10 January 1895, Volume 15, Number 2.



Holy Temple — the heavens rending,
I saw thee to my soul descending
With heavenly hosts, in song attending —
I was born in thee.

Holy Temple — church of God,
Purchased by the Savior’s blood,
Kept by the eternal Word —
I live in thee.

Holy Temple – robed in white,
Radiant with effulgent light.
Outshines the sun in splendor bright —
I’m robed in thee.

Holy Temple — walls surround
Of costliest stone that’s ever found.
Gold and pearls and gems abound —
I’ve a niche in thee.

Holy Temple — Crystal sea,
Waves of glory echo in thee,
Thanksgiving and voice of melody, —
’Tis heaven in me.

Sorrow and sighing forever hushed,
Tears away forever brushed.
By Satan’s power no longer crushed —
I rejoice in thee.

Pastures green — a shade from heat,
A shelter from storm with winds replete,
A place of rest for weary feet —
I rest in thee.

Thy holy inhabitants are more fair
Than rubies or polished sapphire
Refined in heated furnace fire —
I’m burnished in thee.

Holy Temple — the day will be
When I’ll in glory ascend in thee,
Exchange mortal for immortality —
Forever I’ll be in thee,
Endless eternity in thee.

Chas. Orr.




WE are requested to explain the spiritual lesson contained in the laver that stood in the court of the tabernacle: what it typified in the church of God.

We would say there is a very beautiful lesson contained in this article of the tabernacle, which will be found thoroughly expounded in our work on the sanctuary and its cleansing. We must now answer briefly. The laver was located in the court between the brazen altar and the first vail. The entrance through that vail represent­ed the work of justification; the first apartment of the tabernacle the state of justification or regeneration. Ac­cess through the second vail fore­shadowed the second grace of entire sanctification. The space enclosed about the tabernacle well represented the convicted state, the seeker’s mid­dle ground between the world and the church, sick of the former, but pot yet entered into the latter. The brazen altar and laver beautifully symbolized the process of salvation. The altar imaged the idea of the sin­ner’s surrender, the laver the washing of regeneration. The Lord had ref­erence to this very figure of our sal­vation when he said, “Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.” Jno. 15:3. From it the writer of the epistle to the Hebrews derived these words: “And having an high priest over the house of God; let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, hav­ing our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water.” Heb. 10:21, 22. Hav­ing passed the laver of justification they were, now ready to go on unto perfection, or pass within the second vail.

There is no doubt in our mind that the Savior employed the figure of water in John 3:5 to lead our minds back to the layer as the figure of the regenerating truth. The spiritual minded understand very well that water denotes the Word in the above text, but to many it has been a mys­tery why the Lord did not rather say the Word and the Spirit, instead of employing “water” as a figure of the Word. Such have been our own thoughts in the past, but we have come to see and appreciate the wis­dom of Christ in the use of language which is easily understood by comparison with other scriptures, and at the same time carries our mind back to the instructive figure of our salva­tion; namely, the water of the laver which represents the gospel. This application of the water of the laver is still more clearly proved by the use of other translations. Titus 3:5 reads as follows in the Emphatic Diaglott: “He saved us, not on account of those works of righteousness which we did, but according to his own mercy, through the bath of regeneration, and a renovation of the Holy Spirit.” Thus regeneration under the gospel is associated with the laver bath un­der the law: the place of legal cleans­ings having been a figure of regener­ation.

A very striking passage is found in Eph. 5:26, as rendered by the Emphatic and several other versions: “So that having purified her (the church) in the bath of water, he might sanctify her by the Word.” The two successive works of grace are very clearly expressed here. “He might sanctify her by the Word.” (See John 17:17.) Having previously purified her in the bath of water, he might sanc­tify her by the Word.” Young’s Bible Translation has it much the same, —  “That he might sanctify it, having cleansed it with the bathing of the water in the sayings.”

“That he might sanctify it, having cleansed it with the bathing of water in the Word.” — Bible Union.

“That he might sanctify it, having cleansed it by the washing of water with the Word.” — New Version.

It is rendered similarly by most all the translations we possess. How clearly this passage carries the mind back to the laver, where the priests were required to wash before enter­ing the holy place. And how beauti­fully it shows the two-fold salvation of the new covenant; first, the wash­ing of regeneration; second, entire sanctification.

But when the tabernacle was sup­planted by the temple a still more significant figure takes the place of the laver. It was a large reservoir, and rested upon twelve molten oxen, three facing each way. These oxen, as other scriptures clearly intimate, represented God’s ministers. See 1 Cor. 9:9. As the sea rested upon the oxen, so the ministers of the gospel bear the water of life to all men. As their heads faced east, west, north and south, so the messengers of Christ go in all directions.

There are other beautiful points of analogy we cannot now set forth in this lesson. The laver and sea repre­sented the gospel, and their place of location in the tabernacle and temple represent the point of conversion, as souls enter the greater and more perfect tabernacle, the church of the living God.



Dear Saints: It has been on my heart for some time to write to the Trumpet, and suggest that a week of self denial and special prayer be set apart for the benefit of the Gospel Trumpet and all connected with it. I name the last week in Jan., begin­ning the 27th to continue to the 3d of Feb. During that week to make continued and special prayer for the Trumpet, and to deny ourselves as much as possible of food and every other expense, other comforts or nec­essaries of life, and then as the Lord permits us to have in hand for so doing on the Lord’s day following, Feb. 3d, gather all together and send in to the dear brethren that are feed­ing our souls through the Gospel Trumpet. I owe to God, through the Trumpet, a debt of gratitude that calls for much from me for the light and help it has afforded me. Doubt­less, there are many others like-mind­ed. I receive from time to time bun­dles of papers that I give to the poor and others free, for I have not had the money to pay for them. And if it is the Lord’s will, I would like to have many more than I have had. The people are so hungry for the pure word of God, and the time so short when this world is to be judged in righteousness. Then, beloved in the Lord, let us deny ourselves in this way, and ask the Lord’s help to pro­vide all the free papers and tracts that his faithful ministers can use towards the salvation of the lost, and building up his saints in a most holy faith. Amen and amen. Yours for the gospel that Christ and the apos­tles preached and the church they built, the Lord Jesus being the chief corner stone. James E. Shaw,

Darlington, S. C.


We believe this is of God, and will redound to his glory. Last fall a sim­ilar call came from the Pacific coast, specially for the work there, and also everywhere. But being exceedingly busy, the matter did not come to our attention until too late to publish. But we have also had in our minds a call upon the entire brotherhood of saints to devote some time to special and earnest prayer to God for the advancement of his work in every way. So we think the same good Spirit that has lead us to think and talk of this matter, has moved upon the above brother to write.

But, beloved, it comes very forcibly to our mind that the burden of all our prayers, self examination, sacri­fice, and consecration, should more especially be for personal advance­ment, increase in power, wisdom and humility, and enlarged fruitfulness of every heart, soul and life. Let every one make it a personal matter with yourself and God. Search deeply into your true condition before God. Have you really enjoyed and mani­fested the thorough grace of entire sanctification? or have you not felt occasional movings of the old nature? If so, put in for the grace of entire sanctification. Some people think themselves in a state of grace good enough, if they can keep their teeth closed and their tongue inside, under trials and crossings of your mind. But any holy person present could feel there was the bad old leaven stirring within. Especially to all the workers in the vineyard, would we most earnestly appeal, oh beloved, examine yourselves before God, and see if you do indeed fill the measure of his will concerning you. Yea, get very low down before God, and ask him to examine you. Be willing to know the reality of your state, and confess the same, no matter how humiliating. Some dear ones are at times aroused to a sense of want in their souls, but never keep the mat­ter long enough, and determinately enough before God to learn the troub­le and how to get on better ground, and thus, year after year is spent with very little fruits for. Christ. For Jesus’ sake let this week of fasting and prayer be devoted to the attain­ment of the best possible conditions of usefulness in the Lord. Be very determinate and desperately in earn­est in this matter. The time is so precious that it is awful to go about, using means and time in efforts that are almost fruitless, when there is laid up in God’s store-house infinite measures of grace which are all in your reach, and which would increase your usefulness a hundred fold. Oh break out of the old rut! Brothers and sisters, lay this to heart. Are you sure you are wholly sanctified? Are you indeed as efficient for God as it is your privilege? Do you preach the gospel with the real unction of the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven, and with a faith that makes it take hold on men’s hearts? Do you really possess that power and authority of God’s Spirit whereby you can “speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority?” Titus 2:15. Do you not honestly think you could at­tain and use to the glory of God, a far deeper measure of humility, meek­ness, and gentleness? Brother, try to step aside from yourself, and look at your career, and compare what you see, with the New Testament picture of an humble saint of God, a holy minister of the everlasting gos­pel. Do you honestly see in your life and manners, those holy and ex­cellent traits of character which just­ly entitle you to be called a good man in Christ Jesus? Can you say with the Psalmist, “Thy gentleness has made me great?” Any other greatness is abomination in the sight of God.

Leaving the rich graces of God, how about the gifts of the Spirit? Do you possess and exercise the gifts God has put in the church for us? Do you keep your gift, or gifts well stirred up in your soul, and growing stronger by the use thereof?

Again, are you a real overcomer through faith in God? and does that living faith of the gospel fill you with all joy and peace in believing? If faith is your life, then “the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Well, dearly beloved everywhere, let us devote a week of constant prayer, much fasting, and soul-search­ing, self-destruction, self-denial; and after an entire gift of your body, soul, and mind, and all you possess to God, it will be very easy to appro­priate such portions of the Lord’s money and property in your steward­ship as he may have need of, and in the manner that he shall choose. If there were no lack of grace in the hearts of the people, there would be no lack of means to pay off all debts in the publishing work, and multiply its flying leaves a thousand fold. Therefore, beloved, let us begin at the right place. Get salvation to the uttermost, and then God will make all grace abound unto you, so that ye always, having all sufficiency in all things, may abound unto every good work. 2 Cor. 8:9. Please read the context. May the Lord God actual­ly get men of means consecrated to him. In all the range of our acquaint­ance, we know of perhaps less than half dozen wealthy persons that practically believe the bank of heav­en offers the best interest on mon­ey, and the gospel institution yields the largest stock dividends. We know one family which have giv­en to the Lord to such an extent that it really appears they believe the Bible. And to them God has in­deed verified his Word: “Give, and IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU; GOOD MEASURE, PRESSED DOWN, AND SHAKEN TOGETHER, AND RUNNING OVER,” insomuch that they harvested six thous­and bushels of corn last fall. Oh, that more of the well to do on earth would show a practical belief of the Bible which they profess to believe!

May God also lead many during this week of prayer and fasting, after having given themselves and earthly store to him, to put some of their property where it will be sure to glori­fy him; if not now, at, least after their death. Oh that God will work a mighty work in the hearts of all his people, during the week of prayer. Amen.




Foraker, O.

Dear Trumpet Readers: As we now enter the new year, while yet on the threshold of 1895 let us begin it with more of a zeal for God and the advancement of the publishing of the gospel. We appreciate the lesson of faith learned in an article written in Trumpet of Dec. 27, 1894, headed “Publishing Work,” can realize the responsibilities resting on those in charge. One thing more we have learned since its publication, and that is this, that many are prone to murmur. We have heard it said since the publication of the article they did not see why the office can not get out of debt and keep out. In the name of Jesus I pray for all such ones to let the dear Lord show them, un­less they send forth some of God’s money they have, as it were, wrapped up in a napkin and laid away for old age or wet days, the judgment day will find the napkin neatly tied up, and your souls lost (and which would be the most profit?). We have also heard it said in regard to the paper folder, it was too much pride, and could do without it. But remember, dear ones, a paper folder would not only release those in charge of that part, but would hasten the work, and would place those of whom it took their place in a position where they could better glorify God. I aver the article was dictated by the Holy Spirit, and would be to the glory of God as God moves on. Surely he would favor an advancement in holy literature, and such an advance can only be made by the required ma­chinery. For an example, we who farm and favor a speedy hay harvest, take, instead of the old scythe, the best improved mower; and instead of turning the damp hay with a fork, we use the tedder; in place of the rake, we hitch the loader behind the wagon and drive back and forth until the load is complete, then unload and mow away with horse-power, thereby making the period of haying short; and we are ready for other work sooner than by the old slow process. Just so, dear reader, at the office. We often hear it remarked, “I wish they would enlarge the Trumpet.” Dear ones, no doubt, some would en­joy reading a paper of ten pages in­stead of four, but if asked to support one of ten pages some would begin to excuse themselves. Now, dear read­ers, to make this little article short and to the point, whenever you begin to murmur and complain at what God directs, in the way of advance­ments, just then begin to examine and find the body of murmuring, which you will find to be covetousness; and in Mark 7:22 we find covetousness proceedeth out of the heart; and if the last great day should overtake you with your hearts and minds fixed on things to make yourselves comfort­able, and every body else to take care of themselves, and the gospel to spread itself, (we mean by the gospel spreading itself, some say the Trum­pet at $1.00 per year had ought to pay expenses.) we believe it would find you in poor condition to face God. Dear saints, never let your­selves be found talking- against any thing that would favor an advance of gospel work: if you do you find your­selves against God. How can you expect the choicest blessings from Father when you withhold from him that which belongs to him who gives you all you have? Yours saved in Jesus,   Charles Ford.

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THE BOY’S COMPANION. By E. E. Byrum. This is a neat little volume with interesting chapters to the boys, concerning the Secret Vice and other bad habits and their effects. Every boy needs advice and warning in time, and too often parents fail to give the need­ed advice until too late. The book Is illustrated with suit­able pictures which are aimed to leave a vivid impression upon the young minds and turn them from the downward road to a pure life. It also contains testimonies and ex­periences from those who are inmates of the states prison. Boys of every age should have one of these books to read. Price, paper cover 15 cts. Cloth binding 25 cts.

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Requests for Prayer.


Pray Jan. 9, that I may be healed of catarrh and other afflictions, and have an increase of faith. Mrs. S. Cristie.


I request the prayers of the saints for myself and for my unconverted compan­ion. Your saved brother,

Daniel Little.


We ask the united prayers of all the saints of God for our son, that he may be delivered out of the hands of Satan and freed from the desire of drink and tobacco and get saved.         

S. B. B.


Dear Saints: Pray for Catharine Rosenberry that she may be healed of a com­plication of diseases, and sanctified. Also pray for Mrs. Myers that she may be healed of deafness.

Anna M. Deckert.


I have rheumatism and neuralgia, and my wife is also very much afflicted. We are saved and desire you to pray that we may be healed. We are hoping that some of God’s holy men or women that can teach the whole Word will come here and preach.     

S. Black,

Aurora, Mo.


Butler, Pa., Dec. 29, 1894.

Pray for the healing of my body Jan. 13. I have been afflicted for thirty years. Have not walked any for over seven years. I have white swelling of the bone, and I am terribly afflicted! I am saved and out of Babylon, and in the body of Christ, the church of the living God. I have quit all medicine and my case is in the hand of the Lord. Your saved sister in Christ,

Sofa L. Hoffman.


Woman’s Faith Home.

We will fast and pray and desire all of God’s little ones to pray with us that the means may speedily be raised up to carry on the rescue work, which has been much crippled here and delayed in Chicago for the want of money. We need a mission where the pure gospel can be preached to souls. Mat. 21:22.

Mary Houskeeper,

Danville, Ill.


Calls for Meeting.


We want some holy minister to come to this place and preach.

Nellie Graham, Pittsburg, Kan.


We would like for some one to come here and hold a meeting. We are poor, but want to hear the pure gospel preached.

John Kinney, Lafayette, Starke Co. Ill.




Echoes from Glory. — Pocket edi­tion, words only, 232 songs. Price 10 cts. Per doz. $1.00.


Several have written that for some time their papers have been received a few days late, and desire to know why such is the case. We have had a rush of work in every department of the office for some time to such an extent that the papers were occasion­ally late in reaching the mail. Hav­ing on hands the names of several thousand persons to whom we send sample copies of the paper, we printed of the last issue, Trumpets, twenty thousand; Evangeliums Posaune, eight thousand; Shining Lights, seven thousand, five hundred. Besides this we have about twenty thousand sheets of book work, and many thousand tracts to fold. Our readers will know better how to help us to send up a petition to God for a folding machine.


Bro. J. A. Welborn of Anderson S. C. writes: We desire some single consecrated man to come here and each a free school, and by that means each the children the Bible. He says, “I propose to board some broth­er that will come and teach, and also preach the gospel. Believe there could be a good work done. We think it will be the Lord’s will to have a camp meeting here in the near future, and perhaps a children’s home for the families of preachers who should be out in the work. Any one that feels the Lord moving him to this work, we would be glad to hear from you. J. A. Welborn.


The president of the school for the blind at Lansing, Mich, writes:

“This school is a state institution and is located at Lansing. Blind children are boarded and taught free of charge. Fur­ther information may be obtained by ad­dressing the Superintendent of the School for the Blind, Lansing, Mich.

Any person knowing of a blind child or one so nearly blind as to be unable to learn in the public schools, should encour­age the parents or guardian to have such child sent to the school at Lansing.”




Which does the carnal mind or the Adamic nature belong to, the body or the spirit? Your sister in Christ,

Lucinda Underwood.

Answer. — Mind is not a property of matter. Mental operations pertain to the spiritual part of man, and not to the physical. And the fact that the “carnal mind” is used to desig­nate the indwelling depravity of man, proves that evil bent adheres in the spiritual and mental, and not in the physical. Matter can neither think nor sin. “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” As tor the body, it is but the house in which the sinner or the holy man lives. 2 Cor. 5:1-4. No one would think that a house sinned because a wicked family resided there. The body is also the instrument used by the spirit that resides within. Rom. 6:19. The members of our bodies are “servants to uncleanness,” when an unclean spirit dwells within; and “servants to righteousness,” when a righteous spirit has possession of the house. Instead of servants, some translations render your members “tools of righteousness,” “weapons,” etc. Thus we see that the body is not the part of the man to which sin pertains. But righteousness and un­righteousness adhere in the man that dwells in the body, and uses the members thereof as his tools. A ser­vant is not responsible for what he does under the control of his master; but the latter is the responsible party. Therefore the Adamic nature per­tains to the soul, and entire sanctifi­cation “purifies the soul.” 1 Peter 1:22. It is a change from a carnal to the “divine nature.” And both soul and body are represented as being sanc­tified, made holy, and preserved blameless. The moral change takes place in the soul, and the change in the body is in the use that is made of it. For instance, when a swearing man gets salvation there is no change takes place in the nature of his tongue, yet that tongue stops swearing and is employed in praising God. This change in its use is wholly the result of a moral transformation of its mas­ter, the inner man who uses the tongue as his instrument. When a thief gets saved, no change takes place in the nature of his hands; but in his soul and affections a change is wrought, resulting in a change in the use of his hands, and he that stole steals no more. Entire sanctification destroys the old sinful nature, and restores the “divine nature.” But this nature which is the image of God, cannot be physical because God is a spirit, and not a physical body.




THERE is a modern league moved by W. T. Ellis and wife of Ore­gon, who call upon the readers of their paper to join them in a praying league, and write to them their names for enrollment. “Each member will pray for every member of the league daily.” “Whoever is joined to us in the Spirit of Christ in this matter, send us your address.”

Now it is a good thing by every scriptural means to inspire true pray­er in the hearts and lives of all men. But why form a praying league? Is there not an ancient and divinely founded praying institution on earth? “My house — saith the Lord — shall be called a house of prayer for all na­tions.” “The house of God which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth,” is all the praying league the word of God recommends, and all that is needed. In it all possess the spirit of prayer; out of it no man’s league can inspire prayer. The church of God possesses every element, power and authority for the promotion of every good oh earth: “all things that pertain to life and godliness.” Whatever is not provided in its infinite stores of grace, manifold gifts of the Spirit, rich treas­ures of wisdom, and almighty execu­tive power of the Holy Spirit, does not pertain to life and godliness, and is not needed to elevate mankind.

This same W. T. Ellis, in connec­tion with others, has also organized what they call the “World’s Mission­ary Society.” But there exists no possible need of any such thing under the sun, since nearly nineteen hun­dred years ago Jesus founded the only missionary society endorsed by the word of God and under his direct control. Read its unparalleled tri­umphs in the mission work. Every man went forth to the nations of the earth whither the hand of God led. And no where on earth, since the first sect machinery and human conven­tionality obstructed its divine opera­tions, has such thurough and rapid progress been witnessed. God’s church contains within it everything needful for its own propagation, and all its instrumentalities work together in harmony and to the glory of Jesus Christ its head. And every invention outside of that divine fold produces something that is distinct from the divine church, and gives glory to some human head, founder or lord. Therefore every professed religious organization on earth is practically a rival of Christ, and of this church which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.” This may be a hard saying to the many sect and as­sociation tinkers; but we speak the truth of God in the conscious light and approval of his Word and Spirit. Every sect, association, alliance, so­ciety and league of this modern babel confusion was begotten in ignorance of the church that Jesus founded. No man who “discerns the body of Christ” has any use for another or­ganism. “We are complete in him.” And this is true in the fullest sense. Completely saved, preserved, com­forted, blessed, satisfied, organized and equipped for every good word and work. No living man need join any thing else but Christ to be useful in every department of temperance, re­form, benevolence and salvation.

Let us compare the modern pray­ing league with the ancient and divine. We became members of that which Christ founded by being “joined to the Lord.” The founders of the modern “call upon all our readers who would join us in a praying league.” The former is nearly nine­teen hundred years old, the latter just born. The membership of the ancient are written in heaven. But, says Mr. Ellis, “We will put each name in a book with address.” Becoming a member of the former produces salvation, and the spirit of prayer; joining the latter, effects no moral change. Therefore, we say to all our readers, be joined to the Lord and he will make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowl­edge of the Lord, and in every good word and work.



A Broken Bone Instantly Healed.


I am praising God to day for salva­tion. Truly, truly I can say with the poet, “I feel it so deep in my soul.” I invested my life in Jesus Christ about five months ago, and gave myself, time, friends, and all I had to him, and I became possessor of the real genuine article of salvation, one that can be measured by the whole word of God. I have the real joy and peace in my soul continually that passeth all understanding. O glory to God! I was a member of the M. E. sect about six years, and while there I was told by a prominent D. D., the great dan­ger of professing holiness was that it led right off to fanaticism, such as divine healing, etc. Well, when I started to follow in his footsteps who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth, it led me just where I could not only take him for my soul, but also for the healer of my body. Several times in the few months since I have left Babylon and entered on this highway of holiness I had the occasion to call on God to heal my bodily afflictions, and in every case a complete work was done, I relate one instance that happened about two weeks ago, believing God will get glory out of it.

I was assisting holding meetings at Wakelee, Mich., and while there I stopped at a house where they seemed to have no faith in God in regard to healing, several sinners there that seemed impossible to be brought under conviction, but we were earnestly agreed that God would have his way and that a work would be done in that family. The morning just before I left I fell down the steps and frac­tured a bone in my hand very badly, making quite a scar. The hand swelled considerable. The pains were so intense that I came near fainting. The people seemed to want to force me to put some liniment on it and tie it up, but O praise God, I called to the Physician who never lost a case or ever made a failure of anything that was trusted to his care. I immediate­ly called for Bro. and Sister Simmons with whom I was laboring, and they went according to Jas. 5:13, 14, anoint­ing me with oil, laid on hands and offered up the prayer of faith, and God then and there did a complete work. The bone was healed, the scar was removed, and the swelling went down immediately. The hand was not in the least sore, and from all appearances you could not tell which hand it was that was hurt. O praise God! praise God! God got glory out of it. I found it was one of the “all things” that workout for our good. Sinners were convicted that morning, believers were strengthened, and skeptics were thoroughly convinced of the power of God to heal.

O dear ones, don’t limit the power of God. All things are possible to them that believe. Mark 9:23. Noth­ing could be more plain or unmistak­able. The great thing for us, therefore, is to exercise faith, which is declared by God to be our privilege as being children of God. Your brother in the one body. Gorham Tufts, Jr.




We read in the word of God that there was a man that dwelt in the tombs, being tormented with devils, and Jesus cast them out, and he was clothed [saved] and in his right mind, Mark 5:5-18.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Tim. 1:7.

And again, a certain man came to Jesus, kneeling down to him and say­ing. Have mercy on my son, for he is a lunatick and sore vexed; for often­times he falleth in the fire, and oft into the water. Jesus commanded, Bring him to me. And Jesus rebuked the devil and he departed out of him; and the child was cured from that very hour. Mat. 17:14-19. And other examples can be found in the word of God.


A little girl thirteen years old, the daughter of Sister Elizabeth Rees, had fits for a year and a half. After trying all the skill of doctors she was not bettered, but grew worse. Then her parents resolved they would try the power of God. They called us to come and anoint her. She had been professing to be saved. So I announc­ed the time we would meet in the name of Jesus to attend on her, Bro. Harmon, myself, wife and other saints went. When we arrived the little girl was just recovering out of a hard fit. The devil was yet holding her lower limbs. The Lord directed me to read the word to find her case. So I began to read after her case and ask the Lord for wisdom. I soon realized the fact that she did not need to be anointed. But we pro­ceeded according to Mat. 17:18, and she sprang out of bed and declared she was saved and healed. Praise God! He got the glory, and the little girl got the benefit. Praise God for ever! We saw her last Sabbath at meeting. She has never had a symp­tom of fits since the Lord healed her, which was the first of last July, about five months ago. There had a crowd gathered to witness the miracle. Some of them say now, she would have got well anyway. Your brother in the one body, Hugh Caudel,

Indian Springs, Mo.

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News from the Field.


Carmi, Ill., Dec. 25, 1894. Dear Bro’s W. A. Davidson and J. L. Pike just closed a twelve day’s meeting at our place. A few accepted the truth. We hope the good seed already sown, will yet bring forth fruit. Many people who are professing to be sanctified, seemed to shake their heads and turn away from the truth, not willing to measure up to the word of God. Five were baptized in Wa­bash river, during the meeting. The brethren went to Evansville, Ind. from here. May the Lord bless them continually wherever they go. Amen. J. D. Baugh.


Dixon, Miss., Dec. 31, 1894.

Dear Saints Everywhere: God bless you all. We are happy to re­port victory in our souls this morning, and can say I have lived another year for God. Praise the Lord! We had a glorious little meeting here during Christmas week. The Lord blessed his word, and some were built up and some were saved. Praise the Lord! We are asking God to send us a co- worker if it is his will, as one is need­ed to help go over the work here. Pray much for us and the work in’ Mississippi. Your saved brother,

R. L. Berry.


Roark, Mo., Dec. 29, 1894.

To all the Saints, Greeting: I thought I would send in a report of our meeting that is in progress at the Star school house. We are praising God for the work he is doing in the hearts of the people. Six or seven justified and four sanc­tified, up to date. Quite a number have manifested a desire for prayer. Bro. J. A. Montgomery is with me in the meeting, and is doing good work for the Master. Dear saints, pray for us and the meeting. I am saved, and sanctified and satisfied.

W. B. Flaherty.


Los Angeles, Cal., Dec. 29, 1894.

Dear Brethren: We are carrying on the battle in the lowest part of the city. We hold street meetings in front of saloons and dives, and while Satan’s forces howl, we have the victory. Hallelujah! We overcome through the blood of the Lamb, and are holding up a risen Savior to a crooked and per­verse generation. Bro. and Sister Wolfe are with us in the meetings. At present are at No. 233 Aliso St., in a hall. We have the victory in our souls amidst persecution. Praise the Lord! Let all the saints pray for us. Yours in Christ, L. D. Hatch.


Rice Lake, Wis., Jan. 4, 1895.

Dear Brethren: I was at Porcu­pine when I wrote last, where the Lord helped some to see the evening light. The Lord wanted us to go north in Barron Co., so we are here. Preached to the church at Rice Lake. The Lord refreshed the saints, and two souls came for pardon, and there was deep conviction on others. Next we went to Clinton, where the church had got cold and had lost their first love. We exhorted them to repent and do their first works, and they obeyed the Lord. There has been from eight to ten at the altar every night for a week. Will remain at Clinton another week, the Lord will­ing. The Lord has given me espec­ial anointing of late. Pray for me, that the Lord may have his way. Yours, saved and kept by the anoint­ing that abideth,

W. P. Halbesleben.


Iron Bridge, Pa., Jan. 1, 1895.

To all, the Saints of God, Greet­ing I am glad to start in the new year with victory through Jesus Christ our Lord, over the world, the flesh, and the devil. Praise our God! We came to this place Dec. 17th, and opened fire against the devil and his forces. We have had good attend­ance and very good attention. A few are drinking in the truth, but it is too strong for many. Conviction is resting on a few. Will remain here as long as the Lord wills. On Nov. 30th, we baptized dear Mother Kriebel at West Point, Pa. previous to coming here. Any one desirous of a meeting in the East this winter, please write us as the Lord may lead. Pray much for us that God may use us to his honor and glory, and that he may point out our way very clear, also for the work in the East that it may be thoroughly opened up and established. Any one wishing to correspond with us, please address West Point, Pa. Yours in the one body,     

B. F. Weikel and Co.


Anderson, S. C., Jan. 2, 1895.

Dear Saints of the Living God: We are happy to again report perfect victory in the name of Jesus. We also join with you in praising God for his manifold blessings which he has bestowed upon us during the past year; truly it has been the happiest, and best of all my life. Praise the good Lord forevermore! Amen.

Since our last report we have held meetings as follows: At Williamston; then to Piny Grove meeting house; from there went to Anderson; then to Mrs. Walkers, near Iola; then near Piercetown, at Bro. Charles Kay’s house, and again to Piny Grove. Most of the meetings were good, and some souls saved at every place except at Mrs. Walkers, which is truly the most negligent, and unconcerned class of people I have ever met. God pity them for Christ’s sake! We had a good meeting in Anderson. A few souls were saved, and some that were already saved made their escape from Babylon, and came shouting home to Zion, with songs and everlast­ing joy upon their heads. This, of course, aroused the guilty conscience of some, but they did not venture to try to overthrow the work, because they were thoroughly convinced of the fact, that we had the truth; and preached the same to the people without the fear of men or devils. To God be all the glory.

The meeting at Bro. Kay’s was very good; there were a few saved, and those that were already saved were much strengthened and encour­aged. May God bless them. From there we returned to the assembly meeting at Piny Grove, which com­menced Dec. 22d. At the beginning the prospects were favorable for a glorious time, and truly we did have a glorious meeting on Christmas day. But the weather got very cold (for this country) and some snow fell, which made the attendance very small. However, I believe the purpose was accomplished for which the meeting was intended. Some souls were con­verted; some were also sanctified, and the church much strengthened. Praise God! the work is moving along nicely. The ministers present dur­ing the meeting were J. D. Gillespie, D. R. Brown, J. M. Campbell, C. A, Kay, J. A. Welborn, and others that will likely be sent forth in the near future. They were all used of God to some extent, and some were a great help in preaching the truth to the people. Dear Bro. Brown is just about to make his escape out of the M. E. sect. He came two hundred miles to attend this meeting; for this, and other reasons, I am most sure he is seeking truth and light. He will be a very useful man, if he gets out in the clear evening light of the gos­pel. The dear saints here are almost ready to make the effort to start a children’s home and school in this community. They will need some help about building. Either money or labor will be acceptable, and very thankfully received. The school is much needed. Any one feeling an interest in this work, and desiring to send any help, much or little, please send it to J. A. Welborn, Anderson, S. C. Let all the saints everywhere, and especially in the South, ask God what he wants you to do in this mat­ter, and then do as the Lord directs, that the work of God be not hinder­ed.

We had a very precious ordinance meeting last evening, which the Lord sealed by the presence of the blessed Holy Spirit. Praise his name! We will begin meeting in a school house near Pebzer, Friday night, to continue as long as the Lord wills. Please remember us in your prayers. Yours in Jesus, contending for the faith,

Thos. and Amanda Carter.


Galesburg, Kan., Dec. 31, 1894.

Dear Saints of God: We are glad to report that we have victory in our soul this morning in the name of Je­sus. Since the Neosha Falls camp meeting, the dear Lord has been open­ing up the way for us to go out and labor in his vineyard. After holding a few services at this place, and after baptizing four the Lord saw fit to send us to Rose, Kan., where we held a week’s meeting. A fair attendance, and some interest was manifested, and some seemed to be surprised that we had not a rasping, driving spirit, and seemed to expect abuse. But as the Lord gave us heavenly wis­dom with love to preach the Word, we feel like much good was done in removing prejudice, and in establish­ing the saints. From there we came home and then went to the Diamond school house, seven miles west of Thayer, Kan., where Bro. J. B. Cald­well had been solving the good seed. Bro. Caldwell assisted us one week, and then went to Missouri to hold a meeting. But before going, felt led to be rebaptized and was baptized, and the Lord witnessed to it in won­derfully blessing his soul, and we feel like many others would have a clear­er conscience if they would be bap­tized according to the Word, and get a baptism the devil could not tempt them so much over. Meeting con­tinued twenty-three days. Over twen­ty-five were at the altar for justifica­tion. How many received the desire of their heart, the Lord alone knows. Five consecrated for sanctification, and we feel were sanctified wholly. There are many others whom the Lord has convicted for a clean heart, whom we trust will pay the price and receive their hearts’ desire. We felt the need of a good consecrated sing­er, and am trusting the Lord to supply us with one in his own good time. We expect to go to Pittsburg, Kan., and remain there as long as the Lord wills. Your brother saved and sanc­tified by a second definite work of grace,       L. G. Bryant.




Psa. 119:129.


Los Angeles, Cal.

Dear Saints of God: It is a long time since I have sent in my testi­mony to the Trumpet. I want to tell you that I am still saved, and trust­ing the dear Lord to keep me day by day. He supplies all my needs, both spiritual and. temporal. He is an ever-present Savior. He is my all and in all. He is my physician for both soul and body. We have good meetings here. Some few are being saved, but oh, how many there are here that need salvation! Pray for them, and pray for me that I may ever be true to God. Your sister in Jesus,

M. E. Smith.


Fairfax, Mo.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: The Lord does sweetly save my soul just now. I cannot praise him enough for all the love and mercy he has shown to me. I am so glad that I enlisted in the army of God. By the help and sustaining grace of God, I am determined to make heaven my eternal home. He has said his grace is sufficient for us, and I know it is if we keep our eyes on Jesus and be obedient, and not yield and give over to the enemy. Sometimes Satan just rages, but it has never done him any good yet. Bless the Lord! And when I come in contact with persecu­tions, temptations, and tribulations, I just count it all joy for Jesus’ sake. I ask you all to remember the church at this place, that we may be always true, loyal, and obedient servants of Christ. Yours in the service of the Master,          Belle Glaskin.


Liverpool, England.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led to write my testimony to the glory of God, for the great things done in my soul. It is two years and a half since

I was converted, and for twelve months after, I knew I needed some thing more, but did not know what it was I wanted, until the Word was explained in Isa. 6:7, “Lo, this hath touched thy lips, and thine iniquity taken away, and thy sin purged.” And then I was shown it was a second work of grace I needed, and praise the Lord, I received it; and it has been victory through trials ever since, and I was kept by the power of God, walking up to all the light I had un­til last August I heard the evening light preached on the fall of Babylon, not knowing sectism was wrong until that time. I said by the grace of God, I would flee out of it as soon as the Lord made the way clear. My friends at home would not hear of me coming to any moire meetings, so the Ford gave me these verses in Isa. 52:11, 12; “Depart ye, depart ye, go ye out from thence, touch no un­clean thing; go ye out of the midst of her; be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord; for ye shall not go out by haste, nor go by flight; for the Lord shall go before you, and the God of Israel shall be your rere­ward.” Praise the Lord! I held on to the promise, and just seven weeks ago I left sectism, and am rejoicing in this glorious evening light, although it meant leaving home. I intend to go all the way my Savior leads me, and when fully equipped with the gos­pel armor, and meet for the Mas­ter’s use, I mean to go forth in the name of the Lord to spread the even­ing light when quite sure God wants me to. Will all the dear saints pray for me that I may be kept very humble, and sitting like Mary of old at Jesus’ feet, learning of him? Your sister, saved and kept,

Jennie Tunnicliff.


Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1894.

Dear Family of God, Greeting in Jesus: I have felt for some time like telling you how God has deliv­ered me from death, and from hell, but was waiting until I knew it was the right time. How to place all the past I cannot solve, but like the blind man, “One thing I know, whereas I was blind, I now see.” Praise God for his longsuffering and tender mer­cies to me. Those who were in attendance at the camp meeting at Grand Junction two years ago last June will remember husband and I, and little George meeting with you for the first time. I had seen the “star in the east” when at Berlin, Canada. Bro. David Moyer said the “saints” had but one text book, that was the Bible, also they were on the apostolic line, and God permitted me to meet many obstacles to get to the camp. I felt that we ought to stay there, but since I did all I could and was defeated I could only wait and see the end. God has shown me and brought me through severe chastenings to save me. I found that my heart was not perfect in the sight of God, while I knew I must love God and choose him above and beyond every body. Yea, I had the theory all right, yet in my heart I had one whom I had set up before God to honor. I did not want to have it so, but how to have it different I could not see; but God, my dear parent, so faithful to his children, let me down, down, until I cried as from the dust, and my wail went up like Hezekiah’s. Isa. 38. Day and night I cried in the bitterness of my soul unto God. But not until I turned over the whole matter to God did I find deliverance. I had been left a widow and married again to one whom I believed to be a Christian. After only two weeks I found to my heart’s sorrow that he was going to be a cast away unless he had help. I seemed to feel that he must be from henceforth in my care until delivered. Again and again God helped him, and again and again he seemed the same. Different times, at the Trumpet office and other places he had evil spirits cast out only to permit them to enter again, the last state being worse each time than the former. I saw there was no help only as God might undertake; and being sorely afflicted and near to death through these things, I came back to Canada where friends and relatives thought it only a matter of time with my life, as I discarded all medicines and trusted alone to the infinite power of Christ to heal me. My disease was inflammation of the nerves and muscles. I was unable to turn over alone in bed, or get out or in alone. At this time my husband left me. It was a bitter cup. One I had refused to drink of many times when he had threatened to leave. But now, praise God, I found the grace in Christ to triumph. And while I was held fast in affliction many months, Jesus did come to my rescue. I was enabled to see him as my healer, praise his dear name for­ever! and the feet and hands that were so crippled God is helping me to use in earning the money to pay some debts contracted during my sickness. I can see many things which were so hard to understand made plain, and the way is growing brighter each day as I resign all to the will of God. Praise his dear name! Oh how the glory of God fills and refills my soul daily, and I tri­umph in Christ my Redeemer and King. I expect soon to enter the work again for souls. Satan has tried hard to defeat and destroy, but the Lion of the tribe of Judah breaks every chain! Praise God! Hallelujah! I am saved from all sin and on the run heavenward. I have not been to hear the gospel preached, nor had the privilege of meeting with God’s peo­ple since I left Battle Creek but twice, but the connection is open between heaven and my soul. Glory to God! “Walking in the light of heaven, in my Jesus all is bright.” Yours in the triumphs of living faith,

Mrs. E. C. Dunham.




Corey. — Little son and daughter of James and Mary Corey, departed this life to be with Christ, May 5, 1894 and Dec. 28, 1894. Burnice, aged one year, four months, sixteen days; Albert, aged eight months. Funeral services by H. W. Heckler,

Delta, Ia.


Anderson. — Mrs. Belinda Ander­son, wife of Andrew Anderson, Elk Grove, Cal., fell asleep in Jesus Dec. 2, 1894; aged thirty-nine years, five months and eighteen days. She had been a sufferer for many years, but her trust was in the Lord for her spiritual welfare, whom she has served for fifteen years.

Andrew Anderson.


Hatfield. — Isaac Newton Hatfield, died Dec. 30, 1894; aged fifty-four years, eleven months, nine days. Bro. Hatfield heard the evening light preached his first time at the Marquand C. M. last September. Came to the altar, was blessed and gave some very bright testimonies during the C. M., but seemed to decline after­ward somewhat, and did not get fully in the light. Was not among the saints much, and had but little teach­ing on the whole word; did not give up doctors, medicine, tobacco, etc. But seemed to realize the night before his death that he was on doubtful ground, and spent some time in earn­est prayer to God for forgiveness of sins, but! did not leave a clear testi­mony that he was fully satisfied of his acceptance with God. While it is to be hoped all was well with his soul, room is left for doubt. Oh, dear perishing souls, let this be your warn­ing, not to wait till your last hours to make a settlement with God. Be sure you give him your whole heart at once, lest death, or the Son of God, come as a thief in the night. Bro. H. died unexpectedly, although his health had been bad for some time. His son, with whom he had been making his home since coming here from Advance, where he had been at work for a few weeks, did not think him much sick until just before he died. His funeral was preached by the writer at the home of his son, J. Hatfield. The truth was listened to with much interest, most all present asking for prayers for pardon or a closer walk with God. Your humble brother,   R. B. Hicks.

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I CHARGE thee therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his king­dom; Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, re­buke, exhort, with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doc­trine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears. And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 2 Tim. 4:1-4.

The command is, Preach the word. The apostle classifies it, sound doc­trine, something substantial. Of the word David said, Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. Ps. 119:89. Again, The word of the Lord endureth forever. 1 Pet. 1:25. Of the gospel which is the word of God, Paul said, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth. Rom. 1:16. For Christ sent me * * * to preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect. For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish, foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. 1 Cor. 1:17, 18. And I, brethren, when I came unto you, came not with excel­lency of speech or of wisdom, declar­ing unto you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know any­thing among you, save Jesus Christ and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness and in fear, and much trembling. And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in dem­onstration of the Spirit and power, that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. 1 Cor. 2:1-5.

The above scriptures are so plain that they need no comment, but not­withstanding the plainness of these statements, the world is flooded with men and women teaching strictly contrary to the Word, which proves that we are living in the dispensation when they will not endure sound doc­trine. The gospel is intended to en­lighten the people, to bring them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God, to open the eyes of the blind, undeceive the deceived, to straighten the crooked, to lift the fallen, to bring deliverance unto them that are bound. But let us look for a moment at the teaching of many; they teach for doctrines the commandments of men; they prophesy smooth things; they daub with untempered mortar, they teach for hire; they teach to please the people, having men’s person in ad­miration because of advantage. They dare not expose the many sins that their congregations are daily com­mitting; they dare not declare the judgments of God’s word; they can not reform others, for many of them have never experienced any reforma­tion. They do not preach Jesus Christ and him crucified, but deal in popular lectures and essays to gain the sympathy of the worldly, and tickle the ears of the professors, which makes them more or less subject to the world, flesh, and the devil.

The apostle said. Preach the word, which means the whole word of God. There is no sect that teaches the whole Word; some reject one thing, and some another; for instance, one rejects sanctification; another the ordinances; another regeneration; and the infidel rejects the whole thing, which, of course, is no worse than those rejecting a part. One sect ad­vocates justification, yet deny a sin­less life; another advocates sanctifi­cation as a growth, or not attainable in this life, while others have an im­aginary fancied millennium to get ready to meet God. Picture in your mind if you can, the Millennialist ap­proaching the heaven with his “age to come,” the Universalist with his venom, the Spiritualist with his delu­sion, together with over six hundred other isms and schisms. Can you imagine the state of perplexity into which they are driven? Oh my God that is not preaching the Word. If the pure Word is preached it will solve every mystery, obliterate every doubt, banish every uncertainty, and make all clear before our eyes. I fear that many, yes, many of the teachers of to day will reap cor­ruption, which is the portion due to those that sow to the flesh. And again, They that do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Gal. 5:21. Peter says, But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies (destruct­ive sects. — German), even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction And many shall follow their perni­cious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

Dear reader, did you ever think that these heresies spoken of are the many different religious human or­ganizations? Oh, no! many will say it does not mean our church (sect); we do not deny the Lord that bought us. I do not hesitate to say that there is not a sect under heaven that does not in a measure deny the Lord that bought them. Many of them do not hesitate to say that a Christian can not live without sin, thus they deny Christ, and limit his saving power. They say we can not be perfect in this life, but the Word says, “He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.” Again, “We can not be holy,” when God plainly declares that without the experience, none shall see the Lord. Lastly, they are bold in saying that it is. an impossibility to see alike, or all be one. Here they virtually deny Christ’s unifying pow­er. Many preachers are afraid to preach against pride and the flagrant sins that so many professors are guilty of, because they are dependent upon that class of people for their support. The members attend the fair, social, theater, ball, and many of them other licentious places, and the preacher is bound to submit to it more or less, or lose his salary. Many times he feels like sending forth a volley of judg­ments, but Is only hushed by the rich and influential, the god that he serves.

Who is so blind that they cannot see that the above is a fair example of the Babylon of Rev. 18? She hath made all nations drunk through her fornication, yea, her sins have reach­ed unto heaven. May God awaken the millions that are soothed to sleep, and let them arise from the dead, and Christ shall give them life. Our prayer is, Send more laborers into the vineyard, those that will preach the pure Word on an uncompromising line. I thank God that he maketh his angels spirits and his ministers a flame of fire. Your sanctified brother,

A. M. Bixler.




AWAKE to righteousness, and sin not, is the voice of the omniscient God given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, from the throne of Christ our King, to all nations scattered throughout the provinces of this earth. It is a command, but is left to our own option whether to obey or not. To obey is life eternal. But the neglectors of the same, receive a just recompense of reward, even eternal banish­ment from all that pertains to joy, peace and purity, the penalty following breaking of the law of heaven. The all-seeing eye of a merciful God piercing the darkness and misery of a sin-cursed earth, beholding the strong bands of Satan that bind a mass of wretch humanity in an abyss of dissipation, was touched with a sympathy only corresponding to the nature of a divine Creator, desiring to deliver a lost race from the power of a never-ending death.

He prepared a perfect salvation, whereby we may be delivered from all sin, the power of Satan, the hater of all purity and enemy of all souls. Where we find a genuine there also appears a counterfeit. And after Je­sus came and established his kingdom, the way of which is holy, so narrow that it excludes all manner of ungodliness; there arose many thieves and robbers bringing in their counterfeits, and offering them to the human race, boasting how their inventions facili­tate the plan of salvation, making the way broad enough to gather in every nefarious doctrine, and fallacious spirit, admitting every idea or imag­ination of man to ease the conscience and calm the fears of hell, and the judgment of God, until thousands of modern professors of Christianity are so rooted and grounded in the for­mality of sectism, and intoxicated on the wine of Babylon, that they think believing anything is true makes it true; “Just as our conscience leads.” Many having a defiled conscience, could tolerate such things as would be obnoxious to others more suscep­tible. And because of the many di­visions and contentions among the professed people of God, there has risen a general or universal unbelief among all classes of non-professors. As they view the so-called “church members” they scoff at the thought of reforming, as their own experience exeeeds by far that of the professed Christian, in the line of morality. And because of the ungodliness of the mass of professors, they doubt the reality of God’s eternal salvation. From those who profess to follow Christ we hear such language as follows: “We cannot live without sin, nor can anyone else;” “We all sin in word, thought and deed.” The multi­tude of sinners watching the life of such ungodly sinners say, “They sin in word, that is what they speak; in thought, that is what they think; in deed, that is what they do, signifying outward manifestations. I am a great sinner indeed, but cannot excel that record.” Is it strange they lose all confidence in the very name sal­vation? The cause of so much infi­delity and skepticism is very plainly manifest, yet there is a cause back of all this.

What has placed the professors of salvation in such a deplorable condi­tion as they are at present? God himself will answer: Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear; but your iniqui­ties have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear. Isa. 59:1, 2. Degenerating from the truth and adhering to fables that please the carnal mind; separating from Jesus Christ and his church, joining the hosts of Satan and his apostate churches, has caused this universal backsliding in heart until the non-professing world has lost to a great degree, if not entirely, all faith and confidence in the works of Christ, and every desire to gain the joys of eternal life.

But now since the darkness of sect­ism has passed away, Zion is being “redeemed with judgment” and emer­ges from beneath the dreadful night of confusion, “returns unto her first rusband,” Hos. 2:7, even Jesus Christ from whom there was a separation, because of sin. And at this time is fulfilled the prophecy of Hosea, “I will even betroth thee unto me in faith­fulness, and thou shalt know the Lord. And it shall come to pass in that day (when the Lord destroys the names of sectism. Ver’s 16, 17, chap. 2), I will hear, saith the Lord, I will hear the heavens, and they shall hear the earth, and the earth shall hear the corn, and the wine, and the oil; and they shall hear Jezreel.” 2:20-22.

The heavens here represent God’s people. As sin hides God’s face that he will not hear, his people are now freed from sin and have their fruit unto holiness, are brought into a nearness with God, even married un –  the Son of the Most High. And at this time, says the Lord, I will hear the heavens, that is, all sin destroyed, no obstruction between God and his people. Their prayers ascend to his throne, and are heard and answerer according to his tender mercy. Be­cause we abide in him and his words abide in us, we ask what we will, and it is done.

“The heavens shall hear the earth,” or the saved are in such a position that they can comprehend the state of the sinner; and as he seeks to be delivered from the bondage of sin, they are competent by the Holy Spirit to point him to the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world, and to a perfect salvation, separate from all isms, and abiding in Jesus alone, which could not be done in the past, when every teacher fought for and held up a carnal creed instead of Christ. But now the elect of God are filled with compassion toward the sinner, and as he groans beneath a load of guilt, being dragged to de­spair, they seek to rescue him from death.

And the earth or sinner hears the corn, and the wine, and the oil. The sinner being so disgusted with hy­pocrisy, will not hear, receive or have confidence in any professor except the one who bears or produces the corn, wine and oil, or bears fruit ac­cording to the word of God, and whose life is an open epistle, known and read of all men, is found without spot or blemish, and manifests nothing but the life of Christ.

The corn, wine and oil shall hear Jezreel. Jezreel signifies the seed or gospel of God. (Read chap. 1:11.) And those who follow Christ in this glorious evening light will hear the pure gospel, and that only. We all hear the blessed word of God, and adhering to its teaching, are brought into the fellowship of Christ and fel­lowship one with another. As we now are separated from ail sin and joined unto Jesus Christ the Son of God, our prayers are heard and answered by the Almighty, and the victorious church of the first-born shines forth in all of her beauty as she did in the days of her youth. The Lord hears us; we hear the cry of the sinner; the sinner receives warning from those who bear the fruit of a sanctified life, even much fruit, Jno. 15:5, yea an abundance of corn, wine and oil. The sanctified hear the gospel of Christ and obey, march forth with love’s banner unfurled, triumphing over all the powers of hell, rejoicing in the fulness of perfected love through Jesus Christ, unto whom belongs all praise and adoration now and ever­more. Amen.

W. A. Haynes,

Flag Springs, Mo.




Psa. 113:129.


West Liberty, O.

To the Saints, Greeting: This is the first time I have written my testi­mony to the Gospel Trumpet. I am saved from all sin through the blood of Jesus. I feel the cleansing stream owing through my soul, and I am kept hid away with Christ in God. The Gospel Trumpet is a welcome visitor in our home, we cannot do without it. Yours saved in the one body,         

Mrs. J. N. Davis.


Centertown, Pa.

Dear Saints of the Living God: I feel that God wants me to testify through the Trumpet. I have come back to my Father’s house, and I do praise God for delivering me out of the hands of the devil. He saves me just now, and he is blessing me in reading his holy Word, and in praying around the family altar. I have been cold and discouraged in the service of the Lord, but now I intend and will be faithful until death. I ask the prayers of all the saints.

C. W. Koonce.


Englewood, Ill.

Dear Saints of God: I feel led of the Lord to write my testimony. This morning finds me saved, and I have sweet peace in my soul which the world cannot give. The Lord has wonderfully healed me of enlarge­ment of the heart. I have had heart trouble for about seven years, which developed into enlargement of the heart. I have doctored with a great many doctors, but found no relief, only for a few days at a time; but when the dear Lord showed me that he would heal me if I would just trust my case in his hands, and when I was willing to trust my case in his hands, and when I was willing to trust the Lord and give up taking medicine, then the dear Lord healed me. To him be all the glory forever. Yours saved, sanctified and healed.

Laura Wiley.


Prosser, Neb.

Dear Brothers and Sisters is Christ: I believe it would be to the glory of God to tell how wonderful the dear Lord healed a terrible tooth­ache. It was so painful; I had been asking Father to heal it. It seemed to get worse all the time. I searched my consecration, hut could find noth­ing. I was in such distress I went to bed, commenced to cry and ash Father if there was anything that was hindering him from healing me. Just in an instant the pain ail left. I could hardly realize what had taken place. My soul was filled with shouts and praises to God. Praise his holy name! Oh it pays to serve God! He can do more for us than we can think or ask. The Lord has been our phy­sician nearly four years. Dear ones in Christ, pray for me that I may stand true to God.

Alice M. Eberline.


West Liberty, O.

Dear Brethren: It is with a thank­ful heart to God for the gift of his dear Son, that through his coming a lost and ruined people could be brought again to enjoy peace and happiness in this world. Oh I am 0 glad that I accepted him as my Re­deemer and Savior. He has given me a new heart and created within me a right spirit, an unselfish spirit which prompts me to do good to my fellow men.

It is now almost five years since I gave myself and all to the Lord. I never wished to take anything off the altar, but instead I lighten his burden by loving him more and more every day, and being obedient to all his commandments. O praise his dear name forever! The Lord healed my soul and body, also my companion who was an invalid for eight months, and also a sinner: the Lord healed her soul and body. Also our oldest boy who is fourteen years old. Last August he had typhoid fever in its worst form and the Lord healed him, both soul and body. Praise his name! So you see I am partaker of the fruit, and I feel like imparting to others. It is my intention to work for the Lord the remainder of my days here on earth and praise him through eternity for what he has done for me.  

John M. Whitman.


Stellaville, Ga.

Dear Saints of God: I bless God that I am saved and sanctified, and out in the vineyard working for the Lord. I am so glad the dear Lord sent the brethren to Pepperson Co. to teach us the right way. I could see that there was but the one church, though I had not come out. I was greatly disgusted with the sect where I was a member, and I was determined to get out and give my time, my all to Christ. A good many came out and were buried with Christ in bap­tism. Oh how I thank God for being one that was buried with Christ, and dead to sin. I was converted when fourteen years of age, and felt called to work for Jesus. I asked the Lord if it was his voice calling me to go and work for him, to open the way for me and I do would anything he would have me do. I did not know he wanted me to get out of the sect; I had always been taught the Meth­odist church, so-called, was the right one, so I thought it was right. But thank God, when I heard the pure Word, I obeyed, and I am now free indeed. As soon as I made the entire consecration and was made free, the Lord opened the way for me to work for him. In June Papa and Bro. Gay and myself held a meeting in Rich­mond Co. The Lord put it in the hearts of the people to receive the Word, and thirteen were established in the one body. We then went to Avera, Ga., where the church was established, and twenty-seven more have been added since that time. We then went near Bartonville, Ga., and the Lord blessed our labors there.

There is a great work to be done in Georgia. The people seem hun­gering and thirsting for the word of God. We have a great many calls. Thank God for a few people in Geor­gia who love the truth and are taking the whole word of God, Pray for me. Your little sister in Christ,

Dunice Dye.

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