1 May 1884, Volume 6, Number 8.

The Saints Inheritance.


O blessed inheritance of the saints in light, how precious to the soul. Oh wonderful redemption!, how few there are that know and understand Gods plan of the redemp­tion of man from his fallen state. God created man, pure, holy, upright, immortal. After His own image and likeness. He “made him a little lower than the angels; and crowned him with glory and honor, and set him over the works of His hands.” Heb 2d, 7. Yea He gave him dominion, over every living thing that moved upon the earth. God also, prepared a beautiful paradise for him to dwell in, with trees and shrubs of every kind, pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the garden also was decked with flowers of every hue, whose fragrance filled the air. A river also of clear sparkling water, flashing in the sunlight, flowed out. All these fitly corresponded with the spot­less purity, and innocence of man in the eden state. And man redeemed. There were also in this garden, two other trees, one the tree of life, the other the tree of knowledge of good and evil. These are figurative or typical, the tree of life is a figure of Christ, the tree of knowledge of good and evil a figure of satan., or two laws The tree of life, “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.” Rom 8 2 The tree of knowledge of good and evil, the law of sin and death, in satan. For “By the law is the knowledge of sin”. Rom 3 20 “For where no law is, there is no transgression. Rom 4 15 Sin is not imputed where there is no law. “Know ye not that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his ser­vants ye are to whom ye obey, whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness. 6 17. Therefore by obedience to satan, their minds were corrupted. 2 Cor 11 2, And became sinful, and death by sin. “For by one mans disobedience many were made sinners; so by the obedience of one (Christ Jesus) shall many be made righteous Rom. 5; 19. Yea “They which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of right­eousness, shall reign in life by one Jesus Christ. Rom. 5; 17. Glory to God in the highest, they who overcome by the blood of the Lamb, shall not be hurt of the second death. For Jesus Christ partook of flesh and blood, the same as mortal man. “That through death, He might destroy him that had the power of death, that is the devil.” And deliver them who through fear of death, were all their life time subject to bondage.” Heb. 2; 14, 15. “We have this promise of deliverance immediately after the fall of Adam. viz. The seed of the woman should bruise the serpents head Gen. 3; 15. Again to Abraham. Gen. 22; 18. “In thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed”. As for me behold my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt he a father of many nations. And I will establish My covenant between me and thee, and thy seed after thee; in their gen­erations, for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee. And to thy seed …er thee. And I will give unto thee, all the land of canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.” Gen. 17; 4 …, 8. Oh Glorious promise! to all the na­tions of the earth, which extends to the end of time. Also an everlasting Inheritance. All the land of canaan, not literal but spirit­ual, the land of beulah, or saints rest, Isa. 62; 4. Heb. 4; 9. wore it a literal land them all true Christians must needs possess the literal laud to Canaan. For the seed of Abraham comprises all those who are bap­tized into Christ. For “if ye be Christ’s then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs ac­cording to the promise. Gal. 3; 29. By faith “Abraham sojourned, in the literal land of promise, as in a strange country, with Isaac, and Jacob, heirs with him of the same promise.” These all died in faith, not having received the promises. For he looked for a City whose builder and maker is God.” Heb. 11; 9 10 13. Abraham knew more about the Church of God, in his day, than most of the present day so called Christians. By faith he saw Mount Sion, the City of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, the Church of the First Born, which are written in Heaven. Built on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ Himself, being the chief corner Stone. Thus we see, all the seed of Abra­ham, has a blessed inberisthey dr. The …mines sin from Christ to themselves; 4; 16. But not through the law, but through Christ. “In thy seed, shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. In thy seed, in the singular, “As of one and to thy seed which is Christ.” Gal. 3; 16. “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abrahams seed and heirs according to the promise.” If ye be Christ’s, then are ye born of God. “And because ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, and if a son, then an heir of God, through Christ.” Gal. 4; 6, 7. Thus we see the order of His plan, ye must first become sons of God, through spiritual birth which makes you an heir. Second receive the inheritance, through Christ. Paul says “Jesus Christ was a minister of the circum­cision, for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the Fathers. Rom. 15; 8. Also to perform the mercy promised to our fathers, and to remember His holy covenant; the oath which he swore to our father Abraham. That we might serve Him without fear, in holiness and righteousness, before Him all the days of our life. — Luke 1st, 72; 75. Praise God for the Spirit of power and of love, and of a sound mind, that perfect love that castes out fear.

“He that fears, is not made perfect in love,” and is in bondage, for servile fear binds us in servitude to our enemies, to man and satan. But being delivered which is salvation, and redeemed, we are without fear, perfect in love, sanctified in this world meet for the Masters use all the days of our life. This cuts off all caviling, in reference to the work of entire sanctification, being wrought upon believ­ers in this world, in this life. Now the Apostle Paul interprets the promise of the inheritance in this wise, “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, (the law of sin and death) that the bless­ing of Abraham might come on the gentiles through Jesus Christ, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.” — Gal. 3: 13, 14. The Spirit, he says, is the sanctifier. He declares himself to be the “minister of Jesus Christ to the gentiles, ministering the gospel of God, that the offering up of the gentiles might be accept­able, being sanctified by the Holy Ghost.” — Rom. 15: 16. Jesus commands the Apostles to “tarry in the city of Jerusalem” until they are endued with power from on high. And says he will send the promise of the father upon them. — Luke 24: 49. And interprets the promise, — Acts 1st 4: 5, 6, as being the Holy Ghost, the sanctifier, and tells them they shall receive power after He shall have come upon them.

Accordingly on the day of pentecost, the promise was fulfilled. Jesus sending the Holy Ghost He falls and sits upon them, with refining and living tongues of fire, and they spake and demonstrated the mighty power, as the Spirit gave them utter­ance. Peter being filled with the sanctify­ing power delivers a sermon which was quick and powerful, pricking the very core of their hearts. The very thing needful in these latter days of unbelief and wicked­ness a Gospel that will cause men to cry out, as they did, what shall I do to be saved Peter tells them to “repent and be baptized and renews the promise of the Holy Ghost, to all “even, as many as the Lord our God shall call” Acts 2; 38 39. The same day there were three thousand converted and added to the Church by the power.

To be continued.



The Two Witnesses.


“And if any man will hurt them, fire proceeds out of their month, and de­vours their adversaries.” — Rev. 11: 5. This is awfully true. We have said in our last, that these two witnesses are the Word and the Spirit of God. Woe to the man that opposes the Word of God, and resists the Spirit of God. Even they that “wrest the word of God, do it to their own destruction.” And they that undertake to bandy the living truth, but “oppose themselves.” The word of man may be cast aside with impunity, but certain destruction is the doom of all that attempt to withstand God’s word and Spirit.

“These have power to shut heaven that it rain not,” etc 6. When the Spirit of God, speaks the word of God, in pronouncing plagues, they come to pass. As in the case of Elyah. “And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and kill them. And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city, which spirit­ually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.” — 7, 8. Never could we have grasped the meaning of this, had not the Holy Spirit revealed it to us. O blessed be God for the anointing that abides and teaches us of all things. The fact is shown in our last, that these two witnesses can not be men, or created angels, they being the very source of the churches life and light. And if we apply them to the Word and Spirit, how can it be said that they were put to death, since “the word of the Lord endures forever,” and the Spirit is eternal? Thus saith the Lord, “The woman which thou sawest is the great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.” — Rev. 17:18. In this chapter, and all through the prophecy of this book, this city is called babylon, in the above quotation it is called “Sodom and Egypt,” and here it is declared to be identical with the woman, the mother of harlots, including of course all her daugh­ters. This proves conclusively that this city is not a literal one, bat a figurative representation of a system of evil. This system is effeminated because, God’s Church is represented as the bride, the Lambs wife, and this city of babylon, Sodom and Egypt, is a false corrupt, and adulterous counterfeit of the, real bride. It will not do to apply tins city to Roman Catholicism alone, because it is written, — Rev. 16:18, 19, — that under the outpour­ing of the seventh vial, there was “a great earth-quake,” (moral upheaval) and “the city wan divided.” So this great babylon or Sodom and Egypt, is a divided city, hence includes Rome and all her protest­ant branches. In fact it stands in this instance, for the false, jealous, and perse­cuting spirit of idolatrous religion, of all ages. For while it embraces the present babylon confusion, it also includes the same spirit of sect, that wrought in the Jews the death of Christ. In the streets that course the hearts of all babylon, Christ is this day still being “crucified afresh,” and in the revelings of her steeple houses He is being “put to an open shame.” Now it is in the streets of this wicked and polluted city, that the “two witnesses,” lay as dead bodies unburied. That is, the word of God, and the Spirit of God are there laying dead. They are as silent and powerless, and have as little to do with the business of that sect city, as a dead corpse laying in the streets of one of our towns would have to do with its business. They are perfectly cast aside and ignored. The plain old bible in that city, is far behind the times. The socalled preaching of her pulpits that contain the least bible, is in best taste, and most relished. The inhabitants of that city have very delicate ears, hence they say “prophesy unto us smooth things.” In her, “the time has come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts have they heaped to themselves teachers having itching ears, and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and are turned unto fables.” — 2 Tim. 4. “In transgressing and lying against the Lord, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiv­ing and uttering from the heart, words of falsehood. And judgment is turned away, backward, and truth is fallen in the streets, and equity cannot enter.” — Isa. 49:13, 14. Truth is fallen in the street, where “transgressing,” “lying,” “oppress­ion” and “falsehood” are rife, as in the fallen city of sectism. “Truth is fallen in the street.” The word truth well repre­sents both these witnesses, for the Spirit is called the “Spirit of truth,” and “Thy word is truth.” When alone with God on a Sabbath morning, on the camp ground in Iowa last year, the Holy Spirit was wonderfully unfolding this chapter to our mind. The two witnesses had occurred to our mind as the word and Spirit. But when we came to their death, and laying as corpses in the street, our interpretation seemed lost. For how could these living powers of Deity die. Soon the Spirit brought up an instance in our past ex­perience that helped me to understand the point. It was this. Myself and two others went into the Roberts Park, M. E. house one Lords day to class meeting. Around us sat about the most barbarous, and murderous pride, we had ever seen. They were prominent members, and spake of their love to Jesus, our heart was filled with groans, looking to the Lord to direct us, we were led to read the three strongest scriptures we knew, forbidding adornments, and enjoining modest apparel. We spake briefly of the solemn fact that we should be judged by this word in the last day, and after testifying in the power of the Spirit, to full salvation, we sat down. What was the effect? There was abso­lutely no effect at all. The word and Spirit had absolutely no authority, no real living power over their minds. It was a dead letter. It had no more voice in their conscience, than a dead corpse has in the council of a city. “Their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt.” “And they shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.” O no they do not bury nor burn the bible, nor deny the existence of the Spirit. They have a volume of the Word on the pulpit, they read it in their Sabbath schools. They repeat the Apostles creed, (as it is falsely called) ‘I believe in the Holy Ghost.’ They even pray for the Spirit, and defend the word against professed s. Thus they “do not suffer them to be put into graves,” while at the same time, to them the Word and Spirit are but dead corpses, “held in unrighteousness,” and treated with as little authority, as the silly fables of some old almanac.

“And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; be­cause these two prophets tormented them that dwell on the earth.” ver 10. That is while they were active and upon their feet, they tormented all men that live in sin. They “strive with all flesh,” and convince the world of sin, and righteous­ness, and of judgment to come.” But since the traditions of men have made the word of God of non effect; and ungodly lives under the profession of religion, and ‘lightness’ and licentiousness in ministerial garb, have silenced the word and licensed sin over His protests, babylon is now filled with carnal jubilee, with mirth and frolick. Behold now they rejoice in their festivi­ties and make merry. All because these two witnesses have been put to death there and have nothing to say in their night revelings. Is not this a fact? Who dare deny it! How many tickets, suppose you would babylon sell for her frolicks, if it were expected that the word of God, and holy Spirit should be permitted to stand up there and have a hearing? Would not their expected appearance defeat the whole project? And after these sons and daugh­ters of social frolic, have gathered to “have a good time” — as the devils hand­bills usually say —— were these two wit­nesses to stand up upon their feet there would they not strike terror to them more than the appearance of Samuel did to Saul? And thus conscience smitten by the “hammer” of the word, and alarmed by their sins as revealed in the flashing fire of the Holy Spirit, these assembled inhab­itants of Sodom, would break up in wild confusion, and scatter to their homes, nev­er again to invest in tickets to a festival where these tormenters’ should be allowed an appearance.


To Be Continued



Which was Answered nearly Three Thousand Years Ago.

Brother W. Is it right to help build up sects who, by the Bible standard, are seen to be ungodly in many respects, and whose fruits clearly show that they hate the very Christ they pretend to preach?

We find substancially this same ques­tion asked and answered by the Prophet of God 2781 years ago.

“And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, SHOULDEST THOU HELP the UNGODLY, and LOVE THEM that HATE THE LORD? THEREFORE IS WRATH UPON THEE from before the LORD.” — 2 Chron. 19:2.




Firey opposition keeps awake,
Within our breast a burning zeal;
The Holy Spirit’s sword we take,
And make the guilty sinner feel.

And victory gives us courage bold,
To march triumphant in the fight;
Lead captive many to the fold,
Where they can see the marvelous light.

The cold and lukewarm also hoot,
To see us place our faith so high;
We make ourselves of no repute,
That our Savior may be always nigh.

Poor fallen sinners all alike,
Who wander in the ways of sin;
Day by day their Savior spike,
To the rugged cross again.

O shall we gee His honor die,
And under-foot His name be trod?
No we will make the guilty fly,
And all the land possess for God.


The Holy Anointing.


Sandy Lake Pa., Jan, 7th.

My soul is full of the glory of God. O I wish I could tell you half that God is doing for us this first week of the new year. A few came some distance on the first day of the year to attend some meet­ings. They staid a few days and God gloriously saved and blessed them and they returned home rejoicing. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

The Anointing — I feel like writing some of my experience. Four years ago I was impressed by the word of the Lord that I should not eat swines flesh. Have eaten but very little since that time. A few months ago, while at a neighbors table the pork was passed, I took a piece, but on taking the first bit, the sweet soft spirit of the Lord said, “if you want to follow the Lord closely, you must not eat any more pork.” I said, Lord I do want to follow thee closely. So from that moment I have followed the Spirit’s direc­tions. And O how God has been blessing my soul, and feeding me upon the bread of heaven.

The first night of December I spent from ten o’clock until twelve, reading the word of the Lord, and praying. Three times I arose from prayer and read certain scriptures that were impressed upon my mind. Then came the words, “kneel down and receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit.” Glory to God, He gave me the precious anointing that abides forever. The nest day was Sabbath, O how wonder fully He blessed my soul that day. Praise God forever!

Your saved sister,

Mary Elizabeth Farrah.


Passed Over the River.


Hendersonville Pa. Jan. 22.

Bear Brother in Christ. The Lord he praised for what He is doing for His little ones here. Glory to God in the highest, He leads me into green pastures and beside still waters A few of us went down to Butler Co, and held meeting there, The Lord was with us in wonderful bower. We found sister Shrader very low and a cloud resting upon her mind. We went to the Lord in prayer, and blessed he His name the cloud was removed and she sang and praised God with a clear voice, and preached us such a sermon that will not be forgotten while life lasts. It was a blessed time for all present.

Later — Jan. 30. Sister Shrader has crossed over the narrow stream, death, since my last writing. Four of ns went to her funeral. It was one of the most blessed funerals I ever attended. Old gloomy form­alities were all set aside, Gods little ones worshiped and praised the Lord as the spirit directed, and gave them utterance. Praise God from the depth of my heart for the precious lessons we learned from this belov­ed mother in Israel. In the midst of all her sufferings she was enabled to praise God To night my soul says praise God and all that is within me bless His holy name for­ever. I feel that I am lead by my Fathers loving hand. Your sister in the Lord.

Elizabeth Carmichael.

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‘Ye Shall Know The Truth.”


It has a show of charity and christian toleration to treat error arid truth with e­qual respect, allow them an equal voice in our religious journals: but this can only ap­pear right to men who do not know the truth themselves respecting those points. While all who know and revere the truth, feel like the apostle Paul, “For we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth.”

Christ said, “thy word is truth.” That word teaches literal water baptism. It was introduced by John, who taught, not the law, but the “Kingdom of heaven.” The question Christ put to the Jews, whether it is of God, or of men, implies His confir­mation of its divinity. He also declared it necessary to “fulfill all righteousness,” rat­ified it by His example, and enjoined it up on all believers, in His final commission, which extends to the “end of the world.”

It was never repealed by Christ or any of His apostles, but was practiced to the close of the bible record. Christ said, “If ye know these things happy are ye if ye do them.” “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” How shall we learn the truth? Why, “If any man will do His will he shall know of the doctrine.” These texts teach us, that by doing the commandments of the New Tes­tament, we shall know of their doctrine. Shall have the positive seal of God to their divine authority, shall comprehend the doctrinal truth connected with them, and shall be made happy in God as the fruit of their observance. Therefore when men give equal, or more space in their papers to articles that oppose these insti­tutions of Christ, they simply confess that they do not know the truth themselves respecting them. And when men do not know the truth themselves, they are apt to think no one else does. Hence, they are ready to cry out, “bigoted, narrow, sectarian, “water sect,” etc, because men who “know these things,” do not give equal place to the “traditions of men, that make non effect the commandments of God,” The “Word, which confirmed by the Holy Spirit in the obedi­ent heart says, “be baptized,” “this do in remembrance of me,” “do these things.” Now if Christ had incorporated some commandments in His word that were vailed in mystery, and the Holy Spirit never “took these things of Christ, and showed them unto us,” so that we could have nothing, but conjecture, and opinion with respect to their meaning, and as to whether they were really commanded or not, then we could readily see the propri­ety of giving equal respect, and place to the opposing opinion as to that favoring them. Such a bible of vagaries would justify the existing sentiments of babylon, i.e., “you have as good a right to your opinion as I have to mine,” “I believe thus and so, but you have just as good a right to the opposite opinion as I have to mine.” If we could only guess our way in the christians walk, editors were justi­fiable in throwing their columns open to the way every body guesses, lest their own guess happens to miss the mark. But the Bible is no jungle of indetermin­able precepts. “A wayfaring man, though a fool, shall not err therein,” the Spirit will “guide us into all truth.” Truth ap­prehended, is not mere supposition. We are not taught to guess the truth, but “ye shall know the truth.” And if ye know the truth, you know that the opposite is not the truth, and to hold the two in equal respect, is to put truth and error on the same plain, and to treat Christ and the devil with equal respect; because, “truth came by the Lord Jesus Christ,” and satan is the father of lies. L. H. Johnson has had about one half of his paper filled with the quaker doctrine on the ordinances, for the last year, and yet he confessed that he did not know what baptism is, and because he did not know himself, he judged that no one else knew. This is where all confusion comes from; men teaching of things that they know not, and speaking evil of things they under­stand not. But “he that does the will of God, knows of the doctrine,” he “knows these things, and is happy in doing them.” Well we do not need to fill half sheets in defense of the word of God, for we are happy to know that the conscientious, who believe the word of God, and have a heart to obey Christ, will ”keep the ordinances” of our Lord Jesus Christ, if all the papers on earth would henceforth be devoted to their overthrow.



Christian Courage.


Religion gives a man courage. I mean high moral courage, which can look danger and death in the face, unawed and undis­mayed. The courage that can encounter the loss of ease, of wealth, of friends, of your own good name. The courage that can face a world full of loathing, and of hate, yea of howling and of scorn. Can see all this with a smile, and suffering it all, can still toil on, conscious of the result yet fearless still. I do not mean the courage that hates, that smites and kills; but the calm courage that loves and heals, blesses such as hate, and smite, and kill. The courage that dares resist evil, popular powerful evil; yet does it with good and knows it shall thereby overcome. That is not a common quality. I think it never comes without religion, (rather salvation) What lofty men, born to a large estate of intellect and brilliancy, for lack of courage to be true amid the false, and upright among the groveling, have laid their proud foreheads in the dust, and mean men have triumphed over them.

Selected by Wm. H. Hull.


A Good Rule.


Quite apparent is the fact that the civil­ized world is breaking through the walls that limit progress, with an energy far exceeding that of the last centuries. Perhaps in no department is advance more clearly seen than in that of religion. Believers in the christian faith, and par­ticularly its more practical adherents, are freeing themselves from the bondage of human ecclesiastical rule. The latter are more than formally, looking directly to God as revealed in His plans and ways, by His word and Spirit, rather than to the limiting traditions of human production. Sectarian forms prescribe limits to thought and knowledge, relative to the infinitude of spiritual treasures in reserve, in inex­haustible supply. They close the door as effectually as it is possible for them to do, against the following of God’s rule, as given by the inspired Peter, which requires growth in “the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” in the fact of their being adopted as a system of theology. In reference to a theoretical, and more especially a practical theology, the rule as formulated by Carlysle, is a good one, vis, “The goal of yesterday is but the starting place of today.”

R. W. Lyman.

Arcade, N Y.,


The Same Gospel.



“As many as are led by the Spirit of God, the same are the sons of God,” and, conversely, as many as are sons are thus led. The same indwelling and illuminat­ing Spirit inspires the same Gospel to us and by us as He did to the apostles, and the “cloud of witnesses,” in the true church since our present era began.

To illustrate this unity in the teaching of the Spirit, the same in all ages and climes, let me quote briefly, (to briefly perhaps) from the words of that true saint William Penn; whose life was truly apos­tolic, in both its zeal and purity. (Let me recommend his writings to the saints.) In 1668, he was imprisoned in the famous Tower of London, “for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Rev. … 9 While there he wrote “No Cross, No Crown,” and showed that one essential in that indispensable cross, was the forsaking of the formalism, worldliness and flesh pleasing of the so called church of his day. He says “if our survey be ever so tender and charitable of those who claim an interest in the holy name of Christ, yet if we will but be just, as well as tender, we must acknowledge and pro­claim that there seems but very little of Christianity in them ox about them, be­sides the name. Their name is now usurp­ed and claimed as a sort of charm, by those who have really the old heathen nature and life, and are heathens in disguise. For though they worship not the same idols, they worship Christ with the same heart. “The unmortified christian, and the heathen are of the same nature, and their religions differ only in externals.” “These are they that the author of the epistle to the Hebrews, tells us “crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put Him to an open shame.” Their de­filed hearts are the streets of Sodom and Egypt, spiritually so called, where the Lord was crucified long after He ascended.” This false christianity is more cruel than the Jews cruelty; they persecuted for two or three years, and then slew Him in one day. These have professed Him, and then, for these many ages, do and have most basely betrayed, persecuted, and crucified Him by a perpetual apostasy. They perpetuate the dreadful scenes of the nailing and piercing, the thorns, and the vinegar mingled with gall. Was Judas a better man, or christian, for crying “Hail Master!” and kissing Christ? By no means. These words were the signal and the sting of his treachery. He kissed, but sold Him to be killed. Therefore “from such,” as have the form, but in their lives deny the power of godliness, “turn away.” — 2 Tim. 3:1-5.


Made Every Whit Whole.



Petoskey, Mich.. Feb, 7th, 1884.

Dear Brethren: — In an October number of the Trumpet, in an article written by Brother Fisher, giving a report of the meeting at Bangor, a statement was made with regard to the healing of my eyes. God’s dealings with me since then have been very marked, and with the hope that I may help to encourage or enlighten some poor afflicted one, I write the follow­ing. My health failed me fifteen years ago. Five years later my eyes failed me, so that I had a very limited use of them, having to get about much of the time by the sense of feeling, and not able to read a page until the date of said statement, being a space of nearly ten years. During the past two years, partly owing to a change of climate, my health had improved so that I fancied with the recovery of the use of my eyes, I might be able to attend to my household duties and feel quite well. While at Bangor, prayer was offer­ed for the healing of my eyes, and God healed them, and I returned to my home having the natural use of them in every respect. Shortly after my return, how­ever, I became painfully convinced that I should have asked for entire healing. The limited use of my eyes had prevented me from testing my general strength, and as I attempted to labor in various ways, I frequently, found myself getting tired before I had accomplished but little. With the general fatigue of the body, the circulation of the blood was so disturbed as to affect my head and eyes, causing pain in the latter for the time being, or until I was rested in body, after which, I had the natural use of them as before. I was daily reminded of a general weak­ness, followed by pain, causing me to cry unto God for deliverance from the infirm­ity of the flesh. I prayed much, and at times thought I exercised faith according to the Divine order, so as to receive the healing power. But the pain or weakness returned, and so I struggled on. On the morning of Dec. 31st, having suffered much more than usual for two days pre­vious. I resolved to spend the later part of the day in fasting, reading, and prayer, asking God to reveal whatever was lack­ing on my part. Wearied and pained from having met the most needed demands of the day, I took my Bible and read several chapters; I then took the Gospel Trumpet, and my eyes first rested upon an article written by Sister Willett, headed “Faith before sight,” she having been healed of an internal disease, somewhat similar to my own. Praise God! it was like a messenger from heaven, to teach me how to trust, and how to appropriate faith. I read it twice over, I then fell on my knees with the paper in my hand, and asked God to make me every whit whole. I arose and declared that I was healed, with no other evidence than God’s word. That was enough, being fully de­termined, if pain or weakness should follow, to give no heed to it, regarding it only as tests of faith as the sister said, and as having no relation to my former condition.

I at once set to work in various ways which I had not been able to do before, and the more I worked the stronger I be­came. My weakness was transformed into strength. My pain gave place to rejoicing in the healing power of the Great Physic­ian who has said, “ask and ye shall receive.” Not with a great faith, but with, a simple childlike confidence, taking God at His word, just as we would expect to receive from an earthly friend

As the days and weeks passed by, I labored early and late, as I had occasion, without feeling the need of rest more than is common in perfect health, and am still rejoicing in a complete deliverance from the power of disease.

Dear fellow sufferers, readers of the Trumpet, may God bless this experience to your good, inclining you, by His Spirit, to ask according to your need, and at once to act as though you had received, as the exercise of faith is a venture on the belief that God is, and is to be trusted, and in so doing prove the blessedness of the fact that His word cannot fail.


A Creed bound “Free Church.”


Brother Reed, in the Highway of Feb, 9th, gives us the creed of the so called “free church,” in Nevada Iowa. It is in­deed astonishing that intelligent men will carry along even to this day, the vagaries of dark age creeds. The first article reads thus, “we take, the Bible as our standard of doctrines and discipline.” Do you? Let us see; here follows the first principle of association. “All ecclesiastical power resides in the associated membership of the church.” Now we would like to have brother Reed show us where he reads that principle in the Bible? Is it true that the members of the body possess all the governing power? Is it a fact in the human body, the figure of the church? Does this not cut off both the Head, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. His represent­ative? How readiest thou? “And He is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the first born from the dead; that in all things He might have the pre­eminence. For it pleased the Father that in him should all fullness dwell;” — Col, 1: 18, 19. So the Scriptures put Christ pre­eminent in “all ecclesiastical power.” but this “free church,” like Diotrephes, “love to have the preeminence” themselves. It was announced by the prophet, that “the government shall be upon His (Christ’s) shoulders,” but these creed makers have deposed Christ and shouldered “all eccles­iastical power” themselves. We need not multiply scriptures to show the absurd­ity of this dark age principle. It would have been far more consonant with scrip­tures, had they said, “all ecclesiastical power resides in Jesus Christ, the head of the body, and the Holy Spirit.” This would have required loyalty to Christ, the “one master. instead of to the “member­ship” who are “all brethren.”

Now let us read on and see what that “all ecclesiastical power” that “resides in the membership” consists in.

1st, “The power of electing its own offi­cers.” Contrast this with the word. “Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers.” (bishops) Acts 20: 28. “God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondary proph­ets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, than gifts of healing, helps governments, (ruling elders) diversities of tongues,” — Cor 12: 28. So God elects the officers of His church Himself, “yea it is God that works all things in all.” verse 6. True the Apostle directed Timothy to “ordain elders in every city,” but by reference to Acts 13, you will see God’s order, “the Holy Spirit said, separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work where-unto I have call­ed them. And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid there hands on them, they sent them away, so they being sent forth by the Holy Spirit departed.” God by His Spirit, calls, ordains, elects, and appoints all the officers, the church acknowledges God’s appointments, ordains or dedicates to His callings, and conse­quently it is really the Holy Spirit that makes overseers, or “sends forth,” as H… will, and the members have no power a… all to elect officers.

2nd. “The. power of admitting and excluding its own mebers” Now we do not say that the “Free Church,” at Nevada, or any other man organized compact, has not the power to elect its own officers, admit, and exclude its own members. But we wish to show our readers the difference between this body and its creed, and Christ’s body, and its creed. The membership of this “free church” claim the sole power of taking in and putting out. But in Christ Church, which is ”free indeed,” He has reserved all that power to Himself. “The Lord added to the Church daily such as should be saved.” — Acts 2: 47. “I am the door, by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved.” — John 10: 9. “But now hath God set the members, every one of them, in the body as it hath pleased Him,” — 1 Cor. 12: 18. That is a quite a different process than being voted in. But how are they put out? — Ans, “Your sins have separated between you and me,” saith the Lord. “Every branch in me that berets not fruit, He takes it away.” — John 15: 2.

3rd. The membership of this “free church reserves to themselves “the power of adopting its own creed or standards of faith and practice.” But in the “free in deed” church, the membership have noth­ing of that business to do at all Christ their head, “in whom dwells all the treas­ures of wisdom and knowledge,” attends to that matter, and has furnished them an infallible creed, even the word of His truth, and has also given us His Spirit to guide us into the same, He is “a son over His own house.” “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our King; He will save us.” — Isa, 33: 22. 23. “There is one Lawgiver who is able to save and destroy: who art than that judg­es another,” or makes a creed oyertiod’s children? — James 4: 12.

4th. This free church also arrogates to itself the “power of regulating its own worship,” etc. Was not the Holy Spirit given to regulate our worship, inspire our prayers, and direct all our steps. Is a not “God that works all things in all.” Does not the above creed excinde, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, from controlling the members of this compac… their worship? If it means what it says it does. If it does not mean what it says it is deceptive. This creed farther says that “Application for membership shall be made to the pastor, or deacons, whose duty it shall be to present the same to the church for action.” How directly opposite to God’s church, where all appli­cations for membership must be made directly to Christ, who alone can admit, and that by the operation of salvation. According to the High Way‘s words, he has simply formed another sect. He says “the people that were denied the rights and privileges, in the mother church, or churches, have always formed the new society; always will. We claim the same right Luther, Knox, Wesley, and the Pil­grim Fathers did, or that in later days the seceding Presbyterians, Wesleyan, and Free Methodists have done.”

Christ Said, “ye build the sepulchers of the prophets, whom your fathers have put to death, therefore ye bear witness that ye are the children of them that put … prophets to death.” So brother … acknowledges that the sect organization including the “Free Church at Nevadaare the offsprings of “mother churches,” that “denied the rights and privileges” of God’s children. This pedigree corresponds with the scriptures, Every sect is the child of an unholy mother, a pread and oppressive mother, and every daughter of such adulteress mothers naturally grew up to repeat the character, and unholy deeds of her maternal ancestor. Thus great babylon has brought forth one gen­eration of harlots after another; each claiming to be a reformation of the next elder, while in fact each generation has committed whoredom with the world younger than her sisters did. But what better could be expected, since Rome is the grand “mother of all these harlots.” Well God is very solicitous to get His people out of babylon. “Sodom and Egypt,” if He has to let some of them rue side into some “little” sect city, in the sut… of Sodom. It is perhaps better that … remain in the doomed city. But wi… miserable blind hamper, these little city… are compared with the glorious reala… the whole truth, as it is in Christ Jesus S… … is little creed does not say a … the … in recogn… … the he as thong… … free church …

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…me one else is aspiring to that place …d by reference to a Highway of some …nths ago, we see brother M. L. Haney, has is nominated the new head, for the new sect.

Eureka, Ill., June 5th, 83.

Dear Brother Reid: — * * * * * Well, success to the “Free Church of Nevada,” and its human head; Isaiah Reid.”

M. L. Haney.

“Well, we say God bless all these breth­ren, and lead them clear out of the fogs of human headism. O Lord still have patience with us all for Jesus sake.



Infidel Slanders.


We feel rather like treating with silent contempt, the wicked aspersions that have gone through many papers, secular and religious, against our character, but as friends demand it of us, we will just say that the report, we fraudulently took from a Mrs, Booth, a thousand dollars, by mes­meric influences, is wholly and basely false. If we have been correctly informed, it was fabricated by a lying infidel in Bucy­rus, and furnished a Cincinnatti Enquire reporter, by him. That paper after con­sulting more reliable parties in Bucyrus, on the lath of last Feb, published an art­icle refuting all the reflections that had been cast upon us. The Church Advocate having published the Enquires slanders, also took back the charges against us. The fact is we never had any hand in ob­taining that money. We was at our home and knew not that the woman had a thou­sand, dollars, or any money at all, until a letter was sent me, stating she had given the same. We also have letters from her, stating that she had cheerfully and delib­erately given the money. That God had called her to do so, and that she did not regret the step she had taken. But sub­sequently she fell, through the opposition of her husband and “satan, and we gave security for the money, because it was demanded, though we were under no legal nor moral obligation to do so.



SALVATION, — What is it?

B. H. R. Jeffery.


Salvation must mean a good deal. It suggests the idea that we are a lost race, and without redemption we were eternally lest. This idea of man agrees with the facts in our case: universal experience confirm the fact of mans fall, and self-insufficiency. We need help from abroad. We must have salvation. How shall we obtain it? We all ought to know quickly. We need to see and at once enter upon the, sure and safe path. We cannot afford to run any risks or make any delays: too much, yea our eternal all, is at stake.

We are surrounded by men and women who claim to be saved, or they “hope so.” Serious as it is, they soon betray an awful lack of certainty about it, and they all dif­fer in their supposed way to obtain salva­tion. This is accounted for by the fact they do not really possess salvation. And this is further accounted for by the miserable hu­man instruction common in all shoddy revivals. I have seen rows of seekers de­ceived by these false prophets. They talk in about this way, “well brother, what are you seeking?” the answer is the pardon of my sins, “well do you believe Christ is able to save you?” yes. Well you have come to lam havent you, Yes. Well He says’ “him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” Now you just say you are saved, and the work is done. All that are silly enough to believe this, comply with the preacher’s directions, and take his word for their salva­tion, are reported by him, as so many souls born into the kingdom. And the deceived souls think they are converted when they have not really been awakened to a realization of their sins in the sight of God. O shame, SHAME, on this work of deceiving, for the sake of reporting numbers, increasing popularity, and getting fat salaries.

Christ says, “I am the way the truth and the life.” So we must come to God through Him, and if through Him, we must obey Him; and He demands self denial, an ut­ter loathing and forsaking of all sin and this world, and a thorough mortification of the flesh.

O these counterfeit; convertions are aw­ful in their harvest of souls to the regions of perdition. They are the result of a spu­ions gospel which never reaches the sin­poluted heart, nor produces genuine repent­ance. Often the preaches talk so much to seekers at the altary, that they draw their minds all from Christ to themselves; consequently they only get converted to the preacher and to the sect. I know these things are so, for I have suffered much from these miserable healers myself. They are all condemned by the word of God. They are represented as “healing slightly,” and thousands of souls have been deceived, and turned into darkness by these blind guides. Woe unto them. But what is salvation and how obtained? First there must be a deep conviction for sin. The more pungent, the conviction, the shorter the road is to Christ, and the clearer the experience of sal­vation. This has been my observation. When the soul is plunged into deep con­demnation, and guilt, it will cry out to God for deliverance. Then looking through his tears to the Lamb of God, the atoning sac­rifice for his sins, his darkness is turned to day, and the Spirit of adoption crying abba Father, thrills the heart with the new­born joys of a real child of God. This transition from darkness to light, and from the power of satan to God, will be so marked that he needs no one to tell him that he is saved. He will tell with gladness, what great things the Lord hath done for his soul. Such conversions alone will stand, and will constitute a true basis in which to go on unto perfection, and be sanc­tified wholly. But this real work of God can only be expected as the result of a pure and searching gospel, preached in the pow­er and demonstrations of the Spirit of God. O reader let us pray God, to send more true uncompromising preachers of the true gos­pel of salvation to the uttermost.



Please explain this scripture.

“If the righteous scarcely be saved, where where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear.” And oblige your brother.

Abner N. Fowler.

Answer: — These solemn words need but little explanation. They mean what they say. First, this fact that all the righteous who shall be finally saved will barely es­cape hell by the grace of God. And have, nothing to boast of, they will all look back and see where they should have been eter­nally lost, had not God been more watch­ful, and solicitous for their souls interests then they themselves. And such are the perversities of our fallen nature, and the strength, and activity, of our foes, that all will be made to realize that were it not for the boundless mercy of God, we should have been eternally lost. We have barely made our escape, deserving hell for our sins. We only receive heaven as a gra­cious gift. And upon the latter clause, we observe, that if men and women, who re­ceive Christ, deny themselves, resist sin. rejects the world, and loose their own lives for Christ’s sake and the Gospel, and hon­estly obey the Savior in all the light and strength they could obtain, if all such shall realize that they have no surplus righteousness, and are only barely saved by grace, where shall all classes who disobey disbelieve and reject Christ, appear; Ans­wer. They shall appear at the left hand of the Judge. Then shall He say to them on the left hand depart ye workers of in inquiry into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. And these shall de­part into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal.




Grand Junction Mich., Feb 22nd

Dear Brethren; — We are strangers in the flesh but not in spirit. Brother Michels has spoken of you, and given us one of the Gospel Trumpets. Praise God and the Lamb forever! Let it sound the great salvation, over all the earth. I praise God for a full and free salvation. I am sanctified to God. I am all His and He is mine. Glory to God! my heart is so full of joy unspeakable, and glory. That I cannot find words to express my feelings. Praise the Lord! out of the abun­dance of the heart the mouth speaks.

God will reward Brother Michels, Speck, and Palmer, bountifully for the great sal­vation work they have done here. They have the Spirit of the Mighty God within their souls. God bless and keep them and abundantly prosper their efforts through Christ Jesus, in bringing sinners to repen­tance, and believers to holiness of heart. Salvation is rolling on wherever they go Praise the Lord!

I have been a sinner almost forty years with a worldly heart. Yes I was a great sinner in the sight of God. I thought there was no redemption for me. I never in all my life had made any start to serve God, until these dear brethren came here to hold meetings, I praise God and the

Lamb for sending them. Glory be to God! I and my husband were among the many that came to Christ. And our home is now a happy place. Where for years there was nothing but sin and unpleasant words, now all is turned into a house of prayer, and praise. We are praying daily for God to call our two children to His grace.

I was a great lover of novels, took four Ledgers, thought I could not get along without my stories. I praise God for the salvation that just takes all desire for fic­tion, and all other sin out of my mind and heart. I can say my wicked temper is all gone.

“O wondrous grace, oh joy sublime, I’ve Jesus with me all the time.”

I am saved and sanctified, and standing on the rock Christ Jesus, with a pure heart, living by the power of God, with­out sin every day of my life. I feel I could preach salvation from the house-top.

Salvation let the echo fly. Your sister Christ.

Cornelia Hildebrand.


Paris Ill. Jan. 20th. 1884.

Dear Brethren: Praise the Lord. He has led me to write to you, this blessed Sab­bath morning. I must say in reading the Trumpet I have been filled with much Joy of the Lord, and peace in my soul. I can hardly wait until it comes. When the pa­per first came I did not like it, I did not read it much. But it waked me up to read and study the bible more. And I find it is right on the bible line. Praise the Lord! it has taught me so many grand lessons.

Seeing the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. God has called me out of babylon. The Methodist sect Glory to God I am stan­ding complete in Christ Jesus. There are a few free saints here, and we are holding a meeting, and God is with us in power. There have been, I believe, thirteen saved. Some reclaimed. Two whole families con­verted and some sanctified. Glory to His name? The work is still going on. Four children gloriously saved; such glorious testimony as they give in is astonishing.

Your Sister saved and sanctified wholly, through the blood of Christ.

D. L. Rearick


Hendersonville Pa., March 23rd, 84.

Dear Brethren: — May the Lord bless you. The Lord is with us and keeps us day by day. Blessed be His name! Three weeks ago to-day, three souls came four­teen miles to our meetings to get help, and they all received the blessing of holi­ness. God has called us out of babylon, and we will never return to her, nor com­promise with her in any way.

“On Christ the solid reck I stand,
All other ground is sinking sand.”

We have good meetings, the Lord is keeping His little ones saved and true to Him. We have made several trips to surrounding counties and held meetings. God was with us in mighty power, and seals were saved, Some call us guerrillas going around the country, while others charge us with shutting ourselves up in our own houses, and not going any where. Thus you see fake witnesses do not agree. Well we just go where God sends us, and no where else, And we will not try to please men, for then were we the enemies of God.

God being my helper I will be true to Him, though all men turn against me. Blessed be His name. We hope you will not fail to come to our camp-meeting, to begin the 23rd of next August. Some have received light on the true church last year, and I trust much good will be done in the coming meeting.

Your brother in Christ,

William Frost.


Sweetser, Ind., Jan. 26th.

Dear Brethren: — Glory to God! I am saved just now. I have been permitted to read a few numbers of the Gospel Trum­pet, handed to me by a friend. I love to read them, they are manna to my soul. I joined the M. P. denomination fourteen years ago, and seven years ago I was con­verted. I know that God for Christ’s sake forgave all my sins. I had no teachers that could lead me on to entire sanctifi­cation, but by reading the word of God, I found that we could attain unto holiness of heart, or entire sanctification. Praise the Lord! 1 have laid hold on the prom­ises of God, by faith in Christ. Five weeks ago I was sanctified wholly. Praise the Lord! I am free indeed, for the blood of Christ cleanses me from all sin. Glory to God! I am dead unto sin, and alive unto God. I am upon the high-way that was thrown up for the redeemed to walk on. There is a well of water springing up in us into everlasting life. Hallelujah I stand almost alone here, and like the apostle, I am in peril among false brethren. I thank God, through the Lord Jesus Christ I can stand. Praise the Lord! I feel that I have the victory in my soul, over the old dragon. I am hid with Christ in God. I have constant peace and joy within. My God has done all things well, and I give Him all the glory. My soul is free in Christ Jesus, and being cleansed from the evil nature, by the blood of God’s dear Son. I feel that I can enjoy perfect salvation above all that the old adversary can do.

Your brother saved in Christ,

Wm. H. Bragg.


Himrods Yates Co. H. Y. March, 3rd.

Dear Brethren, The Love of God dwell in your souls, as long as you live, and your bodies as transparent as glass, and whiter than snow. Always doing our Messed Sav­iors will at all times. Glory to God! Brother Warner, the Bible Proofs of the Sec­ond work of Grace, is wonderful food for my soul. How it lifts me out of self into God, and on the clear sea of glass, mingled with fire. Praise God!

Josiah Reed.


Cambridge Neb., March 16th.

Dear Brethren: — We have not received the Trumpet for some time. We miss it so much. We think it one of the best papers on the line of true bible holiness, My hus­band is out in the ministry part of the time. The people as a rule do not like the plain, straight truth. Still there are a few who do accept the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. I found it took much narrowing down to fit me to be a true disciple of the Lord, and help-mate of a true minister of Gods holy word. But glory to God I am saved, from all sin through the blood of Je­sus. Hallelujah to the Lamb!

Your Brother and Sister in Christ, radic­al for God now and forever,

R. J. and E. J. Brown.


North Topeka, Kan., March 11th.

Dear Brethren: — God bless you, I miss the visits of the Gospel Trumpet so much that I must write you and enquire the cause of its long delay.

Well dear Brethren it seems as though satan had such a firm hold upon the peo­ple that there is little use of trying to teach them the truth; “they are lovers of their own selves,” and seek after smooth things, and are carried away with vain emo­tions, and so the work of God is hindered.

My cry to God is, what wilt thou have me do. And it takes all the grace of God to keep me from breaking loose from my farm and like Jonah go and cry aloud and tell the people of their doings. But the Lord’s will be done. Pray for me.

Your Brother.

R. A. Carter.

Well brother examine closely and see if it is not the grace of God that Is trying to break you loose from your farm, and the tempter holding you fast.



New York. March 12th, 1884.

Dear Brethren: — Grace and peace be unto you from God the Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ. My heart leaps with joy unspeakable, and fall of glory, knowing that the Lord reigns, and all within me saith, blessed be the name of the Lord from henceforth and forevermore.

Amen! Yesterday, in the special provi­dence of God, I was permitted to ride over the great bridge that now spans the North River, connecting Brooklyn with New York.

A wonderful and most stupendous struc­ture it is in it we can see the mightiness of man, and the glory of the Almighty, His Creator.

Well dear brethren, although we have never seen each other face to face, yet in the spirit I am ever with you, and with all the saints in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.

I praise the Lord greatly that we be­hold the majesty and power of God mani­fested on earth through His saints. Surely He is hastening on the conquest of the lit­tle stone which Daniel, the prophet, saw cut out of the mountain without hands, till it became a great mountain and filled the earth with the glory of God. Behold the Bride, the Lambs wife, now comes up out of the wilderness leaning upon the arm of her beloved, as fair as the moon, as clear as the Sun, and as terrible as an army with banners. Bless God! I am also in her embrace, and a member of her body elect.

I often have you and the Gospel Trum­pet in grateful remembrance before the throne of heavenly grace, and my hope respecting you is anchored to that within the veil whither Jesus Christ the forerun­ner hath for us entered

Yours Truly,

G. R. Doud.


Vichy Springs Mo. Feb 12th, 1884.

Dear Brethren: — I received your inter­esting letter, and several copies of the Trum­pet, which I am giving where I think it will do the most good. I think I can get some subscribers, I believe this movement is of the Lord, hope and pray the Lord will raise up a holy and a peculiar people, all united inwardly and outwardly, on the Bible plat­form in one body, Christ being the head, man recognizing God’s work instead of man going ahead thinking God will recog­nize and approve his work, right or wrong I mean business for God, send the Trum­pet to me regular, I like the main points best of any thing I have seen yet for it does away with so much manism and comes more to God’s word and God’s order. I hope you will watch, and pray the Lord to enable you to keep it free from all man­ism so that you have a thus saith the Lord for every doctrine you teach.

I, like Moses, have chosen rather to suf­fer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. I am free indeed praise the Lord. I pray for primitive Bible Holiness free from sect bias to be spread all over the world; and will by His grace work for it the best I know how, according to all the ability given. I know that God wants His people united in perfect love; for char­ity is the bond of perfectness: how much better that is than oath bound with no heart union, or sect bound with no salvation. Give me all the light you can and I will keep right on for I am anxious to see the people saved. There is a good opening here, but some hard fighting to be done: but our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God. Praise the Lord! I take Jesus for my captain, yes my prophet priest and king, my Great physician of soul and body: one that never lost a case. Amen! Your Brother saved,

J. Cole.


Worstville O., March 29th, 1884.

Dear Brethren: — We are saved just now, sanctified wholly by the blood of Jesus. We miss the Trumpet in our lit­tle home. If God had been pleased to give us means, we should not suffer an issue to fail while it lasted. We are in the hands of the Lord to follow the directions of the Holy Spirit. We do feel so great­ful to God for His blessings. Glory to His name! Dear Brethren let us remember that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose.”

Hallelujah to God! Dear Brethren, “preach the word, be instant in season and out of season, exhort, reprove, rebuke, with all long suffering and doctrine.” When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him. Glory to God! the battle is still going on here. Souls are being saved, converted and sanctified, and babylon is trembling for fear of her loss. For the Lord is truly making her a desolate wil­derness. We were led by the Spirit of the Lord, into a U. B. sect meeting. Af­ter the sermon they had a testimony meet­ing. While giving in my testimony the Spirit of the Lord was upon me. I was led to read some of the word of the Lord. Which proved to be sharper than a two-edged sword. The two witnesses having stood up upon their feet, great fear came upon all them that worship the beast. The preacher took the bible out of my hands, he and others tried to pull me down, and make me shut my mouth. But Glory be to God! who gives us the victory, through Him that loved us, put His Spirit upon us mightily. Satan has many things afloat but this we know that if God wants the Trumpet published He will bring it forth in spite of all the devils in hell, and wick­ed men and women on earth. The God of all grace bring forth thy righteousness as the light and thy judgment as the noon day. Yours under the blood,



Monument City Ind., Feb 7th 1884

Dear Brethren: — The Lord is still gra­cious to us. We are still saved and stan­ding free from human yokes and creeds. We were glad to see the Trumpet again. I am so glad that you unmasked A. M. Raper. We found him out some two or three years ago. The Lord have mercy on his soul. Well the truth yon are trumpeting for God, is gaining friends here. Glory to God! the truth makes us free. We are expecting Brother. Reber to help hold a meeting in the M. E house at Mt Etna. The preacher at that place is a good man, and is not afraid to read the Trumpet. I wish you would come but here and hold a meeting.

Your brother saved,

H. R Jeffrey

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Tiffin Ohio, Jan 18th.

Bear Brethren: — The Spirit of God leads me to write to you, and tell you what the Lord is doing for us. We have started prayer meet­ing twice a week, and Jesus is with us every time we meet. Glory to God for His guiding Spirit. I am so glad for that assembly meeting, and what I have received in my heart since then. Sister Hanna has come out of babylon since I came home, by taking the word of God for her light. Praise the Lord, light is sown for the upright. I am so glad for full salvation. Remember us in your prayers.

Leah Miller.


Himrods N. Y. Feb, 14th.

Dear Brethren: — I let a brother have one of those Trumpets, and he wants to take it, and I hereby send you his dollar for subscription. He belongs to the Baptist sect, but he and wife have been baptized by the Holy Ghost, and they begin to see that they must leave all their idols and sect churches, to follow Jesus. I love the Trumpet, I gave one to some sisters, I think they will both sign for it soon. They are both full of the Holy Ghost, and out of sectism. Glory to God and the Lamb forever! I praise Him for this way of living so that God can use us to His own glory, just as He will. It is wonderful how He does use His free children to lead souls to justification and sanctifi­cation. I can say the Lord is my portion for ever more. In Him I dwell, and He has all that I have. Glory to God and the Lamb! Your brother in Christ,

Josiah Reed.


We are all exposed to the enemies devices, and no man can boast over another. But to confess our wrongs, and renounce evil spirits that steal into hearts is wise, brave, and noble. God bless those dear brethren. In connection with the above cor­respondence which has been corroborated by others, we would advise all that oppose us, if they are candid and wish to find no falsehoods set down against them in “that day when the books shall be opened,” to hereafter stop and find out the truth, before they jump at every lying report against us, and publish it abroad. We suggest for the good of the Harvesters editor, that he recall certain very incorrect things he has said about us, in his allusion to the Ohio assembly meeting. And when any one evil reports your brother again, you had better wait a little lest the evil come to light again on the opposite side from where you report it.



Logan Mo., Jan, 8th.

Dear Brethren: — The very God of peace sanctifies me wholly this day, I am washed in the blood of the blessed Son of God, our Savior. Praise the Lord O my soul. O that all would receive Him as their justifier, and sanctifier, and praise His name forever. I believe in God and His word, but do not believe in sects, nor have not for a long time. Since I have been taking the Trumpet, I just praise God every time I read it. I always receive new light. I do believe the Lord helps me to discern that you are a true teacher of the word. For how can we hear and understand, without a preacher, and how can they preach except they be sent? Now we want light on the passage of scripture that teaches, “be subject to the powers that be,” as en­joined in 1 Peter ii: 18. Titus 3:1. Romans 18: 1. Some say we cannot hold property unless we have a human organization. Please explain through the Trumpet. I am walking in the light as it shines along my pathway. Praise God I Please tell us how Diotrephes cast the brethren out of the church Eoclosed find one dollar to help you spread bible truth, so much needed. Now the Lord Jesus Christ to with thy spirit, and abundant grace be with you. Amen!

Eliza Jarrett


Polo Kansas, Jan, 8th.

Dear Brethren: — I have been receiving the GOSPEL TRUMPET some time, and have en­joyed it very much, and I now send you the sub­scription for the same. I was glad to see the ac­count of the devils being cast out. I have long thought there was many in these days that ought to be cast out. “If thou wilt separate the precious from the vile thou shall be as my mouth.” saith the Lord. Well brethren we have started on another new year, and as I look back, I see nothing of Which to boast, but God’s amazing grace, and bound less love. O how many renew their vows annually made, and so often broken through the year. They realize that the mercy of God had spared their lives through the past year, and that His goodness calls for a more holy life in them, so they vow to God that they will do better, but know not how to obtain the “more grace,” needed to live more faith­ful, In most cases we may safely say, that it is because the watchmen have not faithfully warned them of their sins, and lifted up Christ as a sufficient remedy for all their moral defects. O Spirit of God, dig about our hearts and humble us this year, that we may bear all the fruits of the Spirit, and not be cut down as fruitless trees. That Jesus may find our trait unto holiness, and the end everlasting life, Amen.

V. Roof.


Payne Ohio, Jan, —.

Dear Brethren: — I am wonderfully saved, glory to God, I have good news to tell you about the Whitcraft brethren. They finally became convinced of their error and repented, and they seem to be doing pretty well so far. We had a dreadful hard battle with the powers of darkness. The Lord sent eight of us up there the day before new year, to hold a meeting. They attended and the Lord convinced them that they were in error. They desired us to pray for them that they might get right. The Lord saved quite a number of souls in that neighborhood, right after they came out of that delusion. The Lord has been doing wonder­ful things for us. I can never praise God enough for what He has done for my family, and for others also. O the goodness and mercy of God to us all. There has been a wonderful hurry up on me ever since I was there. We have been going from place to place holding meetings, and the Lord has been saving souls, and keeping us very busy, day and night. O glory to God in the highest. The young converts all seem to be getting along well. God bless you all for ever. Your sister,

E M Kilpatrick.

Jerry City Ohio, Feb, — .

Dear Brethren: — I send you greeting in the Lord. Praise God for salvation full and free. O how I would like to see you once more. Well thank God we shall meet to part no more, where this wicked world cannot disturb our hap­piness. We have truly had a sieving and shaking time, but thank God all that endured the trial, have become stronger than ever. I have also learned a lesson I probably could not have otherwise learned. Glory to God, the saints are one after another get­ting over the shock of satans onslaught among us, and are getting the armour on again. We had a good meeting at Brother Caris, last Sabbath. One soul converted to God, others under conviction.

May God help you to blow the Trumpet fast and loud, for the time is fast hastening to an end. Let us work even though we are in “troublous times.” I do not expect to go to heaven on flowery beds of ease. The blessed Jesus said “If they have hated me they will hate you.” “Woe unto you if all men speak well of you.” “He that will be a friend to the world, is an enemy of God.” No one need to talk to me that we must make the religion of Christ popular. God is directly opposed to evil. So are God’s children unlike satans children. But blessed be God if the world will hate us, we can still love their soul for Christs sake. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Your brother saved by the blood, and tried in the furnace,

P. Spackey.


Menlo Iowa, Jan, 31st.

Dear Brethren: — My heart is swelling up full of salvation this morning, and I feel like writing a few lines to the glory of God. I do love to read the Trumpet, my heart is made to leap with joy when I read those pure testimonies from God’s little ones scattered all over the land. I was just thinking this morning what a meeting it will be when we, all of God’s dear redeemed children, shall meet around our Fathers throne, to praise our loving Jesus, for redemption through His blood. I bless God for what I know about this salvation that saves to the uttermost. I was also thinking if Jesus’ prayer, where He prayed five times in one prayer, that all might be one, even as my Father and I am one, were being fulfilled at present, what power there would be demon­strated in this blessed union among God’s children. I tell you I believe the world would soon be brought to Christ, and to enjoy this great salvation, But the great trouble is there is to much sec­tarian pride and selfishness existing, for God to show His power. I praise God that there is an experience for us all to have, that forever separates all these things from our hearts, and we enjoy the pure love of God without any mixture. And in which, bless God! we have that oneness, that Jesus prayed we might have. We have such powerful demonstrations of the fact of God answering the prayers of His little ones, here in Menlo, where we agree as touching one thing that we are convinced beyond a doubt, that this one­ness is what we all want and then God comes and so gloriously blesses and saves. Oh I bless God for the liberty that the true child of God has here in this dark benighted world, where is so much mist and fog. If it was not for the blessed promises we have on record, to encourage us; especially here in Westeren Iowa. where there are so few that are willing to stand uncompromised with sin, we would fall by the way. But bless God for the promise, “where two or three are met to­gether in my name, there am I in the midst.” Praise God! I do rejoice and thank God that I ever was led of the Lord into this glorious salvation, where I stand and rejoice continually in hope of the Glory of God, and even glory in tribula­tions. O blessed be God for salvation? I can hardly make my pen stop. I love to talk and write about Jesus, and His glorious salvation in my soul. I will close asking an interest in the prayers of the Trumpet readers.

C. A. Mc Coy.



The adorer of truth is above all present things, firm in the midst of temptation. He will be attacked by those who have prejudices simply because he is without them, decried as a bad bargain by all who want to purchase, because he alone is not to be bought, and abused by all parties, because he is the advocate of none. The misery is, that the duplicities, the tempta­tions, and the infirmities that surround us have rendered the truth, and nothing but the truth, as hazardous and contraband a commodity as a man can possibly deal in.

Woe to falsehood! It affords no relief to the breast like truth, it gives us no comfort, pains him who forges it, and like an arrow flies back and wounds the arch­er. If a man be sincerely wedded to truth he must make up his mind to find her a portionless virgin, and he must take her for herself alone.


Extrcts From a Lecture By H. H. George

The assertion so often and so positively made by the fraternities, that no one knows any thing about them except such as have been initiated, is a very feeble de­fense of their cause. Aye, more, it is a li­bel upon the intelligence and upon the fa­cilities for intelligence in this noonday of the nineteenth century.

If it can be shown that the oaths, for ex­ample of Masonry, are unwarrantable, profane in their obligations and cruel in their penalties, and ought never to have been taken, the inference is inevitable that no Mason is bound by his oath. Nay, still stronger, that every Mason is as much bound to break his oath and get rid of that species of profanity, as he is to leave off the common formulas of blasphemy and profanity that are used in the dram­-shops and market place.

Profanity under the solemnity of an oath is more awfully wicked and shocking to every moral sense than the common oaths by profane men.

Neutrality in Christianity is infidelity; neutrality in morality is immorality.

The church, then, I observe, is a most sacred institution. Compared to a build­ing, it is set “upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Him­self being the chief corner stone.” “In whom, (viz., Jesus Christ,) all the build­ing, fitly framed together, grows unto an holy temple in the Lord.” “To whom coming, (says another sacred writer,) as unto a living stone, disallowed, indeed, of men but chosen of God and precious, ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spirit­ual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” Sacred in her foundation, sacred in every stone of her building, the last or cope stone shall be laid with shout­ings of grace, grace unto it.

Can that, therefore, which is against Christ, and refuses to use His name, be built upon the foundation, that is, Christ? Can that which is enmity to Christ, and of necessity unholy, be built up and ce­mented together with that which is holy? When righteousness can hold fellowship with unrighteousness, when light can hold communion with darkness, and Christ can have concord with Belial, then and only then, can Christ’s church extend her fellowship to secret orders that have no Christ.

But, more minutely, the church is an or­ganism, a unity. Nor is it a unity by con­ventional law it has an organic oneness, determined by organic law, and consti­tutes an organic whole. It is not a collec­tion of separate individuals bound togeth­er by external force like the grains of sand in a cup, but it has the unity of an organ­ism, it is molded by an inner law, it grows by development. “Its germ, (as Mulford says of the nation,) lies beyond analysis, and in it is enfolded its whole future.” “As the days of a tree are the days of my people” With the same uni­ty and identity of structure that pervades the entire tree in its roots, branches, and leaves, the church is pervaded.

When the tree, by its roots can absorb the solid granite or the block of iron, and, taking them into its circulatory organs, can deposit them in its development, then may the church take that which is essentially opposed to it, and carry it into its cir­culation and form a growth

The Scriptures allude to this organism under the figure of a body. The church is the body of Christ — “a body fitly joined to­gether and compacted by that which every joint supplies.” And like as the hands and feet are necessary parts of the physic­al body, so the members of the church are essential parts of the body of Christ. Nor do the laws of life in the physical body act with more unvarying certainty than in the body of Christ.

When poison can be injected into the veins of the arm, or into the artery of the leg, and do the physical body no harm, then can that which is Christless be taken into the body of Christ and produce no baneful results.

But the church is a Divine organism. The eternal God is its maker. On the everlasting hills of holiness He has set the foundations of it. In the membership of which it is composed, it was redeemed by nothing less than the precious blood of Christ. Into its pale, nothing unholy and profane can be allowed to enter.

But without its pale, beyond the hallow­ed precincts of this divine organism, is every thing that is Christless and Christ-dishonoring. “Without are dogs, and sor­cerers, and whoremungers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loves and makes a lie” The church is the home and residence of its Divine Author. “The Lord hath chosen Zion; He hath desired it for His habitation. This is My rest for­ever, here will I dwell, for I have desired it.” And of His character, it is said, “He is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity; He cannot look upon sin,” Shall that one, therefore, be admitted to the church’s most sacred privileges and to her divinest fellowship who is in sworn league to dis­own the blessed name of the churche’s Head and Lord?



Jerry City O.

There will be a two day meeting of the free saints of the living God, at Jerry City Wood Co Ohio. May 10 and 11 th. All who love the Lord in truth are invited.



Bangor Mich.

The annual Mich. Camp Meeting, will com­mence. June 4 th, 1884. The Lord willing at the camp ground near Bangor Vanburen Co. Mich. Parties coming from the north, Stop off at Breedsville. From the south at Bangor. Let all bring tents if possible.


Sandy Lake Pa,

This annual Gospel feast of tabernacles will begin, the Lord willing, August 23, 1884


A Drunken Nation and her Drunken Priests.


The president of our christian? common­wealth gave a great dinner, on Jan 30th, in which Bishop Simson and wife were participants. Eight kinds of wines and brandies, surrounded the plates of the Bishop and wife, the same as the other guests. A contemporary says, “we can not testify that they drank thereof for we were not there to see. But one thing is morally certain, that there was no open rebuke on the part of the Bishop, or we would have heard of the flutter it occasion­ed.”

Well this is but returning the treat. For babylon has made all nations drunk on the wine of the wrath of her forn­ication,” hence it is a rersonable courtesy that the nations should tender her bishops and priests the best of her champaigns brandies and liquors.



Another Victory.


Williamston Mich., April 23 1884.

We had a glorious meeting Sat. evening and Sunday, with the saints of God, at the Board man school house and Webberville. A wonderful refreshing from the presence of the Lord, at both places. The saints present from Williamston, Fulton and Webberville. The Lord wonderfully blessed the testimony on Sabbath morn and the preaching of the word, which was blessed food to our souls. Sabbath afternoon we repaired to the river, and 13 of the saints of God. were immersed in obedience to the command of the Lord Jesus. Bro Warner, remained at the Boardman and the meeting was attended with con­siderable power, one was sanctified. We met with those at Webberville where the Lord so poured out His Spirit that a num­ber was prostrated, by His mighty power. And with shouts of victory praised their God. There were three converted and one sanctified as result.



That Disturbing Root.


Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God, lest any root of bitter­ness springing up trouble you, and there­by many be defiled.” — Heb. 12: 15. All uprising, and outcropping evil, as pride, anger, impatience, love of money, love of reputation, tendencies to self will are shoots from one common root of inbred sin, its “springing up,” is about all that really “trouble you,” its distraction puts an end to all your trouble. With the ex­traction of this heart root is removed eve­ry sprout of outcropping sin in your heart Brother this is an evil root of satans plant­ing, the “works of the devel” which Christ “came to destroy.” Glory to God, He is able to remove, and kill it out of the soil of our heart forever.

“Every plant that my Father hath not planted shall be rooted up.”

“Slay the dire root and seed of sin,
Prepare for this the holiest place:
Then O essential love come in,
And fill thy house with endless praise.”


Lying Spirits.

Last fall a man came to our house and told us that he had seen in Mich. the pitures of an evangelist and wife, around which she had worked hair wreathes. He used this as an occasion to make out that they sought to have people worship them. He seems to have told the same thing to an editor in Toledo Ohio, who thrust at the parties in his paper, and who was blind enough to denounce them as false teachers, from such a trivial circumstance. Now all such judging from outward appearances, and mere trifles is not of God, but of the devil. “For the Lord sees not as man sees, for man looks on the outward ap­pearance, but the Lord on the heart” 1 Sam. 16: 7. Hear ye the command of Christ, “Judge not according to appear­ance, but judge righteous judgment.” John 7: 24. Now read the following from the sister that showed the man the pictures.

“In regard to those pictures, I tell you that he is a miserable man. I told him myself that brother and sister F —. did not know that their pictures were in those wreaths. They belonged to my sister, she bought them of a blind lady six years age and there is not a hair in them. They are made of the flowers that God made, with here and there a shell, and a sprig of moss. I told him they did not know any thing about it.

Nancy J. Doherty.

Bangor Mich.,

What can be more loathing in God’s sight than that inward rottenness, and holiness hatred, that willingly falsifies God’s children, and sends out satans fables to characture sanctification as extremely sel­fish, worldly and rougish. And yet all these dead bones cloaked over with a pious pharisee garb.

And now the word comes to us by pap­ers both secular and religious, and by letter from brethren that this same deliver that feigned so much horror at sone simple wreaths about two pictures, has eloped with another mans wife. Surely the old pharisees that “strain at a gnat and swal­low a camel,” are net all dead yet.



Our New Quarters. A building 84 feet long and two story high, was moved last week, and set upon a new foundation.

A press foundation is being built of sol­id masonry, and the house will soon … ready to occupy, if the Lord will. It will afford a pleasant and commodious place for the Lord’s work. Glory to the God of Daniel and Nehemiah. Let the saints of the Living God every where give thanks, and continue to pray for the peace of Jeru­salem, and “this work that goes fast on.”

Also slack not thy hands from thy offer­ings as the Lord will. Amen!


Sect Creeds are like short beds. In them the poor cramped and aching soul cannot stretch forth in the full liberty it needs and has in Christ Jesus. They are also like a covering that is to small to protect the entire body from the searching cold.

“For the (sect) bed is shorter than that a man can stretch himself on it, and the covering narrower than that he can wrap himself in it.” — Isa. 28:20.

“Thus saith the Lord, As the shepherd takes out of the mouth of the lion two legs or a piece of an ear; so shall the chil­dren be taken out that dwell in Samaria in the corner of a bed, and in Demascus in a couch.” (on the beds feet — margine.) That is pressed down against the foot rail­ing of some short ecclesiastical bedstead.

Amos 3:12.


“Jesus Only. — Is it consistent for an editor to professedly endorse the idea of “Jesus only” and at the same time belong to, and work for the Wesleyan sect, which is not “Jesus only” nor His body at all?

Is it consistent to publish and endorse letters contending for Jesus only, and at the same time manifest a disposition to taint the name of a brother simply because he holds to “Jesus only,” and teaches that we are “complete in Him.”


Another Saint gone home to glory. We just re­ceived a letter from brother Grover, Geneva Center, Mich. stating the death of our beloved sister Myers, on the seventeenth of April. She was convened and sanctified during a meeting there last Nov. She died in triumphs of living faith May God bless the bereft husband and children.


Williamton Mich. May first. Wonderful out-pouring of the Holy Spirit last night in the meeting here. Fou baptised after meeting, by moon light.

No TRUMPET In two weeks. Oo account of moving into our permanent office, and other work to do, it will not be practical to issue in two weeks

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