1 March 1881, Volume 4, Number 3.

True to Jesus.


E. Davies.


Jesus, my strength and righteousness,
My Saving and my King,
Triumphantly thy name I bless, –
Thy conquiring name I sing.

Thou, Lord, hast magnified thy name;
Thou hast maintained thy cause;
And I enjoy the glorious shame,
The scandal of thy cross

Oh, let me have thy presence still;
Set as flint my face,
To show the counsel of thy will,
Which saves a world by grace.

Oh, let me never, blush to own
The glorious Gospel-word;
Which saves a world through faith alone,
Faith in a dying Lore.


Twenty Two Questions.


Queries humbly proposed to those who deny Perfection to be attainable in this life.


by John Wesley.


1. Has there not been a larger measure of the Holy Spirit given under the gospel than under the Jewis dispensation? If not give before Christ was glorified? John 7:39?

2. Was that “glory which followed the sufferings of Christ” (1 Peter 1:11) an external glory, of holiness?

3. Has God anywhere in Scripture commanded us more than He has promised to us?

4. Are the promises of God respecting holiness to be fulfilled in this the, or only in the next?

5. Is a Christian under any other laws than those which God promises to write in our hearts? Jer. 31. 31, etc.; Heb. 8, 10.

6. In what sense is “the righteousness of the law fulfilled in those who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit?” Rom. 8. 4.

7. Is it impossible for anyone in this life to ‘love God with all the heart, and mind, and soul, and strength?’ And is the Christian under any law which is not fulfilled in this love?

8. Does the soul’s going out of the body effect its purification from indwelling sin?

9. If so, is it not something else, not the “blood of Christ, which cleanseth” it from all sin?

10. If His blood cleanseth us from all sin while the soul and body are united, is it not in this life?

11. If when that union ceases, is it not in the next? And is not this too late?

12. If in the article of death, what situation is the soul in, when it is neither in the body nor out of it?

13. Has Christ anywhere taught us to pray for what He never designs to give?

14. Has He not taught us to Wh.. ..ray, “Thy will be done on earth C.. as it is done in heaven!” And is G.. it not done perfectly in heaven!

15. If so, has He not taught us ha.. to pray for perfection on earth?

Does He not, then, design to give que.. ..t?

16. Did not St. Paul pray according to the will of God, when he prayed that the Thessalonians might be “sanctified wholly, and preserved” (in this world, not in the next, unless he was praying for the dead) “blameless in body, soul, and spirit, unto the coming of Jesus-Christ?

17. Do you sincerely desire to be freed from indwelling sin in this life?

18. If you do, did not God give yau that desire?

19. If so, did He not give it you to mock you, since it is impossible it should ever be fulfilled?

20. If you have not sincerity enough even to desire it, are you not disputing about matters too high for you?

21. Do you ever pray to God to “cleanse the thoughts of your heart that you may perfectly love Him?”

22. If you neither desire what you ask, nor believe it attainable, pray you not as a fool prayeth?

God help thee to consider these questions calmly and impartially!


Justification and Sanctification.


[Concluded from last issue.]


Again, justification and entire sanctification are alike attained by a perfect renunciation of self and all creature help, and an entire submission to the will of God up to the measure of light possessed. The standard, however, is much higher in the latter consecration than in the penitential surrender; as a regenerate Christian has a far more perfect conception of the purity and extent of the Divine law than a penitent can have.

It may also be observed that both in accepting justification and entire sanctification, whatever may be the operations of the Divine Spirit, the human will acts from free choice. God’s gift of free moral agency toman, implies a pledge of its protection. The idea of grace, or salvation enforced without man’s concurrence, involves an absurdity; would not be salvation to man nor glory to God. Salvation is freedom from sin and harmony with God. But there cannot be such a thing as harmony without liberty of will. And while the soul is in a wonderful manner swallowed up in God, it nevertheless does not cease to exist as a soul, nor does its acts cease to exist as the soul’s acts; but it differs from the unregenerate, and unsanctified soul, in that it exists and acts in perfect-harmony with the indwelling God. Consenting to receive what God chooses to bestow, delighting to be nothing that God may be all in all.

Thus Christ becomes the real life of the soul; our desires are His desires, our wishes but the promptings of the Divine law of love written upon the heart.

It is true that the Divine movings within are not always distinct in our consciousness, so that we may discriminate between them and our own volitions. Therefore, it may be thought that they exist by implication only; but this Divine life-pulse of the heart is something more than implication. It is a positive exist once in the holy soul, whether we have a distinct perception of it ..r not.

The doctrine set.. … these remarks, is by no m.. ..ans a new doctrine. It is the ..imate end of the atonement, and the normal condition of redeemed souls. It is a doctrine, which has ever been more fully recognized in theological systems, than experienced, and applied in christian practice.

The great business of man is, not a cessation of action, nor independent action, but co-operative action with God. In ..he language of T. C. Upham, “S.. great is the condescension of our Heavenly Father that he makes man a sort of partner with himself; but still, it should ever be remembered that it is a partnership existing on the condition, (the only condition which God can ever recognize,) that it shall be God’s part to give and man’s part to receive.”

Columbia City, Ind.

D. J. D.


Lord of …

W. A. ..DNER.

The woman of Samaria revealed what alas! is too common in the world — a total absence of real piety, along with the zeal of h.. sect.

She was living in … sin!

Yet she was k.. alive to nice distinctions, “How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest, drink of me, who am a woman of Samaria?

But Christ did not sanction her bigotry, or leave it unrebuked.

His reply to her was: ‘If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink, thou wouldst have asked of Him, and He would have given thee.’ Christ taught her a lesson upon the interchange of kindly civilities with a stranger. There are many who seem to hug to themselves narrow thoughts, and low superstitious opinions in religion.

Wesley says: ‘Though we can not think alike, can we not love alike? May we not be one of heart, though we are not of one opinion?

It is neither good to wrong another with groundless suspicions, nor ourselves with over-easy credulity. As Dyke puts it: The same spirit that saith ‘charity believeth all tilings,’ and charity is no fool; as it is not easily suspicious, so neither lightly credulous.

That charity which ‘covers a multitude of sins,’ should much more cover small dissensions in judgment, and differences of opinion concerning points not essential.

Our Saviour places the love of God at the head of all morality, telling us that it is ‘the first and great commandment.’ St. Paul places it at the rear, telling us that ‘the end of the commandment is charity.’ So, then, it is first and last, the beginning and the end.

Surely, if there is anything that should cause Christian Churches to hang their harps on the willows, it is that sectarianism is rearing its untempered walls.

The enemy is coming in upon us — are we prepared to meet him? The ranks of Popery and Infidelity, linked in fatal and formidable confederacy. Are we prepared to meet these with an internal line dividing us? Love of Unity, in the true sense of the word, we must have.

What we want is: Fidelity in shining for His Glory, as lights in the world.

The pure in heart see God. When they get pvrity, they are above all divisions. With Paul we feel like saying: Oh, the depth of the riches, both of the wisdom and knowledge of God. How unspeakable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out.

If we see God, all we see and realize is in actual spiritual discernment. The pure in heart perceive and understand the language of holiness; and it is as holy that they more especially see God. It is in this sense that we are united to God in Love; if so, shall we not be united one with the other i.. the Love of Unity, Love to God and all mankind? — Advocate of Christian the branches … … … … … … … … …


Ruling Authority of the Holy Ghost.




Notwithstanding the Apostacy of the Romish church and her utter departure from the faith, because of the substitution of a manmade system of ecclesiasticism for the personal presence and authority of the Holy Ghost, protestants have not profited (but in part) by her fall; they have very generally fallen into a like snare.

The Apostolic church fully recognized the personal presence and authority of the Holy Ghost. He was fully accepted as their teacher and guide.

They fully embraced the words of Jesus: “when He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth’ — yea, ‘teach you all things, even the “deop things’’ of God. Hence, we hear Peter saying unto Annanias: “Why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost?” The presence of the Divine Spirit was to them a certainty.

In acts xiii. 2, we read, “As they ministered to the Lord and fasted, the Holy Ghost said: ‘Separate me, Barnabas and Saul, for the work whereunto I have called them.’ ” Here the authority of the Holy Ghost is recognized. Thus we see that the early church needed no man-made system, being filled with the Holy Ghost they fully accepted Him as their teacher and guide. But in process of time the church lost her primitive power; the presence of the Holy Ghost seemed less real. The necessity of a teacher and guide was felt; hence the absence of the Holy Ghost necessitated the substitution of another teacher and guide, a “dead ecclesiasticism,” called the Holy Catholic Church (?) with the prerogative of the Divine Spirit, thus the Priesthood was exalted and invested with power to forgive sins; and the Pope made the “visible head of the church,” of the vicar of Jesus Christ upon earth. But the church felt the need of an “Infallible, Teacher;” the loss of the Divine Paraclete necessitated a substitution. If the resemblance of the Apostolic Church be maintained hence the system must supply the lack. Thus the dogma of infallibility was conceived, ending in the exaltation of the Pope of Rome above all that is called God, or that is worshiped – the “Man of Sin” sitting in the temple of God shewing himself that he is God.”

Thus we see that any man made system of ecclesiasticism must hecessarily be lifeless and power less, just in proportion as it fails to recognize the personal presense and authority of the Holy Ghost, and sets up its own order, and authority

Indeed the modern church than so far lost sight of the veritable presence and authority of the personal Holy Ghost, that everything seems reduced to “system” — yea, an endless treadmill of works. The form of religion takes the place of vital Godliness, and the people seem to have forgotten that there is any Holy Ghost.

It is said history repeats itself; let us consider; what meaneth the cry of “fanatic” now so prevalent in the sects as used against the holiness movement? Perhaps we may learn a lesson from Rome — why did the Romish hierarchy persecute Reformers? Simply because they had substituted a wire bound ecclesiasticism (a man made of system,) for the presence and authority of the personal Holy Ghost, a lifeless system — yea, a dead ecclesiasticism was thought to be the one Holy Catholic Church. It was not allowed that any could be loyal to God unless loyal to the system, hence the cry of “Heretic” which to-day finds its counterpart in the term “Holines Fanatic” as used by the dominant sects against holiness men. In their devotion to churchism lose sight of the personal Holy Ghost, and exalt the system. We must get back to Apostolic ground; the presence and power of the Holy Ghost must mark (or make manifest) the church. Nevertheless the blinding power of churchism will deceive nominal professors in the Protestant sects just as effectually as it did in the Roman church. It is eternally true that the natural man perceiveth not the things of the Spirit of God. The great Sanhedrim judged it right that Jesus Christ the Lord of glory judged to be a vile deceiver should be crucified between two thieves; the Romish Church considered it right to bum Heretics, and in all ages the mystic Babylon of Rev. has persecuted the true saints of God.

Thus it will be till the time of the end.

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Bro. Lindsey’s two week’s meeting at Prairieton, commencing Jan. 5, resulted in the conversion of 20 and sanctification of 3.

Bro. J. E. Kemp writes: I am on top of the mountain where Jesus shows his face to his children. God bless you and the Trumpet for his name’s sake.

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A meeting of 13 days was recently held at Rockford, Jackson co. Ind., by S. Lindsey and C. B. Monford, in which there were 22 souls converted, 18 sanctified, and a holiness band formed of 30 members. Bro. Racp, leader.

Bro. S. Lindley writes: Our meeting at R..nd, Jackson co., … … … … … Ind., was grand. Thirty-seven saved. Twenty-two justified, and fifteen sanctified. A band of 27 established. It was a complete victory all the way through.

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At the late Western Holiness Convention, Commissioner Railton testified that holiness was the backbone of the Salvation Army. Many wonder how we get men to leave all for this work of saving souls. I will tell you when persons get converted we lead them right on to sanctification! We teach them to sacrifice all to God; then the Holy Ghost takes possession of them and constrains them to go — you meed not tell them to go. Yea, you can’t keep them from work for the Lord. Holiness itself leads them on. Holiness is the only thing that will take this world for Jesus.

The Republican, a 40-column weekly newspaper published by J. B. Caldwell, at Majority Point, Ill., is among the latest additions to our exchange list. We find it full of good and wholesome food for the soul, and from its ring, although a secular newspaper, we conclude that its editor is a holy man.

Sister Farmer says that during the pastor’s sickness at Findlay, O., a good meeting was held in the M. E. Church, resulting in the sanctification of about 20. The church boasts of some 400 members, and yet had been bolding no regular class-meetings. ’Tis wonderful how sickness will help along God’s cause.

We have on hand about 1,000 copies of The Pilgrim, running through eight numbers, which will answer as a Sabbath-school paper and will be sent post paid to any address in packages of ten or upwards, at one cent per copy. This will be an excellent chance for those whose experience was published in the paper to get duplicate copies to send to their relatives and friends.

The holiness meeting at Westfield, Hamilton co., Ind., was a glorious success. It was held in the Friends’ church. Find them a very intelligent, kind and humble people. We had to be at Indianapolis part of the time. Bro. Lindsey was there all the time. The weather was quite unfavorable, but the Spirit was there in power. There were 24 sanctified, 6 converted, and a holiness band of 20 formed. Sister Fariba Wilson, leader.

the Calvinistic theories relating to God’s purposes respecting indwelling sin is clearly illustrated in the November Advocate of Holiness. For want of space we can only give the sequel. “According to these standards, moral depravity has a life-long lease of the souls and bodies of ail God’s children, by the stern, irresistable decrees of God, until death steps in with his all-healing power and drives the devil out, and makes them perfect saints.”

Met with the saints at Jamestown on the 24th ult., and held two meetings resulting in the sanctification of a few, and the cenviction of others. Nine subscribed for the Trumpet, which we trust may do them great good.”

The faithful-few seemed determined to push the work and at once commenced a series of cottage prayer-meetings. Should any of the saints be led of God to hold meetings there we trust they would find a hearty welcome at Bro. Ira Boid’s, or Asby Williams. H.


Too Late.


Sinner, listen to the knell of all your earthly hope – too late! See, the gates of heaven are closing against you as the dark horseman death calls for his victim, and you in awe obey his summons. Stop! if you mount that fiery steed in a twinkling he will land you in hell! Look, the flames of the burning pit burst from his nostrils!

Oh! escape for your life while you may, by accepting Christ.

Now the door of heavenly mercy stands open and the loving Saviour invites you to come. Haste or it will be too late.

Definite Testimony.


Through repentance and faith I received pardon for all my transgressions of the Divine law on the 8th day of Aug. 1857, and by consecration and faith I was cleansed from all indwelling sin Jan.. … 1877, and since the Second W. … of Grace I have realized all a … to the present time that the … God of peace was dwelling in … and keeping me from all sin. Hallelujah!

G. Haines.




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G. Haines.


Holiness Watch-Meeting.


In answer to the great convention’s call for an all-day fast followed by a watch-meeting on Jan. 27, 1881, the saints of God at Indianapolis met at 5 o’clock in the morning and kept a continuous fast until 5 o’clock! in the after-noon or for 12 hours.

At 6 p.m., they partook of a light supper, having abstained froom food and drink for 24 hours. During the 12 hours of prayer expounding of the Scriptures and testifying on the holiness line, the Holy Ghost led the meeting; and as a result we have every reason to believe that a great work for God was wrought in the hearts of the people.

At 7 P.m., the saints again met and commenced the watch-night meeting which lasted until after 12 P.M. After series the writer delivered an address from these words – “Be Ye Holy.”

This was followed by mighty prayers for the cause.

Then Bros. Bogert, … and Robinson delivered eathest exortations to the sinners who had assembled with us.

And thus the meeting went … in power amidst the groans … prayers, testimonials, exho.. singing and shouting of t.. …until the end. Thank … … will be no end that w.. … God’s children in th.. … … land.

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Sect Founding.


It seems to us that the words of our head should only refer to the for by of the past. But we are no little surprised to receive a tract from Bro. J. P. Thatcher, of Moundsville, W. Va., announcing the formation of a new sect by him in that place Jan. 30, called the “Evangelistic Holiness Church.”

The reasons for making this new party in God’s kingdom are, first, that brothers disruption from the M. E. church on account of his devotion to the cause of holiness.

2. “Since the great awakening on the subject of entire sanctification in the past score of years, conscientious clear-headed, devoted persons, have had fears that ..e various church organizations extant, were so fossilized, so unscripturally formed and churchly that the leaven of holiness would be so restrained and arrested in its working as to necessitate an organization that would be an improvement upon all others.”

The above description of existing sects, we think is about correct, but instead of furnishing an excuse for another, me thinks it ought to he enough to lead us to the conclusion that sect building is a very poor business, and ought to be abandoned entirely.

But it is now proposed to im prove the business and get up a better sect than the rest. We reply they were all quite pure in their infancy. The offspring of an harlot at its birth is just as pure and innocent as the child of virtuous parents. But it is quite apt to drink the “wine of the fornication” of its mother, and grow up to follow her ways.

… denominational confusin we

No part of rows

… or “Sister churches.” In Rev. we read of the “mother of harlots.” Now if Rome is the mother of harlots, they are sisters. We leave the intelligent reader to draw a conclusion from these coincidents.

No intelligent Christian will dispute the facts that the sects of Christendom are all branches and sub-branches that have sprang from corrupt Rome. Like infants, they were all comparatively pure and innocent at birth, but in proportion to their age, wealth and numbers they have waxed proud, formal, and arrogant. Hence we are decidedly opposed to to the in crease of this degenerating family. Instead of resorting to a process of reasoning to prove that this last born “sister” is of God. Why did not Bro. Thatcher consult the word of God on this question of schisms, “To the law and to the testimony.” What saith the word of the Lord? I “There shall be one fold and one shepherd.” “There is one body anil one spirit even as ye are called in one hope of your calling,” and “there should be no schism (sects) in the body.” Thus we might go on enumerating Scripture.

But if we cannot serve God in any of the existing sects what shall we do? I answer, Stay out of all of them and quit making any more. But must we not have a home? Certainly, “He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in me and I in him,” saith the Lord. “The name of the Lord is a high tower and the righteous run into it and are sale.”

What better home do you want? Concerning human sect homes, God says, “I will save you out of your dwelling places wherein you have sinned.”

I would ask Bro. Thatcher a few questions.

1. Did not Jesus Christ found a
church and purchase it with His own blood?

2. Is that identical church extant in the world?

3. If not, has not the gates of hell prevailed against it and destroyed it?

4. If It yet exists, is it not good enough for you? and do yon include it when you propose to make a church superior to all existing churches?

5. If you admit the superiority of the Church of God, why do you make an inferior one?

6. Is it not true that God inducted you into His own church ai regeneration, why then look ye for another?

7. Is it not true that Christ gave the New Testament expressly for the rule of our faith and practice in life? Why, then, do you announce the “Methodist discipline as the basis of your discipline, eliminating therefrom and adding thereto as the Holy Ghost, and the word of God may direct?”

8. The Holy Ghost having given us one infallible discipline, do you think He will now come and linker up the Methodist discipline for you?

9. Is it not safe to abide in the one church into which God puts every soul at conversion. Use the name “the mouth of the Lord” has given her, and accept the Word of God alone for your discipline.

Should we not respect the counsel of J. Wesley? He says: “There is already too many sects and parties in the family of God. Would to God the time would come that, we would abandon all party names and divisions and sit meekly at the feet of Jesus to learn His will and imbibe- His lowing Spirit.”


No part of rows



Do our Methodist friends, in speaking of John Wesley, usualy call him Mr. Wesley? This seems to us rather cold. We love to call all such good men our brothers, whether dead or alive — for such live forever.

To the present generation it must be a matter of no little regret that Wesley never had attached to his name any of the high sounding and vain titles, that we are sorry to see used, even in holiness periodicals, especially since his. professed follolwers think it derogatory to his dignity, or else think themselves unworthy lo call him brother, and must therefore conform to the world and say Mr. Wesley. How good and how pleasant it were if christendon would conform to the Bible, and call each other brother; or if they desired to respect the ministereal character of any we could call him Elder. O for the simplicity of the Word.


The Way.

In Isaiah 35:8, we are told that “the way” within the “highway” is “the way of holiness,” and not that “the highway” is “the way.” God here designs to teach a distinction between “the way” and the highway which many holiness teachers fail to see, and therefore, fail to bring out the true gospel teaching of this verse of Scripture. The highway represents the way of salvation, in general, in which the way of holiness runs, all the way to heaven. Reader, are you in “the way?”


If we would be kept by God s power we must yield to it.



Some of the yearly expenditures of the nation, according to the late government statistics, are as follows :

Salaries of all the ministers of the

Gospel – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  $6,000,000
Cost of dogs – – – – – – – – – – – – 70,000.000

Support of criminals – – – – – – – 12.000,000
Fees of litigation – – – – – – – – –  30.000,000
Cost of cigars and tobacco – 610,000,000

If in the days of Lazarus there had been as much expense per capita, as there is at the present day, we should not wonder that he made the dogs his companions; for while tills nation pays $70,000,000 for dogs each year, it only pays $6,000,000 for preaching the gospel. Oh, what a Christian nation is this! $610,000,000 spent for tobacco; i.e., $610,000,000 to gratify the desire of uncleanly habit, and only $6,000,000 for the spread of the Gospel! If men and women will keep dogs and smoke and chew tobacco, let them show at least an equal love for Christ’s cause by paying dollar for dollar. In fact, the Divine rule is: “Lovest thou me more than these.” — not $11 for dogs and $101.66 2/3 for tobacco to every $1 they pay to sustain the preaching of the gospel of the Son of God!


Office Moving.


In our last issue we announced that owing to moving the office from Rome City to Indianapolis, we would necessarily be late, but we had not dreamed of the office being detained on the way 15 days, as was the case; and as it took some time to pack up and again set up for work, we were unable to issue a paper during the month of February.

Our readers will, we trust, excuse this omission, as you see, we could not help it.

no part of rows

We are now getting settled and hope to issue the paper regularly on time hereafter. Our expenses have been quite heavy, but we trust that God will move a thousand men and women to work and give for The Trumpet that past debts and current expenses of the paper may be met. On receiving the office as a land donation from the Churches of God in Indiana, we had to purchase new type to the amount of $147, in addition to our moving expenses. And knowing our call of God to this work we are confident He will send help to sustain us in the good work.

We are also in great need of a more speedy press. The Prouty power press costs $590, and they will allow us $150 for our old press, leaving $440. Now we are daily praying to the Lord to move some holy and saved one who is blessed of God with abundance of this world’s means to give the Lord that amount for the spread of His salvation, and the glory of His name.

Or, if none His little ones should have that amount to spare, who, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will start a Trumpet fund by giving $100, and who $75, $50, $40, $30 and $20, and who can only appropriate $l0.

Oh, beloved take this matter to the Lord, and be sure and obey the Spirit. Oh, for the sake of Jesus, who died for you, whose you are, do not withhold what you can spare when it would so directly help to save souls. O yes, souls, think of their worth.


God and you! There is no battalion of devils out of nell to-day that can defeat you. God and you! The world is yours, go and take it. Go forth remembering that to God and you nothing is impossible.

A Hard Struggle.


Brother C. C. Bogert, of Indianapolis, testified that before he had received the hight of full salvation he was convicted of the wrong of using tobacco and resolved to quit, but in doing so he found a terrible conflict betwen conscience and appetite. He would put away the evil for some time, when the Lord would greatly bless his labors in converting sinners then again he would be overcome by the dreadful tobacco disease that still raged in the system, at which times the work of the Lord would retrograde and previous converts under his labors, would many of them backslide. Thus apparently the Spirit come and went, in a degree just as he quit and resumed the unclean practice.




Where in the Bible do we find the idea of Sects being branches as people talk about — “What branch of the Church do you belong to?” is a common expression in these times of anti-scriptural language and practice. Why do not people read their bibles better, and learn that every individual believer is a Branch in Christ. — John 15.

If a whole sect is a branch then the individual must be a sub branch; hut this would make each one dependent upon the sect for his union with, and life from Christ. This would be second-hand salvation. We should not like to risk the coupling — I prefer a direct union with Christ.

Taking Christ’s parable of the vine and branches, there is but … … … branch sects;

no part of rows

one way to repre.. … … that is, imagine the branches adhering directly in the vine but pressed together and tightly bound into several bunches. Thus drawn together each bundle would have the appearance of a branch, but upon closer examination it would be found to consist of many branches each adhering in the vine, except a good many dead sticks that had been killed by the unnatural confinement, and had rotted loose from the trunk.

We think it is the great business of the pure Gospel sword of holiness to cut those soul-killing chords that the Father may purge the several branches and that they may all straighten out in natural, position; live, grow, and bear fruit unto holiness.



Jesus Heals.


Noon, Jan. 17.

I most solemnly give myself and all that I have to God, to be healed of all that I lack of perfect health both in Soul, Body and Spirit; and to be filled with, and led by the Holy Ghost, that Christ Jesus my Lord may get to Himself the greater honor, and the better use me as an instrument in the world’s salvation Amen.

At 2:30 o’clock Sunday, I realized the petition was granted the work wos done and I was healed; to God be all the Glory world without end Amen.



The Grand Temperance Council Of Indiana is making a strike in the right direction. Petitions are being circulated among the voters, of every county and township, praying the General Assembly of the State to prohibit the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors. May the God of mercy bless with success this effort to rid the State of the sole and body destroying traffice. Let all the Saints of God pray for it, and if you have not had a petition sent to yon send to the secratary M. E. Sheiel, Sey more, Ind. and get papers and go to work in your township, immediately.




Bro. F. H. Haly, an evangelist on the highway, writes from Evansville, Ind., Jan. 8. The work is going, glory to our God forever? I am crying, Ride on thou king of Glory.

Evangelist J. H. Allen writes from Laclede, Mo.: “Bowling Green meeting was a glorious victory. O my brother I do think it is so gloriously grand to have perfect love. Heaven-born sweetness with Holy Ghost power is just irresistable. Glory!

Sister Julia A. Collins of Huntington, Ind. writes:

Sister Forrer says as the Trumpet gives no uncertain sound, send my name in for it. Our Monday evening meeting with unabated interest and God is making it a blessing to His church in this place.

Bro. E. B. Bell writes: “Like the Trumpet very well; hope it may sound out long loud and clear to call the people back to the old pathes — the good way” yes truly it is the good way the straight and narrow way, the new and living way, and praise God it is the high and holy way, you may count

no part of rows

me a subscriber as long as the Trumpet sticks to the Bible your brother purified and being tried.

Bro. A. C. Me Curdy, of Rome City, Ind. recently called by the Spirit into the Evangelistic work, reports agood meeting at Swan Noble Co, Ind. — one man and wife soundly converted, and he afterwards consecrated all to God, and realized entire sanctification; many sinners convicted, the Saints refreshed and united togather in love. Bro. M. says, “The Lord is wonderfully sustaining me in the labors for his Glory. I am a free man for God. Saved to the uttermost.”

Sister M. E. Bemis. of Windham, Portage, Co., Ohio, enquires:

Are there all the workers that are needed in Southern Indiana? was the call for workers there for preachers only, or for any who are all the lords? I thought probably it was a call of the Lord for me; will come if traveling expenses are paid; am I wanted?

Bro W. W. Roberts, of Salem Iowa writes: Am holding a meeting at Oakland, Iowa; am expecting a big work through the Holy Ghost; three wholly sanctified and many others seeking that first grace; Pray for me — especialy for health. O that God may help me keep the guns a blazing all along the line. I am wholly saved.


Doddridge, writing to a friend, remarked, “I long for the conversion of souls more sensibly than for any thing besides. Methinks I could not only but die for it with pleasure.

4 page

Full Assurance of Faith.

The wife of Jonathan Edwards thus speaks of what she calls “full assurance of faith:”

“The presence of God was so near and so real that I seemed scarcely conscious of anything else. My soul remained in a heavenly elysium; my soul was filled and overwhelmed with light and love and joy in the Holy Ghost, and seemed just ready to get away from the body. The exultation subsided into a heavenly calm and rest of soul even sweeter than what preceded it.”


That Book.


Bro. Isaiah Reid, editor and proprietor of the Highway, an inter-denominational weekly holiness paper, published at Nevada, Iowa, in speaking of Bible Proofs of the Second Work of Grace, says: “Such is the title of a new work on holiness by Eld. D. S. Warner. As the name indicates, it abounds in Scripture proofs. It fairly masses them. Some of his points made are new, but well sustained. The reader will find himself well paid for purchase money and time, and then be well pleased with the fact that he has on hand a valuable book of reference. Price of the work $1.55.” By mail $1.35. Send to this office for the book. Agents wanted — good terms.


For the Gospel Trumpet.

Tribute to Love.


O … love! Divine attribute! Hallowed influence! Gracious messenger of heaven, we bring

no part of rows

Thee the tribute of a grateful heart — we pray Thee, sweet and gentle Spirit, accept the offering; and seal us Thine forever, that we may claim Thy sacred presence to accompany us all along life’s rough journey; and shield us from the assaults of the wicked, as we endeavor to “show the people their transgression and the house of Jacob their sins.” And, at last, when the storms of earth have all passed, bear our peaceful spirits on Thy beautiful white wings, away to the bright home of the blest, where we may, with all Thy ransomed ones, lay our trophies, which Thoy hast won for us, down at the dear Redeemer’s feet.

A. K. Thomas.


Camp Meetings.


The National Camp-meeting Association will hold two camp-meetings in 1881, each of ten. days. The first at Round Lake, N. Y., July 8th; the second at Warsaw, Ind., commencing Aug. 5th.

The Indiana Holiness Association has, through its general campmeeting committee, decided to hold a camp-meeting at Indianapolis, Ind., commencing July 10. During which the annual meeting of the association will take place for the election of officers and the transaction of other business.

The Northern Indiana Eldership of the Churches of God, it their last Eldership meeting decided to have a camp-meeting this year some where in their bounds, and also proposed to hold a joint campmeeting with the United Evangelical Mennonite Church.

A holiness camp-meeting is announced at Hardenburg, Jennings county, Ind., about Sept. 1.

Gather out the Stones


“Now, will you who profess love to souls, clear away all the things that you have put in the way of their conversion? Will you come right out, boldly and and fully out, for Christ and souls? Will you let it be clearly seen under whose banner you are fightitg, in whose service you have embarked, and for what end you are laboring? The time has come when indifferenc and half-heartedness in religion can no longer be winked at. The time has come when professors can no longer trim between Christ and the world without public rebuke. God and His church require that you take a noble stand — that you be whole hearted in this service, that you spend your time and talents in princely labor, — that you so work and live as to shake the very hearts of sinners. You must testily for Christ at every opportuity, and it must be a plain and honest and faithful that cannot be misunderstood. Nothing short of this will accomplish the work to which you are called.” “Preach the gospel to every creature,’ — that is the command obedience to which has brought into the world the most of our present political difficulties, and obedience to which, if continued, will drive them out. A continent of humanity is rising from under the sea, and for a while it is a pestilential swamp; but the remedy is not to stop its rising and crush it back in to chaos. The remedy is to keep lifting it, until all its morasses are firm, sweet land.” —

Joseph Cook.


Many Wi..

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While visiting the Terre Haute Holiness Association’s meeting held in the U. B. Church, Oct. 31, the following interesting testimonies were given: —

A Brother. — I am trusting God for a full and tree salvation. He saves me.

A Sister. — I praise God that the

blood now cleanseth me from all sin.

Bro. — Glory to God for a full and free salvation. I am now cleansed from all sin.

Sister. — The Lord has wonderfully blessed me. I know He cleanseth me, and I praise Him for it.

Bro. — I feel more determined than ever from this time on to be wholly the Lord’s. Pray for me.

Sister. — I know that I am fully saved: — that the blood of Jesus now cleanseth me. Although unknown to you I am wholly the Lord’s.

Song. — “O precious is the flow, That makes me white as snow.” Bro. — It cleanseth me. I am sanctified by the Word, and am running with gladness up the shining way.

Sister. — Jesus has sanctified me. Hallelujah! I have come to my eye sight and am trusting alone in God. Glory!

Bro. — I am on the Lord’s side — Glory! Cleansed — Hosanah! and am ready to change worlds whenever the Master calls.

Sister. — I am cleansed from all sin. Jesus saves me now. I feel like shouting hallelujah! and telling to all the world the story of the Cross.

Bro. — I rejoice in this full salvation. Eight years ago I was converted, and two and one half
years ago I was sanctified wholly. Glory!

Sister. — I get along so much better since my sanctification.

When the general roll is called I’ll be there.’

Bro. — I have a satisfactory experience. I once had holiness in the head, and would get mad if others wouldn’t embrace it, but now I have it. in my heart, and I have rest and am satisfied.

Sister. — While others were singing on the 18th day of July, 1880, I gave up all to God — presented my body a living sacrifice, and from that time to this my life has flown bn in endless song.

Singing — “Hallelujah ’tis done,

I believe on the Son, I’m saxed by the blood of the Crucified One.”

Bro. — I’m trusting fully in God — the Holy Ghost has purified my soul. I boast only in the cross of Christ — Glory! I am anxious to meet you all in heaven.

Sister. — I have a God of love. I am on my way to glory — On this old gospel ship Jehovah is Captain and sits on the bow; and for the oars I have the Holy Ghost and the clean sing fountain. Glory, glory! GLORY!!

[Thirty claimed the experience of holiness.]




There is a strong aggressive holiness element in West Virginia.

“Prayer is the key to open the day, and the bolt to shut in the night.

The American War Cry has made its appearance, hailing from

no part of rows


The Gospel, rightly understood and steadily believed, would till our hearts with abiding peace and joy.

A holiness that can see no further than its own church needs washing. And there is Blood enough to do it with!

The Ocean Grove Record says that Jennie Smith has been laboring in Massachusetts since Oct. Large audiences in Lynn.

Nothing in God’s universe is more simple and more reasonable than faith. And yet alas, too many by their unbelief make it an inexplicable, a dark, mysterious and hard thing.

Repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ constitute the passway to the foundation upon which the work of regeneration, and then that of entire sanctification, rest.

No one need fear to give direct worship to the Holy Ghost. He is God. If we “honor the Holy Ghost” we do not thereby dishonor Christ, but honor Christ, for the Holy Ghost is declared to be the “Spirit of Christ.”

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Refiner of His people. The whole purpose of His mediatorial work is to purify unto Himself a peculiar people. He “gave Himself for us that He might redeem us from all iniquity.”

A pure heart, or salvation from all sin is secured through Christ’s atonement: “We are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.” — Heb. 10:10. “Wherefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people with His own blood sufferd without the gate.” — Heb. 13:12.

The Western Union Holiness Convention apointed a committee, as follows, with the power to call another general convention, if believed to be best: Geo. D. Watson, Kentucky; Gardner Haines, Tho. E. Webb, D. S. Warner, Indiana; L. B. Kent, D. P. Baker, Illinois; Thos. K. Doty, Ohio; Isaiah Reid, Iowa; J. W. Caughlan, Missouri.


To preach holiness, the preacher must have courage, and the courage, too, that grace gives. But such courage no unsanctified man can have. Hence, no unsanctified man can preach holiness.

The preacher of holiness must have a forehead of flint, and a face of adamant. Else he will grow shamefaced, and cannot tell the Lord’s people their sins.

“Behold, I have made thy face strong against their faces, and thy forehead strong against their foreheads.” The reason there is not more straight holiness preaching is, that there are so few flint faces and adamantine foreheads. May the Lord harden the faces of His messengers. –



Preaching holiness is one thing; preaching about holiness is another. There are plenty of preachers doing the latter; too few doing the former. You can’t “resolve” a man into preaching holiness. A man won’t preach holiness unless holiness is in him – reason: he can’t. He can preach about holiness without any experience of holiness: or, indeed, without any religious experience of any kind, for that matter. But his preaching will he a dead letter. Thus accounts for so much death under this latter-day preaching. The preacher is himself without life. For a preacher to preach, radical, clean-cut straight … ..liness … …

no part of rows

the matter in him. Yea HE MUST HAVE! Spirit of the Lord, breathe upon the dry bones of latter-day pulpits! 



The arts taught by the Masonic Lodge are wholly pagan. Freemasonry is an effort made by infidels to return to the practice of pagan arts. One of these arts consists in taking possession of the kingdom of heaven and its supporters by violence, and making them serve the purposes of the Lodge. Thus there are no two characters who bear stronger witness in favor of Christ than John the baptist and John the Apostle; and it is precisely upon these two characters that the Masonic Lodge pitches to patronize its own doctrines which deny Christ! The two Saints whose testimony goes the strongest against the Lodge are the very ones that the Lodge seizes upon as its principal patrons. It seeks to destroy Christian truth by pagan art,

John the Baptist lost his life by the effect of such an oath as forms the chief staple of Free-masonry; and John the Apostle said that “God is light and in him is no darkness at all.” The Masonic Lodge keeps its virtues and its religious merit in the dark, dispensing them sparingly at a given price.

Neither the Christian religion nor republican government can be maintained by such truculent arts and sophistries as are taught by the Masonic Lodge. They are no mere like the vefieties taught by the Christian Church than falsehood is like the truth. The practice of pagan arts of the Lodge is entirely unbecoming the character of the American people. 

J. W. Phelps.



“Then were there brought unto Him little children.” — Mat. 19:25.




“How strong is God, papa?” asked Willie Dale — “strong as a giant?”

“Who made giants?” said his father.

“Why, God, of course,” answered Willie.

“Then will not God be stronger than the men He manes?” asked papa.

“Yes sir. But, then, how strong is God?”

“Stronger than all men put together,” said Mr. Dale; “stronger than all angels and devils; strong enough to dash all the worlds and every living thing to pieces in a moment.”

“I’m afraid of Him,” said Willie, nestling to his father’s side.

“You need not, dear. He is strong enough to keep you safe.” “But I am a naughty boy,” said Willie.

“Well, God loves you, and He is strong enough to make you a good boy. Ask Him to take you for His own.. Let Him help you to be good; and then God will be on your side.” —





A little boy who went to Sunday-school regularly had a great many Bible verses in his memory. He was a temperance boy, and was once on a steamboat making a journey. One day as he sat alone on deck looking down into the water, two had men agreed that one of them should go« and try to make him drink. So

no part of rows

drink a glass of liquor with m…

“I thank you, sir,” said he; “but I never drink liquor.”

“Never mind, my lad, it won’t hurt you; come drink with me.” “Wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging; whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise,” said the boy.

“You need not be deceived by it. A little will do you no harm, and will make you feel pleasantly.”

“At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder,” said the boy. “I feel safer, and I think it wiser not to play with adders.”

“My fine little fellow,” said the artful man, putting on his most crafty air, “I like you: you are no child; you are fit to be a companion of gentlemen. It will give me a great pleasure if you will-come and drink a glass of the best wine with me.”

“My Bible says: ‘If sinners entice thee, consent thou not.’ ” That was a stinging blow to the tempter, and he gave up his wicked attempt and went back to his companion.

“How did you succeed?” inquire his friend.

“Oh, the fact is,” he replied, “that little fellow is so full of the Bible you can do nothing with him.”

Children, that is just what we are trying to do in the Sunday-school. We wish to get every boy and girl to love Jesus, and their minds so full of the Bible that wicked tempters can not do anything with them.

No, children, there is no Bible verse which shows that this is not the right use to make of the Bible. I wish you all to learn it, and never forget it: “Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.” —


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