sunday night before he died on Wednesday, he rejoiced in the meeting we had at my house and helped sing one song, and testified of his future hope. He bore his sickness with all patience. He was a kind father and a good neighbor and left many friends to mourn their loss. But their loss is his eternal gain. Praise the Lord! Funeral service by the church at this place.




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INNOCENCE. A beautiful and touching poem. By D. S. Warner. Paper cover, price, 5 cts. It contains cheering words of hope and comfort to souls lost in sin, and also for Christians on their way. It must be seen to be appreciated.

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Grand Junction, Mich.

Page 4

Divine Healing.


Know Your Privileges.


WE desire to testify through the TRUMPET to the goodness of God and his healing power. In July my wife became afflicted with a very serious affliction following childbirth, and for a time she was very low and we saw something had to be done soon. So we took her case to God in prayer, and after anointing with oil and offering the prayer of faith, she immediately arose, dressed herself, and was well from that hour, insomuch that she began taking care of the child and has not had the least symptoms or attack since, of the same disease, for which we give God glory.

Since that time, immediately after the Emlenton C. M. the hand of affliction was laid upon us by way of typhoid fever. First, Sister Zalda Hazlett (my wife’s sister) was taken down with it, and despite our prayers and faith she kept getting worse and worse. She had no appetite and lost strength rapidly, until she was unable to help herself; and finally hemorrhage of the bowels set in and continued almost two days, she having in all at least fifteen hemorrhages. We could not see for a time why she was not healed at once, but the Lord was going to get glory out of it in his own way.

During all this time all surrounding circumstances indicated that it was impossible for her to get well. Yet God witnessed clearly to our souls that she would be healed; and although she was delirious, she never gave up the struggle, but kept praying fervently to God and rebuking the power of the enemy. Some sectarians came in and said it was a shame to let her die without a physician. As the hemorrhage continued, we were strongly impressed to telegraph to the Trumpet Office for prayers, which we did. We then came home and after prayer we anointed her according to Jas. 5:14, 15, and from that hour the amount of hemorrhage began to diminish, and near the middle of the afternoon it was completely stopped.

The humane agent at the other end of the telephone line got hold of the message and took authority up on himself to compel us to have a doctor. He accordingly sent us a message to that effect, which we, not knowing our privilege (according to law) supposed we must obey, and we called a physician. He came (being a sectarian) and prescribed some medical treatment, which was administered as best it could be done, it being difficult owing to her hatred to medicine.

Meanwhile we set about to learn what our privileges were in this respect and found to our joy that there was no law to compel us to take medicine, and we knew we could not be prevented from praying. We immediately stopped giving her medicine and the doctor was dismissed, after having come nine trips. We want it understood that the hemorrhage was completely healed before the doctor came and he expecting it to return left medicine to use in case it should. But the Lord had permanently healed it.

Under the doctor’s treatment she seemed to get worse instead of better, and as soon as he was dismissed, she took nourishment, which she had before refused to do on account of having to take medicine right after nourishment. She began to rapidly amend from that hour. Meanwhile bronchitis had laid hold upon her in a very bad form; and the doctor said, when dismissed, “I thought on Tuesday she would get well; but now I don’t know how it will be.” And after showing that he lacked prudence very much, by his abusive talk to the father of the girl, he left. Despite her weak condition she recovered rapidly and is at present able to attend meeting.

My wife was also taken with the same disease and was very low and life was almost despaired of, but the Lord has healed her and she is rapidly recovering. Mother Hazlett was also taken sick with the same disease and overmuch watching, but the Lord did not allow her to go down, and she is now going about her duties about the house.

Our little child also was attacked severely with erysipelas but by anointing and prayer, she was permanently healed.

The Lord has permitted us to be severely tested in the line of faith, but we are “more than conquerors through him that loved us.” May God bless the dear ones who have encouraged and assisted us incur trials. Yours, contending for the faith,



The Lord’s Day.


“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day.” — Rev. 1:10.

John nowhere tells us what day of the week he here designates by the appellation “Lord’s day,” but it is very evident that he refers to the day recognized by the Bible as the Sabbath in the new dispensation. The first day of the week is always called the Sabbath in the Greek and Latin Testaments, also in Luther’s German version, and in many of the English versions. And as the seventh — day Sabbath of the old dispensation is declared to be blotted out, in Col. 2:14 — 17, it is evident that John was in the Spirit on the first day of the week.

Another evidence that our position is correct, is the fact that Jesus is called Lord in the New Testament, and he is the maker of the New Testament. The first day of the week is set forth as the Sabbath in the New Testament, hence the first day of the week was made the Sabbath by Jesus the Lord and is the Lord’s day.


The first day of the week is the Sabbath of the New Testament.

Jesus made the New Testament; hence, Jesus made the first day of the week the Sabbath.

The day which Jesus made the Sabbath is the Lord’s day; hence, the first day of the week is the Lord’s day.

Seventh — day — keepers arguing this subject fly to Mark 2:28, where Jesus says, “The Son of man is Lord also of the Sabbath;” then we hear them recite syllogisms as follows:

The Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath.

The seventh day is the Sabbath; hence, the Son of man is Lord of the seventh day.

The day of which he is Lord is the Lord’s day; hence, the seventh day is the Lord’s day.

These syllogisms are logical and would have formed a bulwark of argument in the old dispensation. But as Jesus Christ is the originator of a new dispensation and a new Sabbath, their syllogisms need revision as follows:

The Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath. The seventh day was the Sabbath of the Old Testament; hence, the Son of man was Lord of the seventh day in the Old Testament.

The day of which he was Lord was the Lord’s day; hence, the seventh day was the Lord’s day in the old dispensation. The first day is the Sabbath of the New Testament; hence, the Son of man is Lord of the first day in the New Testament.

The day of which he is Lord is the Lord’s day; hence, the first day is the Lord’s day in the new dispensation.

If we are to accept the testimony of a minister of the gospel whose life was contemporary with the life of the apostle John, and who is said to have been a convert and colaborer of him; we have plain statements that the first day of the week is the day which the apostolic church called the Lord’s day.

The life of Ignatius, in the preface to his epistles in the American reprint of the Edinburgh edition of “The Ante-Nicene Fathers,” is dated A. D. 30 — 107. “That he and Polycarp were fellow-disciples under St. John, is a tradition by no means inconsistent with anything in the epistles of either.” — Same preface.

The latest of Ignatius’ epistles could possibly have been written no later than eleven years after John wrote the book of Revelation.

The testimony of writings of this date, by a true saint and fellow-laborer of the very inspired author of the text under consideration, ought to be received.

“There are in all fifteen epistles which bear the name of Ignatius. These are the following: ONE TO THE VIRGIN MARY, TWO TO THE APOSTLE JOHN, ONE TO MARY OF CASSOBELAE, ONE TO THE TARSIANS, ONE TO HERO, A DEACON TO ANTIOCH, ONE TO THE PHILIPPIANS, one to the Magnesians, one to the Trallians, one to the Romans, one to the Philadelphians, one to the Smyrneans, and one to Polycarp.”

“It is now the universal opinion of critics, that the first eight of these professedly Ignatian letters are spurious.” — Same preface quoted above.

We have placed in small capitals in the above list, the epistles that are considered spurious, so the reader can at a glance draw the line between the spurious and genuine epistles of Ignatius. The reader will observe that the epistles to the Magnesians and the Trallians are among the genuine.

The following are quotations from these epistles. “And after the observance of the Sabbath, let every friend of Christ keep the Lord’s day as a festival, the resurrection-day, the queen and chief of all days [of the week]. Looking forward to this, the prophet declared, ‘To the end, for the eighth day,’ on which our life both sprang up again, and the victory over death was obtained in Christ.” — Magnesians chapter 9. “On the day of the preparation, then, at the third hour, he received the sentence from Pilate, the Father permitting that to happen; at the sixth hour He was crucified; at the ninth hour He gave up the ghost; and before sunset he was buried. During the Sabbath he continued under the earth in the tomb in which Joseph of Arimathea had laid him. At the dawning of the Lord’s day he arose from the dead, according to what was spoken by himself, “As Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly, so shall the Son of man also be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.’ The day of the preparation then, comprises the passion; the Sabbath embraces the burial; the Lord’s day contains the resurrection.” — Trallians chapter 9,

We consider the above sufficient proofs to convince teachable men and women that John in the Isle of Patmos, was in the Spirit on Sunday morning.





DEAR SAINTS: I praise the Lord this morning for salvation full and free, for the saving, keeping and healing power. No tongue can express the wonderful dealings of God with his children. I ask all the saints to pray earnestly for me and mine.




DEAR ONES IN CHRIST: I want to testify to the work God has done for me in saving, sanctifying, and keeping me. Praise his name! I have just returned from Federalsburg, Md., where I attended the assembly meeting, where God showed his power in healing the afflicted, saving sinners, and sanctifying believers. Truly it was precious to my soul to be with them. May God keep them all true, is my prayer. Pray for me, dear ones, that I may ever be kept in all meekness and love to do God’s will. Amen.




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I feel like praising God, for I am so glad that I saw the evening light. I am truly glad to get the TRUMPET and read the testimonies. It does my soul good, when I have such peace in my soul. Praise God that I am permitted to write. I am praying God to send some of the dear saints this way. There are some souls here I would like to see saved. And now as I write my eyes fill with tears of gratitude to God, who has done so much for me. Yours in Christ,




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I feel led to write my testimony. This morning finds me saved and trusting in Jesus for all things. I never can tell of all the goodness of the Lord to me. I was wonderfully afflicted with nerve trouble and inward weakness. I sent a request to the Trumpet family, as we were weak in the faith, and there were no elders in the community. Praise God! he healed me. This is a very dark place, with many opposers of the truth. Pray for me, that I may let my light shine. Truly God is good to us and keeps us each moment and day of our life. Praise God forever! Amen. Your sister in Christ,




DEAR SAINTS: I feel that it has been a long time since I have written, but God has been wonderfully keeping me, and I give him all the praise. I do know that I am his child, and I find him a perfect Savior and a help in every ’time of need. I do ask the prayers of all of God’s children; for I feel the need of your prayers, as I live in a place where they never heard the pure gospel preached by God’s holy ministers. Pray that God may open up a way that the truth may be preached in Richmond, and that God may work through me that I may be instrumental in his hands in saving some poor soul Your brother, saved, sanctified and kept by the power of God each day,




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I feel led to write my testimony this morning. I can truly say that the Lord saves me, and by the second work of grace sanctifies me to do his whole will. Praise God! When I started to serve the Lord, I started to go through, and by the grace of God I mean to do it. Truly the Lord is advancing my soul. We have taken the Lord as our family physician, and he has proved himself to be true. He has healed my wife of her afflictions, and he has also healed our child of the piles, for which we give him all the praise. The people here are great opposers of divine healing; but we practice it as well as preach it. One woman said she could not help but believe it since she saw so much of it. Dear ones, pray that I may let my light shine here in this dark place. Yours all on the altar,




DEAR SAINTS AND TRUMPET READERS: It is with joy that I write my testimony once more to the GOSPEL TRUMPET, hoping it will be edifying to the church; for it does my soul good to tell of the wonderful dealings of God with us. Praise his holy name forever! he does bless us so wonderfully. Amid all this spiritual darkness Father just keeps us saved, for which we give him all the glory. But oh the sin and confusion among the people-politics, worldly lust, picnics, and everything, it seems, that the devil can get them into. Now brethren, it seems to me that it is not to the glory of God to go to elections. It is written, “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” — Matt. 4:10. Dear saints, is it not partaking of their evil deeds? Now dear brethren, I do not wish to try to lead any one, but only write this to the glory of God, as it seems to me to be the appearance of evil. Well, praise the Lord for salvation that makes us all one. Pray for me that Father may use me to his own glory in everything. From your brother in the one body,





Duties of Elders.


AN elder, properly speaking, is a leader of the people of God. It is, therefore, his duty to go before the people in every advance movement. It is natural and scriptural for the saints to look to their elders to take the lead in every good work. And as a general rule they do not advance in spirituality faster than their elders. The elders are, therefore, responsible to a great extent, for the spiritual advancement of the churches. Let us, therefore, who have been placed by the Holy Spirit into the eldership, seek to walk so close to God that we will feel the burden of our responsibilities, and make the progressiveness of holiness real and practical in our experience. And then, as true ensamples to the flocks, we will be qualified to teach advancement in example as well as precept.

Theoretical teaching on spirituality will never beget an experience of real spirituality in the hearers. “The keeper of the vineyard must first be partaker of the fruit.” Therefore, beloved brethren and sisters in the ministry, (God help us all to feel the weight of these words!) God requires us to first seek the real humility, meekness, sobriety, gentleness, etc., of Christ, and such a degree of the power of the Spirit, that when we stand before the saints to preach true spirituality unto them, the power of God will so rivet the truth upon their hearts, that they will become convicted for true advancement, and be enabled to make a real forward move in their experience.

It is within our power, dearly beloved, to raise the church universal in a very short time to a higher plane of spirituality than we have ever reached before. But we must do much fasting and praying and seek a closer walk with God.

An elder is also an overseer. Therefore, as elders, we should see that the congregations over which the Lord has placed us are advancing. We must not only teach by precept and example, but by personal admonitions, and by visiting the brethren, and praying with them in their houses. When a brother or sister confesses a need of advancement on some line, either have the whole church pray with them publicly, or call upon them at their home, and there wrestle with God in fervent prayer until a benefit is received.

When a brother or sister absents himself from the public assembly once or twice, the elder should call on him, and inquire into his spiritual welfare. If it be found that his soul is drifting from the true standard of God’s grace, the elder should pray with him and encourage him until his soul has regained its firm grasp upon the throne of grace. Many souls can in this way be prevented from entering a backslidden state, and the churches may be kept in a good state of spirituality. God make us elders indeed!



Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge, — James 4:11.

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