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24 September 1896, Volume 16, Number 38.



The church of God, sustained on high,
While in the morning light,
Clothed with the splendor of the sun,
Shone in her glory bright.

Her children all were born of love,
And dwelt in one accord,
One heart, one soul, one mind, one mouth,
To glorify the Lord.

Her organism, not of man;
Her creed, the word of God;
Her fellowship, the Holy Ghost;
Her righteousness, the blood.

No other head had she but Christ;
In him she was complete;
With all the Holy Spirit’s gifts,
The devil to defeat.

But time passed on to see the change;
The sun refused to shine;
The awful night of sin appeared,
Of Amos eight and nine.

And now, instead of Zion fair
In all her glory bright,
Appears the false and fallen bride
Of the Catholic night.

 Oh, God! the “man of sin” appears,
Spreads o’er a wide domain;
The Roman sect begins to rule,
The saints of God are slain.

The wilderness must now receive
The precious church of God;
Until the reformation comes,
As promised in the Word.

In 1520, Luther came,
And taught the word of God,
Declaring that salvation comes
Directly from the Lord.

And now appeared the church again,
Clothed in her robes of grace,
While Satan, cast down to the earth,
In heaven found no place,

Ten years passed on, they organized,
Then came a cloudy day;
There was not yet sufficient light
To clear the night away.

Again the woman took two wings,
And soared away with flight;
And in the wilderness she dwelt,
Until the evening light.

But prophecy is now fulfilled,
That’s foretold in the Word;
The holy church again shines forth,
Triumphant in the Lord.

Thus wheat and tares together grew.
Through all the dreary past,
But separation now we see;
The harvest’s come at last;

Like Sodom, now this sectish world
In revelry is seen;
But hark! the cleansing time has come,
Of Daniel eight fourteen.

And now the Lamb in Zion stands,
Loud calling to the wise:
“My people, flee the Babel wreck;
Her sins reach to the skies.”

To Zion now return the saints,
As in the days of yore:
While Babylon, condemned of God,
Must sink, to rise no more.

J. L. Green.


Giving to the Lord.


DEAR ones in Christ: We feel like writing a few lines to stir up your pure minds on this subject. Oh, my brethren! in the name of Jesus Christ let us make a mighty forward move on this line. There are multitudes of precious souls today that are hungering for the bread of eternal life. Upon every hand are calls for the pure gospel, and there are also orders coming in from different countries for holy literature, so much that it is impossible to fill the demands without purchasing considerable new machinery. So, let us with one accord bring this matter before God, and as we pray let us ask God to furnish us with something to give.

As we take a look at the spiritual condition of the world to-day and consider the vast number of people who have never even heard of a Savior and also those that have never heard the gospel preached in its purity, truly it behooves every child of God to do all in his power to spread the everlasting gospel of Christ. Paul says we are laborers together with God; so every one of us has something to do in this last great reformation.

Now those of us who are not called to the ministry, let us see if we can not preach to a certain extent with our means. There are a great precious promises in the word of God to those who give willingly to God’s cause. There are actually some people who seem to be afraid to give anything for fear they will come to want themselves. Let us appeal to the word and see if this will be the case. Prov. 28:27 — “He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack; but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.” Dear ones, let us take God at his word and act upon the same.

As a general rule, when God convicts us to give something to help along the cause, about the time we decide to do so, the devil will present some such thoughts as this, “You had better not do that now; if you do you will be just certain to need it yourself.” And it he possibly can He will prevent us giving anything. And if he cannot keep us from giving anything, he will tell us about the one-half of what we had intended to give will be plenty for this time. Dear ones, this is an old trick of the devil; he knows very well if he can keep us from giving what God wants us to, that we will grow lean in our souls and the cause of Christ will be hindered.

This is one cause of so much backsliding. Oh, my brethren! it is time for us to take a stand against the devil in these things. And whenever God says give, let us give in spite of the devil.

And again, there are people who never have anything to give. They say, I would like to give something to the Lord but I have nothing to give. To such I would say, get down on your knees and ask God for something to give. Ask in faith. And when God answers your prayer, then give whatever God has prospered you with. You can then hold the Lord to his promise: “He that hath pity upon [giveth to] the poor, lendeth to the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.” — Prov. 19:17. So there is no danger of us coming to want through giving.

Dear ones, let us stand on these promises. They are sure. “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall never pass away.” The word says in Luke 6:38, “Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, shaken together,’ and running over, shall men give unto your bosom; for with the same measure ye meet withal it shall be measured unto you again.”, Let us see how we are to give. “Every man as he purposeth in his heart, not grudgingly, or of necessity; for God loveth a cheerful giver.” — 2 Cor. 9:7. God wants us to give out of a love that we have of keeping his commandments. It also means living close enough to God that he can show us by his Spirit just what he wants us to give. “For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have shewed toward his name in that ye have ministered to the saints and do minister.”

Now brethren, do you want a real blessing from God? If so, “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, and prove me, saith the Lord, if I will not pour out a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.” — Mal. 5:10. Let us prove the

Lord. Your brother in Christ,





The: Sabbath


QUES. 1. Did not God bless the seventh day and sanctify that day? — If so —

2 Is it not proper for the Christian to keep the seventh day as the Sabbath?

3. Is it not sinning, or violating God’s commandment fifty-two times a year to keep a rival day or a traditional day? and in doing so do we not commit a sin unto death? — “Sin is the transgression of the law.” Tibri.

ANS. Yes, Mr. “Tibri,” God did bless and sanctify the seventh day; but not at the time of his rest upon that day, at the creation, as the Seventh-day Adventists do vainly talk; which we will occupy time and space to prove unto you.

In Gen. 2:2, 3 we read: “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.”

Because these words are recorded in the history of the creation, seventh-day- keepers argue that God sanctified the seventh day as a day of worship at the very time of his rest upon that day, when he had created all things in the heaven and the earth. But the very construction of the language of the text proves that the sanctification of the seventh day, and God’s rest upon that day were not coincident. It says, “And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it [past tense] because that in it he had rested [past perfect tense] from all his work which God created and made.” These two events being recorded in different tenses could not have been coincident.- The sanctification of the day being recorded in the past tense, while God’s rest is recorded in the past perfect tense, evidently proves that the sanctification took place at a later date than God’s rest upon that day. And what act of Jehovah later than his rest upon the seventh day might be considered a sanctification of that day? There is nothing of the kind on record that took place earlier than the giving of the law upon Mount Sinai.

The book of Genesis was not written until after the Sinaitic code was given. So it is very evident that the thundering forth of the words, “Six days shalt thou labor, but the seventh is the Sabbath of the Lord,” from Sinai, is the very sanctification of the day, to which Moses referred. This position we will proceed to substantiate by a number of plain declarations in the word of God.

‘‘Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant. It is a sign between me and the children of Israel forever: for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested, and was refreshed.”

From this text it is seen that the seventh-day Sabbath was a sign between the Lord and the Jewish nation; that is, it was to distinguish the Jews from other nations. Therefore if, as the Adventists say, the seventh-day Sabbath was enjoined at the creation, and was kept from that time by all nations, God gave his holy nation a sign to distinguish them from other nations that the whole world was acquainted with. — Incredible. Herein have we another proof that the seventh- day Sabbath was never enjoined upon any people before the exodus from Egypt.

We will next turn to Neh. 9:13, 14 — “Thou camest down also upon Mount Sinai, and spakest with them from heaven, and gavest them right judgments, and true laws, good statutes and commandments: and madest known unto them thy holy Sabbath, and commandedst them precepts, statutes, and laws, by the hand of Moses thy servant.” Here it is clearly stated that God made known the Sabbath unto the Jewish nation upon Mount Sinai. Now if the Sabbath had been enjoined, and kept from the very time of creation, how could God have revealed it unto the Jews at Sinai? The fact is that neither the Jews nor any other nation knew anything about seventh-day- keeping before God revealed it unto them in the wilderness.

Adventists base an argument in favor of a pre-Mosaic Sabbath upon Ex. 20:11, where it is taught that the Sabbath was enjoined as a memorial of God’s rest at creation upon the seventh day, saying, If the Sabbath day is a memorial of God’s rest at creation, it must have been observed from that time. But this is a very flimsy argument, for any length of time might elapse between an event and the institution of an observance in memory of that event, without destroying the power of the memorial. If Adventists would just consider that the Sabbath was set forth as a twofold memorial in the law of Moses, they would surely see the falsity of the argument now under consideration.

“And remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Egypt, and that the Lord thy God brought thee out thence through a mighty hand and by a stretched out arm: therefore the Lord thy God commanded thee to keep the Sabbath day.” — Deut. 5:15.

In this text it is clearly taught that the observance of the Sabbath of the law was commemorative of the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage. And could a memorial of an event have been instituted before that event took place? Surely not.

The first account we have of Sabbath-keeping, in all the world’s history, sacred or profane, is found in the sixteenth chapter of Exodus. And the very account given there, proves it to be a newly instituted thing. For it is there stated that the rulers of Israel, when they saw their brethren preparing to keep the Sabbath reported them unto Moses as evil-doers. Ex. 16:22. Would they have done this had they ever before been- accustomed to Sabbath-keeping, as Adventists say? Nay, but they would contrariwise have told on them had they not prepared to keep the Sabbath.

We have now surely brought forth abundant proofs that the seventh day received no sanctification before the decalogue was given at Mount Sinai, and will now proceed to show whether or not the decalogue is in vogue in the New Testament dispensation. Then will we be fully prepared to answer intelligently Mr. “Tibri’s” second question.


“Tell me, ye that desire to be under the law, do ye not hear the law? For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a free-woman. But he who was of the bond-woman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise. Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from Mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar. For this Agar is Mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children. But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.” — Gal. 4: 21-26.

“Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are the children of promise.” — Verse 28.

“Nevertheless what saith the scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman. So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free.’’ – Verses 30,31.

The above, though it be a relation of a historical fact, because Abraham’s two wives furnish such a beautiful type of the two covenants, is handled by the apostle as an allegorical description of the two covenants or testaments.

The bondwoman he shows to be the old or Sinaitic covenant in so. many words, “The one from Mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar.” (Agar was the name of Abraham’s concubine, or bondwife.) Again, he says, “This Agar is Mount Sinai in Arabia.”

The freewoman he evidently shows to be the New Testament, saying, “We, brethren [that is, we Christians who serve God under the New Testament], as Isaac was, are the children of promise.”

The apostle also shows us very clearly in the above, that the Sinaitic code is not in force in these New Testament times, in the following words: “Nevertheless, what saith the scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman. So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman but of the free.”

Surely no comments upon the above could more clearly show the abolition of the Sinaitic covenant in it, than the very words of holy writ themselves.

But what was included in the first -covenant? “And he was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the ten commandments.” — Ex. 34:28. “And he declared unto you his covenant, which he commanded you to perform, even ten commandments; and he wrote them upon two tables of stone.” — Deut. 4:13.

The addition of comments could not make these texts prove more clearly that the ten commandments were the first covenant. The covenant included other things, but the decalogue was the covenant proper.

In the twenty-fourth chapter of Exodus we read that Moses wrote a book, in which he recorded “all the words of the Lord” (Verse 4.); that is, all the words of the Lord which were spoken upon Sinai, which words are upon record in the 20th, 21st, 22d, and 23d chapters of Exodus, and include the decalogue, the judgments, and the feasts. This book Moses called “the book of the covenant,” (Ex. 24:7), which shows that all these things were included in the first covenant

In Heb. 9:1 we read, “Then verily the first covenant had also ordinances of divine service, and a worldly sanctuary.” This text shows that the tabernacle with all its ordinances and services were also a part of the first covenant.

The bringing of heathen into the sanctuary is called a breaking of the covenant in Ezek. 44:7. The Jews were forbidden to do this in Lev. 22:25. In this we see that the book of Leviticus was also included in the first covenant,

Marriage with the heathen is styled a breaking of the covenant, in the second chapter of Malachi. The law against this is written in Deut. 7:1-3. From this we see that the book of Deuteronomy was also a part of the covenant.

In short the old covenant was the Pentateuch; therefore, if the first covenant is in force in the new dispensation, the whole Pentateuch is in force; and if the first covenant is not in force, every injunction in all the five books of Moses have ceased to be in force, so far as they pertain to the old covenant.

We will now consider further proofs of the abolition of the first covenant. “For if the first covenant had been faultless, then should no place have been sought for the second. For finding fault with them, he saith, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah: * * * In that he saith, a new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.” — Heb. 8:7, 8, 13.

“He taketh away the first that he may establish the second.” — Heb. 10:9.

“For there is verily a disannulling of the commandment going before for the weakness and unprofitableness thereof.” — Heb. 7:18.

These scriptures surely settle the question of the abolition of the first covenant. They declare it ready to vanish away, disannulled and taken away by Christ. And as the first covenant included the whole Pentateuch, away went all the law of Moses, decalogue, seventh day and all, with the ushering in of the gospel dispensation.

But the Seventh-day Adventists would have it, that the ten commandments were not abolished with the rest of the old covenant. If this were true, we should have to read the scriptures with a parenthesis as follows: “In that he saith, a new covenant, he hath made the first (all but the ten commandments) old.’’ — Heb. 8:13.

“He taketh away the first (all but the ten commandments), that he may establish the second.” — Heb. 10:9.

“For there is verily a disannulling of the commandment (all but the decalogue) going before.” — Heb. 7:18.

How Advents would be pleased to have the scriptures’ read this way, but it does not so read. The New Testament places no part of the law of Moses in parenthesis, but emphatically declares the abolition of the entire code.

(To be continued.)


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THURSDAY, Sept. 24, 1896.




D. W. Kryder, Jno. A. Wilson, E. O. Smith, R. Rachel, O. Geiser, G. W. Ham, L. B. Sisk, W. S. Bennett, H. M. Hawkins, Y. M. Welling, Wm. Hawkins, C. Doubler, D. C. Beltz, Ellen Ashenfelter.


THE Grand Junction assembly meeting will begin here Oct. 15 and last eight or ten days. Brethren are writing from a distance who expect to be here. We expect a glorious meeting. Let the saints everywhere pray for this meeting that much good may be done in the name of the Lord. A general invitation is given to every lover of the truth.



We are thankful to God and the dear brethren that enough means have been sent in to begin placing machinery in the office. We have already purchased and paid for a thirty-five-horse-power boiler and have several dollars towards bookbinding machinery and a press. We have now about $75 to begin on other machinery and as fast as means are sent in it will be applied on that line. We still ask the prayers of all those who are interested in this work.


Requests for Prayer.


Pray Sept. 27 for the conversion of Father Spencer.

Pray for my healing and restoring of eyesight. Will some minister come here who has the gift of healing? There is a good opening for meeting.

Mrs. Lucy Durbin,
Durbin, Greene Go., Pa.

Pray for the restoration of my eyesight My left eye is almost blind.

Eli Stout, North Yakima.

Pray for me that I may be freed from sin and healed of dyspepsia.

Mrs. Mary Burgess, Brooksville.


Calls for Meetings.


I do pray God to send some minister here filled with the Holy Ghost and healing power. The people are starving for the truth, as it has never been preached here. One or two desire baptism. A good schoolhouse is ready.

Sarah A. Allen, Arlington, Okla.

Samuel Dersham, Warren, Davis Co., Ill.




There will be a tabernacle meeting at Six Points, Wood Co., O., beginning Sept. 26, and lasting over two Sundays or as long as the Lord may lead. Bro. J. N. Howard expects to be there. Let all the saints in those parts turn out, and pray much for the success of the meeting. Those coming from the north or south by way of Toledo, come to Prairie Depot. Notify Bro. G. W. Cupp.

The general assembly of the saints of God at New Pittsburgh, Randolph Co., Ind. will commence Oct. 1. This will be a general assembly of the saints in Indiana and Ohio. The brethren extend a general invitation to all the people of God far and near to attend. There will be places provided for all who may attend. We are looking for a blessed feast and the salvation of precious souls. Bros. Leininger, Gast, and others are expected. All coming to Union City, write Bro. F. Byrum, Rickert, Ind Those coming to Ridgeville, address Bro. Samuel Fowler, New Pittsburgh, All coming to Portland, address Bro. H. Kauffman, New Pittsburgh, Ind. For information concerning the meeting address Bro. H. C. Wickersham, New Pittsburgh, Ind. S. L. Speck and Co.

The camp meeting at North Enid, Okla. will be in Bro. J. J. Brees’s grove, five miles west and one mile north of North Enid, on C. R. I. & P. railroad. Commencing Oct. 6; will continue as long as the Lord may lead. Bros. C. Bright and H. Caudell are expected with tabernacles, and all workers and teachers are cordially invited. We are praying that the saints in southern Kansas and Oklahoma may attend this meeting. Let all who can, do so. Hay and pasture will be furnished for teams. All come in the name of Jesus for the salvation of souls.

W. G. Rippey.

The camp meeting of the saints of Got in Louisiana will be held at the same place as last year, thirteen miles east of the town of Hammond, near the Morris retreat, in Tangipahoa Parish, commencing Oct. 10, and continuing as long as the Lord wills. Holiness preachers are invited from adjoining states, and all the unsaved as well as the saved are wanted. And as many as can, come prepared to camp and remain on the camp-ground at Zion Grove meeting-house.

W. W. Bankston.

The church of the living God will hold an all-day meeting in Whitton Hall, East Hickory, Pa. commencing at 10 A. M., October 18, and an ordinance-meeting in the evening, Lord willing. Let the saints and truth-seekers come and have a glorious feast with the Lord.

Chas. J. Stewart.

Clayton, Okla. Camp meeting. Oct. 23 — Nov. 2, on the home and school ground. M. A. Fly, Clayton, Okla.




There have been three ministers here in Oklahoma who preach considerable scripture but do not believe in the second work of grace or living pure in this life, and say that we should be penitent sinners every day. They believe in men and women saluting one another with the holy kiss. Now, what kind of teachers are they?

This question is very easily answered. We read in the word of God that false teachers are known by their fruits, and from the above we can see plainly that those three so-called ministers are false teachers, because, first, they deny that a person should live pure in this life. The word of God says, in speaking of Jesus, that as he is, so are we in this world. 1 Jno. 4:17. “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” — Matt. 5:48. And it is written, “Be ye holy for I am holy.” — 1 Pet. 1:16. And in Luke 1:75, that we are to serve him in holiness and righteousness all the days of our life. Paul said, “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” — Gal. 1:8.

Second, those who practice promiscuous kissing go contrary to the word of God, which teaches that all things are to be done decently and in order, and they are prompted by a free-love spirit instead of the Holy Spirit, and instead of giving a holy kiss they give a free-love kiss. Such promiscuous kissing is not an ordinance in the church of God.

E. E. B.

Please explain in the Trumpet, Gal. 4:30? J. F. P.

The text reads as follows: “Nevertheless what saith the scripture? Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman.”

This text is very clearly explained in the context. In verses 21-31, the apostle handles the Old Testament account of Abraham’s two wives and two sons as an allegorical description of the two covenants. See verse 24. In this allegory Agar (Hagar) Abraham’s bondwife represents the Old Testament. His freewoman represents the New Testament. His son by the bondwoman represents the children of God who lived under the Old Testament, and the son of the freewoman the Christians who worship under the New Testament. So the command to cast out the bondwoman and her son in the text under consideration, signifies the casting aside of the Old Testament and those who worshiped under it, since the New Testament has been given.


Please explain James 4:8. B. M.

Jas. 4:8 reads as follows: “But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil full of deadly poison.” When we take this in connection with other scriptures it is easily understood. We read in the word of God that “from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh,” and as no man can change the heart, neither can any man tame the tongue, but when the heart is brought in subjection to the will of God, being tamed, not by man, but by the power of God through salvation. When the heart is in its fallen or sinful condition, it is then that the tongue is unruly and full of deadly poison.

Is it necessary for a man who is called of God to preach the gospel to be ordained by the laying on of hands before he can baptize anyone? J. P. G.

If a person is commissioned by the Lord and sent forth to preach the gospel he is also commissioned to baptize, and it is not necessary for such an one to wait until ordained by the laying on of hands, as a person should make full proof of his ministry before hands are laid on for ordination, which is the church making sacred recognition of his calling to the ministry.

How can anyone know whether or not they have committed the unpardonable sin?

By opening your Bible to Heb. 10: 29, this matter can easily be solved. If a person has “trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant wherewith he was sanctified an unholy thing and hath done despite to the spirit of grace,” then the matter is settled with such an one. Counting the blood of Christ wherewith he was sanctified an unholy thing, is as much as to say, that the blood of Christ has no more virtue than has the blood of an animal, and those who have known the way of salvation and received the sanctifying grace, to take such a step is to sea their doom.

To tread under foot the Son of God is to turn against the truth and reject his Word, counting of none effect that which was once a shining light to the soul. May God help people who have had light upon his Word and enjoyed in their souls the experience of the same, never to do such a thing.


Deceptions of Babylon.


WHEN the apostle Paul was speaking concerning the last days, in which we are truly living, he said: “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” — 2 Tim. 3:13. And in the following, taken from the CHRISTIAN HERALD published in New York, T. DeWitt Talmage, editor, we find another proof of it. In the paper of March 18, ’96, the question is asked:

“Can a man who has believed on Christ and has had his sins forgiven be rightly termed a sinner? Can a man sin who has been born of God?”

Now hear the answer:

“The man who is born of God does sin. He is God’s child, and is therefore no longer under condemnation, but is often a willful and disobedient child, needing correction. He does not delight in sin any more, but he must be very blind to his own faults if he says he does not commit sin.”

O what blindness! Men say, “The one who is born of God does sin.” Now hear, ye blind guides, what God says, “Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.” — 1 Jno. 3:9. The beloved apostle says that he that is born of God does not sin, and still makes it stronger, “he cannot sin.” Why? Because of the seed that is in him. But we do not say, as many people say, that the saints claim that they could not sin even if they wanted to. Dear ones, that would not be in harmony with God’s word. But we claim what God says, that as long as the seed (the Spirit and love of God) remains in the heart he cannot sin. See also 2 Pet. 1:1-10. Not that it is impossible for him to sin, but because he loves God too much to’ do anything against his will, and by his help he is enabled to keep from sinning. See Ezek. 36:27. From this scripture we see that the spirit of God causes us or moves us to walk in God’s statutes and do his judgments, or in plain words, the spirit of God moves and enables us to live in line with God’s word. See also Rom. 8:14.

Praise the dear Lord, that by his grace we can live free from sin; and in order to be a’ child of God we must live free from sin, because he that committeth sin is of the devil (1 Jno. 3:8) and is controlled by him. 2 Tim. 2:26. But glory to God, in Jesus is deliverance. Isa. 61:1 — 3. Matt. 1:21. Luke 1:67-75.

Now let us see further the answer of these blind guides. After saying a person born of God does sin, they say he is God’s child, and therefore no longer under condemnation. From that we must conclude, that a sinner is a child of God, when God says he is of the devil. 1 Jno. 3:8. And further they say he (sinner) is no longer under condemnation. Now let us see by the word of God, who is not longer under condemnation. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Rom. 8:1. Now John says whosoever abideth in him sinneth hot. 1 Jno. 3:6. And Paul says those who are in Christ Jesus are not under condemnation; and in order to be in Christ we must live without committing sin. 1 Jno. 3:5-1, Jno. 2:6. Because just as soon as we sin we are out of Christ and condemnation rests upon us (Ezek. 18: 4, 20), which is the separation of the soul from God (Isa. 59:2. Ex. 32:33), and if we do not repent of our sins and get into the favor of God it will separate us from him through all eternity.

O God! help dear souls to awake, and to take God’s answer instead of man’s. But now let us see how these blind guides explain why a man born of God does sin: “because he is often a willful and disobedient child.” Now that does not picture out the condition of a child of God. Jesus says: If a man love me he will keep my Words. (Obey him.) Jno. 14:23.

But what about those who live in willful disobedience to God? Jesus says they do not love him. Jno. 14:24. These blind guides say such willful and disobedient ones need correction. Now see what God says in I Kings 13:1-26. Here we see that death was the effect of willful disobedience to God’s word, so with the soul willfully disobeying God. Ezek. 18:4, 20. See Deut. 11:28. James 4:17. Luke 12:47. Now they go on in their blindness and say he (the often willful and disobedient child) does hot delight in sin any more. Now where in the Bible do we find that a person who does not delight in sin, will still go on in willful rebellion against God? Oh, what awful darkness! It is true a child of God may be overcome by the enemy, but will never as long as he is God’s child live in willful disobedience to God, but will by God’s grace do those things that are pleasing to God.

But further they say, “He [the one that needs correction for his often-willful disobedience] must be very blind to his own faults if he says he does not commit sin.” Truly these blind guides are very blind in giving such instructions. How can anyone call willful disobedience a fault [which is an error or mistake]? and who would call a willful disobedience a mistake? A person may do a thing once through ignorance and it is not counted to him as sin, but he will soon find out his mistake, if he wants to do God’s will; and if he should knowingly do the same thing over again it is sin to him. Jesus says, “If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin, but now they have no cloke [margin-excuse] for their sin.” — Jno. 15:22. Because Christ preached unto them and taught God’s will and they rejected and did not obey, Jesus says, they have no cloke, nothing to cover ignorance with. And so, anyone knowing what God requires of him, if he does not obey, he is nothing but a sinner (James 4:17.), and will have no excuse in the day of judgment, because Paul says where sin abounded grace did much more abound. Rom. 5:20.

Praise the Lord! Jesus has purchased for us deliverance from sin. Tit, 2:11-14. May God help dear souls who are reading this, and who perhaps indorsed the answer in the so-called CHRISTIAN HERALD to awake and get a real Bible salvation which will enable you to obey God’s word, “Be ye holy, for I am holy” (1 Pet. 1:15, 16. Eph. 1:4.), and which will give us a real obedient heart. Praise his holy name!

And to those who gave these instructions, I say in the name of Jesus, get a Bible salvation, which will give you an obedient heart, and give you an experience that will enable you to instruct dear souls according to God’s word. And, dear saints of God, may God help us to blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in the holy mountain; for the day of the Lord is nigh at hand. Joel 2:1. In Jesus’ name and with his precious love in our souls, let us warn dear ones of the deception of the devil, which will sink souls to hell. Be filled with holy authority from Heaven (Micah 3:8), and cry out against all the deceptions of the devil; for woe unto us if we do not do it. Ezek. 33:1-6. Truly we are in the last days, and my soul crieth out, Lord, grant thy servants boldness, and eternal trueness to Jesus and dear souls. Yours for the truth,





In 2 Tim. 3:16-17 we learn that all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness; that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Here we see the scripture must be used in reproof, not only from the pulpit, but in private. If the Lord puts a duty upon someone in the way of reproving someone for the error of his way, he or she should be sure to reprove in the spirit of love and meekness, “considering thyself lest thou also be tempted.” — Gal. 6:1. Be sure the reproof is needed, then go according to the Word and leave the results with God; if the one reproved does not receive it and profit by it, you will have cleared your skirts of his blood. But how should we receive reproof? In Psa. 141:5 we read, “Let the righteous smite me, it shall be a kindness; and let him reprove me, it shall be an excellent oil that shall not break my head.” So we see we ought to be thankful if God sends someone of his children to reprove us, if they see anything about us that is not pleasing to God. In Prov. 15:10 we find that “correction is grievous unto him that forsaketh the way, and he that hateth reproof shall die.” Also ver. 12 says, “A scorner loveth not one that reproveth him, neither will he go unto the wise.” So, we see if there is a disposition in our hearts to hate reproof when given to us, the Word classes us with the scorner.

But some may say: Suppose you are not guilty of what you are reproved for, or someone comes to you in a driving, harsh way?” Well, in either case the best thing you can do is to take it patiently (which you will do if you are fully saved, and look to God for the grace he has promised), and pray for the one that comes to you. It will do you a great deal more good, and him too, than to go and tell others about it, which would look as if you wanted sympathy.

We will now see what becomes of those that hate reproof. “He that being often reproved, hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy.” — Prov. 29:1. We do not understand from

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this that reproof from someone is altogether what is meant in this, but if in our lives we do anything we are conscious is not right, God will reprove us, and if we do not repent he will keep reproving us until we do; or if we refuse, we will be hardening our hearts against God and will lose the grace of God entirely out of our hearts, let it be ever so small a thing; no one may know anything about it but ourselves and God, but God is faithful, he will reprove us; he is much more faithful than man. May God help us all to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves in all things. In Job 5:17 we find these words, “Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth; therefore, despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty.” Read the remainder of the chapter, also, Heb. 12:9-11. Your sister, saved in Jesus’ blood,



A Suggestion.


I FEEL it would be to the glory of God to write a few lines in the way of suggestion. I have known of my own observation where meetings have been held with good results and for the need of instructions some have fallen by the wayside. We feel it would be to the glory of God if some of God’s workers could follow the brethren up in a short time and not only strengthen the church but could reap a good harvest. We learn in Acts 11:22, 23 that the church at Jerusalem when they heard that the Grecians believed on the Lord, sent Barnabas to exhort them all that with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord. Dear ones, we read in the Word, of the sowers and also of the reapers. There is just as much need of reapers as of sowers. We feel that there is a need of a more thorough work being done; that is, not try to work too much’ territory, but work what you can thoroughly. The same rule I will apply to spiritual matters as well as temporal. For instance,- if one of our brethren that is engaged in tilling the soil were to plant more corn than he could cultivate well, the result would be his corn would not yield as it should. May the Lord bless these few words to our good and to his glory. Yours in the service of the Lord, saved and sanctified,



News from the Field.



DEAR SAINTS AND TRUMPET READERS: May the Lord bless you all. We have just closed ten days’ meeting at Prince, Miss. with victory in Jesus’ name. God was with us in mighty power in converting, sanctifying, and healing the sick. There was a mighty settling down of the saints. We desire the prayers of all the saints that God may use us to his glory. Yours, saved in the one body,




DEAR TRUMPET: We are glad to report the Lord is with us in saving souls and bodies. Praise God! We give him all the glory; for he has saved, kept, sanctified, and advanced our souls. Since I was healed, by the same faith and same God, one was healed of the congestion of the liver, and one healed of kidney trouble and rheumatism. I have traveled from house to house, prayed with all that I could, and tried to preach the pure Word to those upon mountains and in the valleys.




DEAR SAINTS: It is with much thanksgiving we report the glorious victory on the Lord’s side in these parts. The work is still moving on at Moundsville, W. Va. since we left there. Twenty came down from there last Lord’s day and were with us in two services. They report three sanctified and one converted last week. There were two baptized since our last report and one converted yesterday in the day meeting. There is no town here, but we have large congregations. Our address will be Uniontown, Wetzel Co., W. Va.



BURNSIDE, PA., Sept. 12.

DEAR ONES IN THE LORD: We are still saved and rejoicing in God our Savior. We are now at this place; expect to begin meeting to-night in the Lord’s tabernacle. Since the Pennsylvania camp meeting we have moved our household goods to Elea-nor, which will be our permanent home, some of the dear ones having shared their house with us, for which we are indeed thankful. Since coming to those parts the Lord has given us many brothers and sisters and homes. Any desiring meeting write to us at once at Eleanor, Jefferson Co., Pa.



LOYSVILLE, PA., Sept. 14.

DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: We are happy to report to all that we are saved in Jesus, justified freely and sanctified wholly, with a victory in our soul over all the works of the devil. We came to Perry Co, Pa. on the 21st of July; held meetings in different localities. The Lord was with us in saving, sanctifying, and healing power. To God be all the glory. There were in all, at the different meetings, fifteen dear souls that followed the dear Lord in the ordinance of baptism. At Little Germany we had a precious ordinance meeting, where thirty-six dear ones engaged in the washing of the saints’ feet and partaking of the emblems of the broken body of Christ in rememberance of his death and suffering. It was a glorious time. To God be all the glory. The little ones are generally pretty well established. Are by no means going to heaven on flowery beds of ease, as they meet with persecutions in this part of the country; but the grace of God is sufficient for all that are willing to trust him. Dear Bro. Wm. H. Miller will start for Ohio, the 16th of this month. Bro. E. D. McCoy and I expect before, long to start for Virginia. We ask an interest in all your prayers. We are in perilous times and what is done must be done quickly. Your brother, out and out for God and his cause,



PAYNE, OHIO., Sept. 16.

DEAR BRETHREN IN CHRIST: We are glad to report that through Jesus we are saved, sanctified, and able, through the providence of God, to be in the vineyard of the Lord at work, doing what our hands find to do and with the ability that the Lord giveth. Bro. Martz and I went to Henderson from the Emlenton C. M., and found the church at that place to be in a disturbed condition. After a few services the most of them were willing to submit everything to the will of the Lord. We have reason to believe that the Lord had his way in the matter. The most of the members were humble enough to confess their faults and ask one another’s forgiveness and humble themselves under the mighty hand of God. Sister Farrah is now overseer, and Bros. Taylor and Dick are deacons of the church of the living God at Hendersonville, Pa. We have reason to believe that we left the church in a better state of feeling than when we arrived there. Bro. Martz went home, and I went and held a few evening services at Filer, Pa. with good results. May God bless the few who dared to take a stand for the truth of the gospel. We expect to commence a meeting at Continental soon and we desire the prayers of the saints for success in that place. Yours and Christ’s,



CHAUNCEY, O., Sept, 16.

DEAR SAINTS SCATTERED ABROAD: The camp meeting at Fairfax, Mo. has come and gone, leaving a glorious result never to be forgotten by those who were in attendance. The meeting was well attended from the first, and increased until the close. Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa were well represented by the saints of the living God. The shout of victory was heard throughout the meeting. For unity and power, and melting love it excelled any meeting we have been privileged to attend. Every spirit that dared to rise in opposition was cut down by the judgment of truth. Hell did quake at the movings of the Almighty; mountains of sin were moved; and God’s miraculous power was manifest in healing all manner of disease. The blind eyes were made to behold the glory of God, and deaf ears received the wondrous touch of healing virtue. The oppressed in general were set at liberty. Praise the Lord, ye ransomed host! The workers present, including ministers, were E. G. Masters, Jno. Harrington, Geo. Backus, A. A. Kinzie and wife, Geo. and Emma Dansberger, and E. T. Houghten. Also Bro. Willis was with us most of the time. On the evening of the twelfth the ordinances of God’s louse were observed, in which about ninety saints participated. On the thirteenth, twelve children of the Most High followed Christ in the watery grave. The number of souls saved we cannot tell, God knoweth. God forbid that any of the saved who witnessed the love and mercy of leaven, should fail to expand under the pressing everlasting truth. Love to all the pure in heart. Amen.




DEAR SAINTS OF THE LIVING GOD: Since our last report we have held meeting as follows: At the Todd schoolhouse, near Clay City; at Dry Ridge; then to Kelat; Johnson Station; Camargo; and at Slab Camp, near Morehead. The meeting at Todd was a success. A few souls were saved, and others encouraged to move forward, and trust the Lord more fully in the future; about six were buried with Christ in baptism. At Dry Ridge, the Lord was with us in power; a number of dear souls came to the altar of prayer, and seemed to be much benefited. The people in general acknowledged the truth, and others manifest a desire to be saved. Thirteen were baptized. Dear Bro. Baber assisted in preaching the Word, etc. The meeting at Kelat was one of victory from beginning to end, although I fear that some of the ones that profess are not moving out as they should. There were several consecrations, and some were saved; also a number healed by the power of God through faith. Praise his name! Fifteen were baptized, and we hope they will continue to walk in the light. The meetings at Camargo and Johnson Station were short, but very good; the people seemed glad to hear the truth, and a few came to the altar for prayer. At Slab Camp, where the assembly meeting was appointed, we had a very precious season from the presence of the Lord. Praise his holy name! The Lord blessed his word and much good was accomplished by the power of God through the truth. Several consecrations were made for salvation and quite a number were healed of various diseases. To God be all the glory forever. Ten were willing to be buried with Christ in the liquid grave, testifying that they would follow him in the future. May the Lord ever bless and keep the dear ones everywhere, who have taken their stand upon the word of God, with a full purpose of heart to obey the Lord in all things. The work here is moving along very nicely; the assembly meeting near Jeffersonville, will begin the 18th, and we are praying for much good to be done. Please remember us in your prayers. Yours in the faith of the gospel,



KENESAW, NEB., Sept. 16.

May God bless all’ the dear saints everywhere, is my prayer. I am praising the dear Lord this morning for full salvation and his keeping grace. The camp meeting here with all its richest blessings has come and gone. Truly this meeting was ordered and blessed of God. From the very first to the last of the meeting the spirit of love and meekness was manifested and, as all the dear children of God lay passive in God’s hand only to move as God moved, the Lord manifested his saving, sanctifying power. Many sick and afflicted ones were healed from all kinds of afflictions and praises to God arose from the hearts of all for God’s blessing. I truly can say I never was in a camp meeting before where the holy, pure, melting love of God was manifest in such a way as here. The dear ones were willing to measure up to God’s precious word as it went forth in love and in the Holy Spirit’s power. As the dear messengers of God go forth from here better qualified, others will receive the benefit of this meeting. Also all the dear children of God are enabled to live a closer life with Jesus and to hold up the standard of salvation in life, higher than before. Ministers present were Bros. Fly, Roberts, Wilber, Harrison, and others who were used of God. May God bless them and use them to his glory wherever they go. Eight were baptized; others to follow. Sept. 14 we had a precious ordinance meeting in which seventy happy saints took part and all had the promise fulfilled, “If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.” The Lord willing, I will start for home Friday, for a short time; but may come back west, as the harvest is great but few are the workers. Calls are coming from every direction for someone to come and break the bread of life. O may God send forth more filled with the love and meekness of Jesus to rescue perishing souls, and stir up all his dear children to do their duty in the great work! Eternity is looming in sight and dear souls are calling for help from all directions. Any one writing to me address me at Nishnabotna, Mo. Your brother, saved just now,






DEAR SAINTS: God bless you one and all. May God keep you by his mighty power. Praise his holy name! I am still saved, rejoicing in the love of God. Praise his name for what he has done for my poor soul, for taking me out of sectism and placing my feet on the solid rock! I am determined to live close to God. If God be for us who can be against us. Pray for me that I may keep low at the foot of the cross. From your saved sister,




DEAR SAINTS: I am praising God this morning for the many blessings he has bestowed upon me and that I ever learned to trust in his glorious promises. I belonged to the Baptist sect for seven years, but two years ago the deaf Lord showed me that he wanted me free from that sect. So I just stepped out on his promises and said I would serve him in the beauty of holiness the rest of my life. I am trusting him to provide ‘or me and my four little helpless children. Pray for me that I may ever be found low at the feet of Jesus. Your saved sister in the one body,




DEAR SAINTS: I feel like testifying to what the dear Lord has done for me. He has saved and sanctified my soul and called me out of Babylon. Glory to his name! I accept him now as my physician for both my soul and body. Thank God for the true church triumphant! Oh, how wonderfully God has called me out of confusion! How glad I am that I was willing to be led by him and not by man! Praise his name forever and forever! I feel that blessed deep, sweet peace now, that keeps me sweetly saved in Jesus. Pray for me, that I may sink deeper and deeper down into God’s will. Your sister, saved by the blood,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I feel it would be to the glory of God for me to write my testimony. I am praising God for salvation — a salvation that keeps me every day. I have perfect victory in my soul over the world, the flesh, and the devil. I was a man that loved worldly amusement and to have a good time in general, as people called it. It was about all I thought of; but I can praise God to-day for a complete deliverance from all worldly conformity and revelings of every kind. We take God for our physician for both soul and body. Last spring our little babe was taken down with a fever, and for three weeks we could see but little change in her condition. It was circulated over the country that she would die, but we held right on to the Lord and he did raise her up, sound and well. Glory to God forever! The Lord also healed our little daughter of cramps of the stomach. Praise God for a Savior that can save us from all sin and heal all our diseases! From your saved brother,





BROWN. — Sister Caroline Brown, wife of Bro. Alexander Brown, died at her home about four miles south of Payne, O., Aug. 19, 1896; aged forty-five years, eleven months, and six days. May God bless Bro. Brown and his dear children and comfort their sad hearts. Funeral services were held in the tabernacle on the camp ground Aug. 20, and were attended by a large crowd of people. Services by the writer, from Psa. 116:15. Your saved brother,

J. N. Howard.


PIERCE. — Bro. Abner Pierce, of Dashville, Mich. died Sept. 3 at his son’s, Alpheus Pierce; aged seventy-six years and twenty-nine days. He was ready to go at the Master’s call. He came home the last day of August from the Gratiot Co. camp meeting and died Sept. 3. He leaves a wife and three sons and one daughter. God bless and keep dear Mother Pierce and their two sons faithful to the end of their journey, that they may meet their loved one on the other shore. Funeral services by A. J. Shelly. Mary Shelly.


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Page 4


Divine Healing.




If Luke was a physician, did not he use medicine? Was it not unscriptural? Was there any need of a doctor in spite of James 5:13-15?

Luke was a physician, and doubtless practiced medicine before the Lord called him to preach, but we never read of him practicing medicine or doing anything in that line after he began his work in the ministry. When we consider the wonderful promises of God we find no need of a doctor to give medicine to take the place of Jas. 5:14, 15. Worldly people and those who have no faith in God, to be sure, use medicines, but God’s children are to obey the Word. First, if any is afflicted, James says, let him pray. Is any sick among you let him call for the elders of the church, etc.

Why did Paul leave Trophemus at Miletum sick? 2 Tim. 4:20. Could he not heal him?

If we remember correctly Paul passed through Miletum, stopping but a short time, and Trophemus having taken sick, no doubt was prayed for by Paul before he went on his journey, and as we do not read anything about him dying, we conclude that the Lord healed him in answer to prayer. Because he was not able to arise at once and go on his way was no reason that he was not healed in answer to prayer. People are not always instantly restored to their full strength and vigor, when healed by the Lord.

If you remember, the nobleman who had a son lying at the point of death came quite a distance to Jesus to have him heal his son, and Jesus only spoke the word and the work was done. While the nobleman was returning the next day, he met some of his servants who told him that his son was alive. John 4:46-53. They did not say that he was perfectly well and strong as before, but the nobleman asked at what time he began to amend, and they said. Yesterday about the seventh hour the fever left him; and the nobleman remembered that it was at the same hour when Jesus spoke the word. His son may not have been able to have been out of bed. but nevertheless virtue had gone forth and the healing was done. It may have been a similar case with Trophimus, and doubtless was.

Jesus healed men without asking for any faith in him as a Savior, but why do we require a man to be sanctified first and then healed? Can a man who is not sanctified be healed, or can an unbeliever be healed?

When Jesus was here on earth he preached to the people the way of salvation. As many as came to him believing and were willing to follow him, were saved, and as many as believed brought their sick and they were healed. Those who were afflicted who were not too sick to believe for themselves, were required to believe. The blind men cried out earnestly, “Thou son of David, have mercy on us.” Then Jesus asked them, “Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea. Lord.” — Matt. 9: 27-29. The woman who touched the hem of his garment, came in utmost confidence and faith, believing, and Jesus says, “Thy faith hath made thee whole.” — Matt. 9:20-22. The Syrophoenician woman came believing, insomuch that Jesus said, “O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.” — Matt. 15:21 — 28. Those who brought the palsied man to Jesus had such confidence and faith, believing that he had the power to save and heal, that they let the man down through the roof, and Jesus, seeing “their faith,” healed him. Matt. 9: 2-7. I do not suppose that any of those murmuring, complaining Jews who were unbelievers and fighters of the truth were any of them healed, neither did they bring any of their friends to be healed. Neither will the Lord heal such unbelievers in these days. Sometimes through prayer and faith the Lord will heal an unsaved person, but not. while he is opposing the truth, unless it should be in answer to the prayer of some true child of God, that the person may have another chance for salvation.

The Lord does not always require a person to be sanctified in order to be healed, but one who has not faith for the forgiveness of sins nor the sanctification of the soul is not likely to have much faith for the healing of the body, and should such people apply for healing and there be a failure because of lack of faith, it may weaken their confidence in God for the salvation of their soul. God will honor his Word whenever the conditions are met.

Is it wrong to send for a doctor in case of child-birth?

Some may think this a strange question to ask, yet it is one in which many people who desire to trust the Lord are at a loss to know just what is best to do. In reply, we would say, where there is no midwife or any one capable of taking care of the mother and child at such a time it is all right to have a doctor; not for the purpose of giving medicine, but if ever a woman needs care it is at such a time as this, and if there is no one else capable of caring for her it is all right to have a doctor; and in so doing the person need not take the doctor’s medicine, but can trust the case in the hands of the Lord. In such cases and also in cases of broken bones or mangled limbs a doctor or surgeon may be of proper service, and though even in such cases oft- times the Lord alone will do far more than all the doctors that can be obtained.

Do you send anointed handkerchiefs to the sick and afflicted where there are no elders?

Where handkerchiefs are sent under such circumstances we pray over them as we would were the sick themselves present according to Jas. 5:14, 15, and return the handkerchief, and many can testify to the wonderful healings received in that way. We often get requests to send handkerchiefs to various parts of the world, but the parties do not often send more than a postal card for them, and we would have to keep them on hand by the wholesale if we complied with all such requests. However, we generally, where a handkerchief is received comply with the request and leave the result with God. and the healing is done according to their faith. The Lord can do the work now as well as in times past. We read in Acts 19:11, 12, that “God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: so that from his body were brought unto the sick, handkerchiefs and aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.” We find his power manifest in like manner to-day. Where the elders are near enough to be sent for it is well for the sick to send for the elders and thus fulfil the word of God.


The following are samples of a number of letters received from those who took the Lord for their physician and used their doctor bill to the glory of God. One sister from Tennessee writes:

I had fever and chills a short time ago and some advised me, to take medicine, but I asked the Lord to heal me and he did it. Enclosed find $5.00, which I give to be used in the work of the Lord in spreading the gospel. This money is what I would have given to the doctors had I not taken the Lord for my physician.

A brother writes from Indiana:

I enclose herewith $2.00, saved doctor bill to be used to the glory of God wherever needed most.

These and others who do likewise get a double benefit — that of having good health by taking God at his word and also the blessings of the Lord, rendering unto him that which is due unto the Lord. Bible giving always brings Bible blessings.


Eyesight Instantly Restored.



E.E. BYRUM, DEAR BROTHER IN CHRIST: Yours received with books and handkerchief for the healing of my husband’s eye. We had a season of prayer, after which the handkerchief was applied at night and great was the result; for the next morning he could see better than he could for ten years. Before, he could not see four feet away with that eye and tell that a person had any eyes, and the next day he could see plainly, and he is giving God all the glory, and still God’s work is going on. Two other greatly afflicted persons desire us to send handkerchiefs to be anointed for their healing, as they desire to obey James 5:14, and can only do so in this way. Enclosed find letter concerning them and also handkerchiefs. Yours in Him,






DEAR ONES IN CHRIST: My experience this morning is, I am satisfied in the Lord. Oh, what a satisfying portion Jesus is! Deep down in my soul there is a settled calm; for the Lord has spoken peace. I am praising the dear Lord for freedom. The Lord has taken me out of sectism; and, sectism out of me. I am saved, sanctified, and satisfied.




DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I feel it my duty as well as a privilege to tell what great things the Lord has done for me. He has healed three of our youngest children and myself of measles, without using any remedy; and also since that, has healed me when having strong symptoms of fever. Praise his name forever! I am so glad I learned to trust Jesus and take him for my physician. He has been proving to me for the last five years that the day of healing is not past for all those who will trust him, and live a Bible salvation. Your sister in the one body,




DEAR SAINTS OF GOD: I am praising God for salvation that keeps me each day free from sin. The love of Jesus in my soul is more than human tongue can tell, I do praise the Lord that I am in the church that Jesus said the gates of hell should not prevail against. He gives me grace to bear my crosses and trials. I am also praising God for his healing power. I can trust him for the healing of my body as well as the saving of my soul. I remain your humble brother, saved and sanctified,




DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS: I am fully trusting in God for all things, and praising him for salvation that saves to the uttermost. I take the Lord for my physician for myself and family. He healed our little six-year-old boy of a case of chills. He had the chills every other day for ten days, then every day for over two weeks. I knew the Lord would heal him, but did not have him anointed until he had chilled the above mentioned time. On the second day of the month he was anointed after the chill had come on him, and we rebuked the chill in the name of the Lord, and- the Lord raised him up; and, praise the Lord, he hasn’t had one since. The Lord has healed our children several times in the past, of various troubles. We learned a lesson on faith by the chills the little boy had, and it showed some of the people that we practiced what we preached to them. Some of our neighbors said if we didn’t give him something for the chills he would die, but, praise the Lord, he is well to-day and playing while I write these lines. Your brother, saved, sanctified, and kept by the power of God,




DEARLY BELOVED SAINTS: I feel to-day that I am saved by the power of God. The dear Lord saved me twelve years ago and I followed him as best I could until I got light on sanctification. I had been sick for about six months and the Lord instantly healed me while I was all alone. Praise his holy name! After this he healed me of neuralgia and dyspepsia. After I heard the glorious doctrine of sanctification, I studied into it, and obtained it by offering myself a living sacrifice according to Rom. 12:1, 2. I also learned that sectism was wrong, although I had some very dear friends there, but I found that I must come out from among them; that is, separate myself from sectism at any cost; and the Lord has wonderfully rewarded me for it. Now I am free in Christ alone. I have often asked why none of God’s ministers come east. I sometimes read of some who are coming east but they never get farther than Pennsylvania. If any of God’s consecrated ministers feel led to come to this place they will find a hearty welcome at our home. Only such as are willing to pass through trials, if need be, for the sake of Christ, need to come. We are too poor to send for any ministers, but must we who are in the light be left without any spiritual food because we are poor? And must those of God’s children who are yet in bondage and would gladly be free, go without the light and truth, who would gladly use their means for the spread of the gospel if they only had the light? Dear brethren, pray that God may send someone here to preach the gospel.


No. 6 Banker St.



DEAR TRUMPET READERS: I want to testify for the glory of God of his wonderful dealing with me. I was born in Norway fifty years ago to the Lutheran sect, and was baptized and confirmed. I came to America when I was twenty-three but never joined any sect until I was converted eleven years ago. Then I asked my husband if he would join the church: and as we both had been born to the Lutheran, we joined that. He belongs there yet but. praise the Lord, there came a brother and a sister and gave me some tracts about the church, and two copies of the Gospel Trumpet, and there I saw the evils of sectism. Then I obeyed the word of God and came out and was baptized.

Since I left the sect, a year ago last April, I have taken the Lord for my physician and none of us that believe on the Lord have been sick, until about a month ago. Then I felt that I was getting malaria. It lasted for three days and I got worse all the time but I kept asking the Lord to make me well and not let me get that dreadful- disease, although I thought I had it already. On the third day I was very bad, but not in bed. I said to myself, The verse on the Divine Healing Calendar for to-day, shall be for me. That was July 29 and I went and looked and, Oh, such a blessed verse, “Behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you!” From that moment I began to get better and the next day I was well and have been well ever since. Praise the Lord!

Our trials were not over then. Two weeks ago my smallest boy, nine years old, took sick with malaria and had three spells but was healed by prayer, and my smallest girl, twelve years old, got sick and was healed in the same manner. They were both sick in bed at the same time. In my prayer for them I promised the Lord to write my testimony, if he would heal them. He did, praise his name, and I must do what I promised. I cannot praise my dear Savior and Healer enough for what he has done for me. Please pray for my unsaved husband and for my children that are not saved. Pray for us that are saved that we may ever be faithful. Your sister in Christ,





Faithful Brethren.


My soul has been burdened lately for an advancement on the line of faithfulness — eternal trueness — trueness to God and to each other.

First of all God wants us to be true to him. Revelations will only come to those whom God can trust. The gifts of the Spirit will only be given to those whom God knows he can trust, the gospel will only be committed by God to faithful brethren.

Ah, how true, if God would commit into some people’s care what they sometimes put in for by prayer, they would make shipwreck of it and quickly send their own souls down to hell. God knows when one has reached the point that he can be trusted with a revelation, gift, or charge and you may be assured, dear ones, that God is just going to leave people struggling and agonizing in prayer for these things until they get in a condition to receive them. And here is where there is room for advancement with many of the workers.

Oh, how God does love and find pleasure in giving good gifts and positions in the body to his children, if they would only advance enough in their souls to receive them! Brethren, we cannot blame God for not giving them to us, when he actually knows some of us cannot be trusted with them.

If you want these things and you are earnestly praying for them, first sink far enough down into the will of God that he can trust you. If brethren want to reach the apostolic standard, they will undoubtedly have to reach the apostolic experience. Thank the Lord, false teachings have been swept away, doctrines of devils exposed, and the church restored to its apostolic primitive state, but a good many of the brethren have room for advancement on the line of faithfulness and trueness. What then is the advanced state which is attainable for all? It is just this, dear ones.

First. The apostolic experience of real humility — the kind that will not allow a brother or sister to get puffed up or independent of other brethren, or indignant, or think something more of one’s self than they ought to. Paul, one of the apostles, says, “Though I be the very chiefest of the apostles, I am nothing.” Then you will have to get entirely out of the way before you have Paul’s experience of humility.

Second, The apostolic experience of love — the kind that casts out fear. Watch closely your life and get the love which destroys all enmity out of your heart against any one and makes eternal trueness to every brother and sister. 1 Jno. 4:21. This love will take all the deceitfulness, untruthfulness, and traitor out of everyone who gets the experience.

Third, The apostolic experience of conversation. Some may think this is not an experience, but, hear the Word: “For of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” — Luke 6:45. However, the Word teaches the bridling of the tongue. How can one advance here? Answer. — By not boasting of ourselves, and by only glorying in the Lord: and the all-important point is not to speak when you will and when someone else wills, but when God wills. This is the apostolic standard which the world of professors has entirely lost sight of.

 Fourth. Faith that will not doubt God and disbelieve him when it comes to the test. Faith that will not run people off into fanaticism. God wants people to advance to the point where, if he does give them revelations on the Word, work some miracles, or perform some healing through them, they will not become fanatical and get all mixed up with a lot of impressions from the devil and their own human fancy, thereby going clear beyond the word of God.

How sad when we look about us and see how unfaithful some have been, and see the few that God can really trust with these things! Many others, if God would set them in the body to execute judgment, would either shrink from duty, go to extremes, or compromise. Therefore God, knowing these things, withholds from answering prayers. Faithfulness, brethren, eternal trueness to God! I see it, and my soul is advancing. Praise God!


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